AOC Democrat targets ‘excessive bail’ day after low bail suspect hits more than 50 people with car in Waukesha

Prominent Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) targeted what she called “excessive bail” sought by prosecutors in the New York City justice system on Sunday. This was just one day after a man in Waukesha, Wisconsin, ran over dozens of people on a Christmas parade, just out of jail because of “inappropriate lowbail.

Representatives Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY), chair of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, and Jamie Raskin (D-MD), chair of the Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, along with AOC issued a statement saying that the three sent letters to five New York City District Attorneys demanding briefings about prosecutors’ use of excessive bail in the New York City justice system.

According to the authors, “We are deeply concerned that excessive bail amounts are leading to unnecessary pre-trial detention and contributing to a humanitarian crisis in the New York City prison system, particularly on Rikers Island. Fourteen people have died in the custody of the New York City Department of Correction this year. Convicting thousands of individuals to languish in an environment plagued by persistent overcrowding and increasing violence pending trial is unacceptable and risks violating the federal civil rights of these individuals. If these conditions are not addressed, federal intervention may be needed to protect inmates from additional harm.”

TRENDING: BREAKING: Sixth victim dies – an 8-year-old boy – after Black Lives Matter supporter runs his SUV through Waukesha Christmas Parade

In a tweet, Ocasio-Cortez stated that “when prosecutors demand excessive bail, it results in higher incarceration rates — particularly for low-income defendants.”
“More than 75% of those in custody have not been convicted of a crime and are being held in unsafe conditions simply because they cannot afford bail. To condemn thousands of individuals to languish in such environments while awaiting trial is unacceptable.”

It was just a day before AOC’s bail that a 39-year-old black man was taken into custody by law enforcement officers and charged with five charges of intentional first-degree murder after hitting dozens of people during a Christmas parade in Wisconsin.

A press conference was held to discuss the incident. According to Waukesha Police Chief Daniel Thompson, a lone individual deliberately drove his maroon SUV through barricades into a crowd of people celebrating the Waukesha Christmas Parade, resulting in the killing of five people and injuring an additional 48… just received information that two of the 48 are children and they are in critical condition.”

Earlier this month, the suspect was arrested after allegedly punching his child’s mother in the face and hitting her with his car while he was at a gas station. Apparently, according to the indictment archived after the event, “agents observed tire marks on her left pant leg.”

The defendant was eventually released on $1,000 bail, which the Milwaukee County District Attorney described as “inappropriately low in light of the nature of the recent charges and the pending charges” against him in a statement released today. In addition, “the bail recommendation in this case is inconsistent with the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office approach to violent crime cases, nor with the suspect’s risk assessment prior to the determination of bail.” .”

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