best city in new zealand for international students

Best city in new zealand for international students – Top 5

best city in new zealand for international students 

New Zealand is considered one of the most fascinating countries for foreign students. It looks elegant with a synergy of breathtaking scenery and cultured cities through verdant forests, mountain ranges, and golden beaches. Inhabitants of New Zealand are very receptive.

The country is safe and over there, you’ll find so many educational institutions with lesser tuition fees. It is majorly viewed as a renown tourist destination, but in recent times, New Zealand is developing to emerge as a popular study destination across the globe.

Each year, about 100k students from other countries take up courses in several Kiwi Universities around the World. One thing that makes New Zealand spellbinding is its myriad of special animal species and a wide array of cuisines.

The study destination comprises English-speaking nationals, a multitude of adventure-based activities such as skydiving, bungee jumping, cave spelunking, and river rafting, luxury beaches, and many well-known institutions. It is a splendid site for students who want a rush of adrenaline.

New Zealand is not an exorbitant country when it comes to matters related to academics and you have the freedom to make selections from a myriad of streams like culinary arts, arts, hospitality courses, communication, accountancy and tourism, and recreation.

best city in new zealand for international students

How to choose best city in new zealand for international students

Cities that are commonly populated by foreign students due to their quality, ease of stay, affordable tuition fees and are seen as the best are:


This is the capital city of New Zealand but that’s not all! Wellington has about 200k inhabitants and is a tiny city by international standards. In terms of culture, character, and natural beauty, Wellington is huge.

Its central business district is situated amid a harbour, the green hills that constitute the backdrop of Wellington and a few beaches. The city itself is a destination for the younger generation with a collection of restaurants, cafes and bars one can visit for relaxation.

You can reach the botanical gardens through cable cars and Mount Victoria is nearby for those who love spending time in nature. A sound reason to enrol in one of the academic institutions in Wellington is that the Victoria University of Wellington is one of the World’s prime universities.

It is among the top 1 in 19 subject matters and 20% of the whole student populace is constituted by foreign students. The Victoria University of Wellington is situated on a fantastic hilltop that faces the city beside the botanical gardens.

This might make it one of the most remarkable universities.


Christchurch is called Garden City as a result of its luxuriant green landscapes and a variety of gardens and public parks. The city has an elegant Gothic Revival Architectural houses that came about due to the English history of New Zealand.

The main industry in Christchurch is agriculture, and this is a splendid destination for students who have an interest in farming or plants. Christchurch is also a gateway location to peruse the continent of Antarctica which draws in a plethora of international tourists.

Even though it is a big city, it exudes a tiny town feel and is very accepting of international students. The city hosts the University of Canterbury that is ranked 211th across the globe and is the 2nd oldest academic institution in New Zealand for higher education as well.

Christchurch is enlisted in the QS Best Student Ranking and is ranked at number 65 in the World.


Auckland is unarguably the glitziest and largest city in New Zealand. It has 1.8 million residents and its spellbinding tower is erected elegantly above the central business district offering the city one of the most recognizable skylines in the World.

From the top of the 60 storey tower, you can bungee jump and feel like a real thrill. It is also considered the most diverse city in New Zealand in terms of ethnicity. About 30% of the populace are identified as Asians while 11% are Native Maori.

This makes it a remarkable destination where yoj can know more about New Zealand’s exciting cultural tapestry. Apart from being a big and by city, Auckland has two harbours and is situated beside Takpuna beach and even the Waitakere mountain range.

A cogent reason for studying here is that the city is home to 5 big universities which is a technical reason enough to enrol for a study course in Auckland. The University of Auckland is the largest and most prestigious university in New Zealand with more than 40,000 students.


Dunedin is made up of a vast range of especial animal species like sea lions, albatross, and yellow-eyed penguins. A multitude of wildlife fans and students come to the city, and in 2014, UNESCO caled it the creative city of literature due to its huge literary heritage.

So many literal events occur in this city throughout the year and Dunedin is a brilliant destination for students who want to go after technological streams at the popular Otego Polytechnic University that offers some splendid courses in this area of study.

The University of Otago is also another world-famous institution in Dunedin that provides students beautiful residences, a few of which are reserved only for foreign students.


Hamilton is known for its Hamilton gardens, a botanical space that is found towards the Waikato River and the city itself is situated in the fascinating Waikato region of New Zealand’s North Island.

The city is just a few meters from Mount Maunganui that dives down into sandy beaches that appear very closeby to cities in New Zealand. If you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings, you can visit Hobbiton. Since the blockbuster movie was filmed there, the area has not been renovated.

Hobbiton is just one hour away. Hamilton has a buzzing nightlife when you go around Victoria street and the city is not just about flowers and trees. The 25,000 seater Waikato Stadium in Hamilton often hosts international cricket and rugby competitions which sport fans would love.

The University of Waikato is a great option for foreign students which is a fantastic reason for anyone to study in this city.

What is the best city in New Zealand for international students?

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