As Biden Celebrates Exuberantly, Here’s How Much More Expensive Your Thanksgiving Will Be

President Biden will spend his Thanksgiving on Nantucket, something he has done every year since 1975. The average cost of a house there is $3 million. You could imagine that the cost of living in that area corresponds to the income of the residents.

It seems clear that with a 46-year tradition that remains intact, the Biden family will not have to adjust to the economic ruin his presidency has brought to the average American.

With the president living his best life, what impact will the Biden economy have on your wallet this Thanksgiving?

Let’s take a look …

Thanksgiving dinner

The New York Times is report that “almost every ingredient” this holiday “is expected to cost more.”

“Thanksgiving 2021 could well be the most expensive meal in holiday history,” they write. Biden, the record breaker!

According to the Farm Bureau’s annual Thanksgiving: survey, the cost of dinner is up 14 percent this year — rising to the highest price in the history of the study.

Just about every classic dinner item sees a significant increase in cost.

A 16-pound turkey goes up $4.60. A 4-pound ham is up $1.71. Roll up 39 cents.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) says the cost of a whole turkey is 25% higher this year than last year, almost double compared to that of 2019.

And if price isn’t your concern, finding all the ingredients you need for a successful Thanksgiving dinner can also be a problem thanks to the Biden administration.

At least “60 percent of turkeys nationwide have already sold out — and the same goes for other products,” according to a Massachusetts farm owner.

Biden’s Supply Chain Crisis Makes Thanksgiving Staples Hard to Find and a “Thanksgiving of Alternatives” is a reality for many.

Oh, and if anyone wants to deny the higher prices, remind them that the Farm Bureau survey above shows that every aspect of Thanksgiving dinner is more expensive?

That’s the same organization President Biden used to brag about how cookouts on July 4 were 16 cents cheaper in the summer.

It’s safe to say that 16 cents in savings have gone up in smoke since then.

Travel more expensive

If instead you’re not hosting and traveling for the holidays, your wallet is about to take a serious hit, too.

Traveling by car? gas prices are at a seven-year high, up 50 percent from a year ago.

Travel by plane? Jet fuel prices are up 25 percent in just three months, which “could increase the cost of airfare ahead of the busy holiday travel season.”

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has dismissed inflation and supply chain problems as:

“First class problems”

a tragedy”

And “hilarious”.

Thanks to President Biden and the Democrats, Americans are facing higher prices, empty shelves and difficulty traveling this Thanksgiving.

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