Android Can Immediately Translate iMessage Responses into Emoji

Photo message on phone

Just think of the emoji instead of the whole line of text from your iMessage companion “doing” to your message.
Picture: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

If you have an Android phone, you may have become accustomed to seeing the line from iPhone-applications a friend or relative that “emphasized” your old message. What does that mean? In iMessage talk, then a duplicate sign, or‼ emoji.

Where you are no connection in the middle iMessage and Android, however Google may be trying to get the “photo-friendly” message better translated.

Recent Beta changes on Google Messages, 9 on 5Google” s code sleuths found a code in the preferences called “ios_reaction_classification,” which appears to refer to messages you receive from your iOS device. It is followed by “Show iPhone features as emoji,” which sounds like self-explanatory.

How this sounds instead of a line describing what iMessage does, you will receive an emoji in response, which is a bit similar to how. The process works among Apple devices.

Currently, iMessage uses a variety of systems than those provided by Google Messages itself RCS games. Another line of code says “ios_reactions_mapping,” which seems to indicate that Google is updating the way iMessage works on Android-enabled emoji.

You need to use your imagination to see what this will look like within the Google Message interface, since you do not have game graphics. It can be like when someone in another line “likes” something, an Android user receives o emoji upon receiving.

Another new feature found in the weed is the ability to create birthday reminders from within Google Messages. The chat list will show the recipient’s date of birth, although it is not known if this is from their Contacts list. When this happens, you will have no excuse not to forget going forward, so prepare their birth cards.

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