banquet captain job description

Hotel Banquet Captain Job Description roles, duties, skills and requirements 2022

Banquet captain job descriptions are duties drafted by Business groups, associations, friends and families who set up activities for different events. Banquet services are a more fancy way to serve food at such events, and these services could be weddings, charity feasts, award events e.t.c.

Who is a banquet captain?

The hotel banquet captain is the leader of banquet services.

It may involve plated food, family-style, buffet, cafeteria-style or food stations. The banquet department usually conducts this service due to the unavailability of a place to hold the function, according to the needs of the people. 

To carry out this task efficiently and effectively, the banquet captain directs and controls the catering function within the banquet hall, the size of which differs from hotel to hotel.

This article describes the roles, duties, salaries, skill requirements, and all that hotel banquet captain entails. 

Who Is A Hotel Banquet Captain? 

A hotel banquet captain is a person that directs the other members of the banquet team to ensure smooth service during an event to obtain optimum contentment of guests. Hotel Banquet captains supervise the operations, staff and guests of banquet experiences at a hotel. 

Banquet captain responsibilities

Their responsibilities involve the planning of dining occasions, managing the food and beverage service, and attending to guests’ requests, enquiries and complaints. Sometimes a hotel banquet captain may be required to train staff.

They serve as a link between the catering/lounge staff and the client. They manage these staff and work closely with the head of the event to guarantee the excellent performance of the food services in such events.

The banquet captain’s job description requires a sharp eye for detail and good standards. They are excellent at collaborating with other people since they not only instruct the banquet staff but also ensure that the guests are pleased. They are happy when their effort pays off in a wonderfully executed event.

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What Does A Hotel Banquet Captain Do?  

A hotel banquet captain does a lot of work, and his duties may vary depending on the occasion. He grants the client exceptional customer service by welcoming the guests upon their arrival, settling their queries and discontentment if they arise. 

To achieve customer satisfaction,  he organises the arrangement of the venue by reviewing seating layouts for accuracy while ensuring the cleaning of the venue before, during, and after the event.

For orderliness, he constantly interacts with the team heads throughout the event. He assists the catering and lounge team throughout the events, such as food preparation, serving, setting of the bar, among other needs.

To guarantee the general well-being of the guests, he observes all health and safety procedures by administering all the rules of the employer and food service regulations.

For uniformity and to ensure decorum, he examines the event schedule and scrutinises the uniforms of all floor staff regarding the event. He receives peddlers, assists them with their setup needs, and shuts the event down at the end.

What Is The Salary Of A Hotel Banquet Captain? 

When it comes to being a Banquet Captain, there’s more than meets the eye. For example, it would interest you to know that they make an average of $31,107 yearly, that’s $14.96 an hour.

It is estimated that the profession will grow 6% between 2018-2028 and generate 170,200 job opportunities across the United States.

What Are The Roles And Duties Of A Hotel Banquet Captain Job Description? 

Most importantly, hotel banquet captains are accountable for staff supervision and operations. They plan dining events, manage the food and beverage services, and tend to the requests and complaints of guests. Although sometimes, they participate in staff training. 

Banquet captain job description

The following are the duties of a hotel banquet captain;

  • Welcome and assist guests upon arrival and incline to their requests, complaints and questions. 
  • Plans the outline and organisation of the event alongside the managers and organisers. 
  • Provides and develops staff with their obligations, such as; customer service and serving mores. 
  • Manages the event setup and sets up timetables and staff routines.
  • Liaisons with service and kitchen staff to coordinate the drink and food services 
  • Monitors stock of equipment,  furniture and other supplies.
  • Facilitate the cleanliness of the venue and all facilities and ensure everyone adheres to all safety regulations.
  • Monitors supplies, food and equipment inventories.
  • Set up and manage staffs time table and shifts.

What Are The Qualifications Of A Hotel Banquet Captain? 

Banquet Captain skill requirements include:


  • Must be or above 18 years of age
  • Possess a General Education Diploma (GED), or its equivalent in hospitality  or any other related course
  • At least 1-3years of experience as a banquet captain or manager.
  • Knowledgeable in the use of computers and the internet. 


  • Outstanding leadership qualities and the competency to supervise much staff. 
  • Be willing to stand and work for long hours, even during weekends, holidays and unofficial working time. 
  • Excellent vigour to undertake physical duties. 
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both oral and written. 
  • Ability to manage time and multitask.
  • In any situation, must be able to provide excellent customer service.
  • Execute other tasks as assigned, timely and willingly.

Why Do Companies Hire Hotel Banquet Captains? 

When it comes to events or occasions at the hotel, the banquet captain is in charge of the ship. They monitor everything that’s going on: the food, the decoration, the guests and the staff. This is why the hotel banquet captain job description is important.

 Food is the primary deal of any catered event, and the banquet manager collaborates with  the food and kitchen service to ensure smoothness.

Companies hire hotel banquet captains to run their events perfectly, efficiently and effectively. They have excellent administrative skills and manage numerous flows of instructions during events. 

Furthermore, in considerably stressful circumstances, they maintain a calm attitude and effective organisational skills to make the guests feel welcomed. 

Other Related duties of a Banquet Captain

Other related roles of a hotel banquet captain may include:


  • Executive Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • General Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Food And Beverage Manager


  • Account Executive
  • Assistant Manager
  • General Manager
  • Director Of Food And Beverage
  • Restaurant General Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • General Manager Of Operations


In summary, banquet captains control the staff catalogue, ensuring the stable functioning of the banquet affairs. At the same time, the security and contentment of the guests are his preference. 

Hence, for the smooth and effective running of your event, a hotel banquet captain is highly recommended.