AWS Lambda Interview Questions And Answers

AWS Lambda Interview Questions [2022]

Congratulations on getting an AWS Lambda interview opportunity. We understand it’s such an amazing feat to achieve because of its competitiveness.

AWS Lambda ranks high in server-less computing platforms in the world. It’s undoubtedly a platform with numerous job prospects, so every year, prospective job seekers try to get an interview session and land a Job.

We understand that preparing for a position in a new company could be tense and nerve-racking. So to help you in breaking into this booming profession, we provide a guide on possible interview questions to use as practice.

If you’re searching for AWS Lambda interview questions to practice with before the interview, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll help you with possible questions that can come out in the AWS Lambda interview session. 

This article will provide a comprehensive guide on the most frequently asked AWS Lambda interview questions and answers to them.

AWS Lambda Interview Questions And Answers
AWS Lambda Interview Questions And Answers

Possible AWS Lambda Interview Questions And Answers.

  1. What does AWS Lambda mean?

It is probably the first question the interviewer asks for in AWS Lambda interview questions. The interviewer wants to test your understanding of the AWS Lambda

How To Answer

AWS Lambda is the best serverless computing service in the market. It enables users to run codes without provisioning or managing servers. Users will have to pay for computing time when they consume data. However, no charges will be paid when you are not running code. With Lambda, Users can swiftly run codes virtually for any application or backend service without administration. When you run code, Lambda takes care of the rest.

  1. What is automated deployment?


It’s familiar with programming in other languages except that it reduces most challenges associated. Automate deployment reduces human interference and assists organizations in ensuring high-quality outcomes that are best in every aspect. The best thing about automated deployment is the deployment of a pipeline, which can easily be created as one becomes more proficient.

  1. What features in AWS Lambda automate the deployment?

AWS Lambda supports some environmental variables which can be used for data and numerous other credentials when modifying the deployment package. It also supports aliases since it’s a serverless approach. Functions can be considered for testing without hindering the production code. Endpoints rarely change, and users can monitor the pace of the task.

  1. What restrictions apply to AWS Lambda code?

Lambda compels standard language and operating systems with very few restrictions. However, a few activities have been disabled, such as TCP port 25 traffic, inbound network connections, and trace calls.

  1. Explain frameworks that are available for serverless?

There are numerous frameworks, and serverless is exceptionally powerful. It supports Lambda and open whisk plus azure functions, making it the best in every ramification. The serverless application can be used for extending the cloud formation. It is straightforward to script the changes to the API with this approach, and the task is swift and reliable.

  • What kinds of code can run on AWS Lambda?

AWS Lambda provides users with simple ways to accomplish many activities in the cloud. For example, AWS Lambda can be used for building mobile back-ends from Amazon DynamoDB for retrieving and transforming data. Other activities that can be done include;

  • Auditing and reporting API calls made to Amazon’s web services.
  • Using the serverless processing of streaming data (Amazon Kinesis)
  • Transforming and compressing objects as they are uploaded to Amazon S3.


  1. Can users debug and troubleshoot the small or micro services?

Yes, it’s possible. Debugging and troubleshooting can be done when the function runs and adequate tasks are executed.


  1. What’s the timeframe for AWS Lambda function execution?


The whole execution process from placing the calls to AWS Lambda should be within 300 seconds. The default timeout is 3 seconds, but users can set any timeout value of choice between 1-300 seconds.

9. What is EC2 service?

It’s always necessary to have a scalable computing capacity when working with cloud data in Lambda. EC2 is designed for a similar function as a web service. Security and networking can be managed easily. Configuration capacity can as well be creased with EC2 using minimal friction.

  1. What do you understand about Auto-Scaling?

Autoscaling is a feature that helps users to spin and configure novel instances automatically. Users do not need to interfere at any stage and can quickly inspect with thresholds and metrics. Users just have to surpass the threshold to facilitate instances and tasks without any interference that might have increased horizontally. The feature is available in the web services of Amazon.

  1. What is a server-less application?

Lambda-based apps, also known as serverless applications, are apps that consist of functions that a variety of events can trigger. A default server-less app comprises one or multiple such functions, which can be triggered by events like object upload to Amazon S3, API actions, or Amazon SNS. These functions can work independently or using other resources such as Buckets of Amazon S3 or Dynamo DB tables.

  1. What are the advantages of using a Server-less approach?

The following are the merits of using the server-less approach;

  • The approach has simple operations, which ensures better sales and quick time to market.
  • You only pay when the code is being compiled and thus save other costs, thereby enhancing profits.
  • Managing the components of the broader application is simple.
  • Users can less worry about the servers on which the code is run.

We tried to address all the possible topics and questions that could be asked. We hope the above AWS Lambda interview questions and answers will help you ace your interview.

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