Android Theme 12: Living in the World of Things (You).

Aandroid with fork. Pali so its many variants around: From stock Android to Google Pixel-first print until Samsung’s One UI 4 covers you, there are enough variations to go through and the Time Variance Authority (Loki, anyone?). This means that reviewing Android 12 is a daunting task. With the well-known and well-known tweaks on the device, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish the main features of Android from the window.

The Android world is confusing, but we’ll keep this Android 12 review simple. If you want an idea for the Pixel-only format, go to Our review of the Pixel 6 Pro where I wrote things like Live Translate and Magic Eraser. Similar to HDR Net videos and white screens are standard for Pixels, though that doesn’t mean they won’t last one day. very dissemination.


  • The Things You Offer Changes are refreshing and beautiful
  • Highly transparent use of data
  • New movies make the machine more compliant


  • Battery charts and password dashboards
  • Audio-coupled haptic comments are not available
  • Excessive diversity in the natural order implies uncertainty about what will be available to all

Your needs everywhere

Ideally, this means that there is no significant difference from what is on other devices going to Android 12. A major change will be New Material You Make, and the amount of content that goes into your mobile phone depends on the manufacturer of your phone.

Pa UI 4 one, for example, you will find the same as Material You in Samsung’s “all-new color scheme,” which, like Google’s, will work on lists, buttons and images. But this is not just about the phone based on your paper, and it has its own Samsung-y theme that Galaxy users are familiar with. The single UI 4 and Android 12 also offer new widgets that look better and offer more options than ever before.

Two images showing the theme of Android 12 Material You.  The first is the Wallpaper & Style setting page, the second image shows the notifications and the rapidly changing form in the same color.

Cherylnn Low / Engadget

The reason Android 12 is a clear change, but it goes beyond beauty and affects the way you connect to the system. Sliders and buttons are bigger than ever, which some may find as ugly compared to the clean, thin Androids in the past.

After having these new styles for a few months, I got used to some of the marine activities. Instead, in some apps, such as Clock, large targets are easy to see, and I can hit the Snooze slider easily off the bed. They look gorgeous thanks to Material You, which integrates well everything from the default settings to keyboards and numpads. I also like that the new lock screen takes over the whole show when you have no notifications.

There are a number of small features that Google has added to the entire Android 12, such as self-paced animations in all modes and modified editing features toast. These are small boxes that appear at the bottom of the window when you download notes to your clipboard, for example. Just look at a few visual changes, starting with the fast-changing phase and the shadow of the information.

Two Android 12 update screenshots and Notifications.  To the left is a quick set-up team with a few keystrokes, to the right is a magnifying display screen with eight toggles.

Cherylnn Low / Engadget

Most of the time, Google has been busy removing many items. It removed the unnecessary “Conversation” and “Notifications” topics from the list of information that took up additional lines, and applied the background color to the area around the cards, making everything more aligned. The Quick Settings area above has only four black bases with six buttons compared to the previous six, which means you will now need an extra swipe to access items such as Battery Saver or Auto Rotate toggles. Of course, you can adjust this to set your preferences, but you can only select four.

This is a challenge, but at least once you upgrade to Android 12, you’ll see eight different shortcuts and only six. The interest rate lost or found here is inda kinda zero.

I do not like the fact that Android 12 only calls Google Assistant once you press the power button for a long time, but you can adjust it to display the restart, shut down, shutdown and emergency buttons.

One of the most common ways I connect to my phone is by clicking the search button down and typing in the name of the app I want or the app I want to watch. Nothing has changed here since Android 11, you will still see what you have recently posted and the apps you have been advised when you get to the writing section. But if you use the browser in the All Apps cabinet, which seeks to move up, you will find the entire search for Android 12. This will allow you to find things on your phone, including not only apps and artists, but also conversations within supported apps.

Two pictures showing the search results for Android 12. On the left is the results of the letter

Cherylnn Low / Engadget

I hit “D” randomly, and was shown a list of offered programs, such as Discord and Discovery +. Below is a list of people from various apps, such as my friend Devindra on Gmail, as well as interviews with guys Dan and Dylan from Hinge. It also featured actions from specific programs, such as “Provide Forward Desk Advance” on my home page and “Connect with Mat Smith” on the Duo. After writing “the,” I got the idea to order from “The Old Spot” at Uber Eats and immediately blessed the trip to “Westin Grand, Berlin” at Uber. They are all places I kept as loved ones.

Finally, below, you will find the way to submit your query to the Google search engine. The chances of me scrolling down to the bottom of the list are slim, but it shortens most of the characters that were entered.

Privacy information and battery

Many of the Android 12 updates I have described here are in front of you, and you will see them when you connect to the system. Some, such as the Privacy Dashboard, are the things you should look for in the Tuner.

Two pictures showing Android 12 Battery pages and Secrets.

Cherylnn Low / Engadget

This means that it will not be a problem for everyday use, but it is usually educational. The Privacy Dashboard helped me realize that my camera and microphone are on yours and show the apps I use most of the time they want. And speaking of, Android 12 also provides new indicators of when your microphone and camera are being used (a green dot appears in the right-hand corner of the screen). This is similar to what is on iOS, except Google also needs to click once to see the app that detects the sensor.

Although the Battery Usage page is not new, it has now become very popular as the first step in the Battery setting section – you will not need to click the three-dot button to access it. Google seemed to be updating the power graph for the past 24 hours, with the horizontal horizons now not spelled correctly with the numbers 1, 7, 1, 7 and 1 (or 13, 19, 01, 07, 13 on the phone I set up during the war) m ‘ instead of “xx hr ago” and “xx min on the left”. I found myself ignoring this chart many times, because it doesn’t help at all.

In the months I’ve been using Android 12, I’ve seen a lot of apps ask for permission to find my actual or approximate location. I haven’t picked this yet, but it’s great to have access to things like a seasonal program. In most cases, I relied on the options “Allow now” or “Allow in use” as a way to grant permissions to applications. Google will also let you know, over time, apps you haven’t used in a while. Just remove the same permissions, which is fine. None of these programs were the things I used most of the time to make this difficult.

Three images showing applications that use the Material You type: Clock, Recorder and Calendar.

Cherylnn Low / Engadget

That’s … very good for the new Android 12 features. I’m still looking forward to seeing the app that uses the latest integrated haptic keywords, as I enjoy the additions to the games I’ve played on the iPhone 13 Pro. But there seems to be nothing right now. Google is also pushing for security updates and stability for Android 12, so maybe more is coming.

wrap up

In the end, the main things that Android 12 brings are Material You Design and a lot of privacy tools. This may look small on paper, but the refreshing texture and fast-paced animation on the whole machine make it sound very different. Also, Google he continues to download set size each quarter or so, meaning that any type of Android should not be too high on upgrades. But if you have been looking for a new face for your phone, Android 12 is fun and satisfying.

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