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The Remote attorney is becoming the new normal in the legal industry. The job comes with a high degree of flexibility and an unconventional lifestyle. But on the flip side, one may wonder if remote workers can run an aged profession like the law remotely. Many feel that the chances of achieving success as a remote attorney are slim.

But in light of the present scenario globally, the covid and the giants strides achieved in technology, attorneys and legal practitioners now see working remotely as the way and not an alternative. If they are to stay healthy and relevant.

Have you at any time considered working remotely as an attorney? Do you want to know more about the Remote attorney? If yes, then this article is for you. It would enlighten you on what you needed to know about a Remote Attorney. But do well to read to the end.

Who exactly is a Remote Attorney?

A remote attorney gives legal advice and services and advocates for the client they represent. They do these functions from the comfort of their houses or from anywhere they choose to call the office.

Meanwhile, the In-house attorneys do the bulk of their works in their chambers which is usually always known to clients. The Remote attorney can schedule meeting with clients physically to get the specifics on a case, but most administrative duties are done online.

The Remote attorney, like the In- house lawyer, also specializes in an aspect of the law. For example, suppose criminal law is the major. In that case, the Remote attorney is expected to take up issues bordering on domestic violence, drug crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes, theft, embezzlement, and fraud.

Depending on the specialty, a Remote attorney is similar to the in-house lawyer; the only difference is their work environment. So, there is no scare when dealing with a Remote attorney. You are sure of getting the same result as using an in-house lawyer.

Having known who a remote attorney is, let’s see their job roles and the requirements to becoming one.

Remote attorney Jobs roles

Remote attorney jobs
Remote attorney jobs

The job role of a remote attorney does not differ from that of an in-house lawyer. The only apparent difference between them is the location where they dispense their duties; as we have said before, the remote attorney work from home or an office of choice, the other work in the chambers and the courtroom.

Let’s see some of their job roles

• They virtually give professional advice to clients on business transactions.

• They prosecute or defend lawsuits for clients

• During a virtual trial, they select the juror, argue a motion, discuss with the judge, and summons witnesses.

• They get the fact of a case by interviewing clients and witnesses and collaborates evidence for defense or legal action.

• They come up with new ideas to deal with legal or contractual issues

• They are mandated to uphold the law while representing clients.

Many are still skeptical about choosing a remote attorney as a career path. They argue that representing clients virtually might reduce their efficiency in a case and, most importantly, would not be a welcomed idea globally. Could this be true?

The answer is no. Most attorneys prefer the virtual courtroom over the live session. In a recent survey, we found out that about 60% of lawyers in the US have changed modus operandi. They have fully become remote. About 80% prefer the hybrid, which combines the virtual and the physical.

As technology evolves ,documents can now be signed electronically, discussed with clients and team via conferencing. As the covid is still invoked, the legal industry would have no option but to go remote entirely. So, if you are considering the career path of an attorney, I strongly recommend you do it remotely.

If You have come to terms with the fact that remote attorneys are the present and future of the law industry, let dive in to see the requirements to become one.

Requirements for remote attorney jobs

The requirements for becoming a remote attorney differ as every country and state has different policies and regulations.

But there is some common ground shared by virtually all countries and states worldwide. They are:

• Must be a graduate of BA LLB, BCOM LLB, BSC LLB, LLM

• Should have attended and completed training in law school.

• Should pass the state bar examination

• Pass the character and Fitness test. This is done to ascertain that lawyers have no criminal history.

• Should have taken an oath to uphold the law of the country and state.

• You must be licensed

• Have a digital device { a PC, most importantly}.

• Must be knowledgeable in computer operations.

• Must be a critical thinker and detail-oriented.

Although remote attorneys has no business in the courtroom, they join court sessions via video conferencing. It is still essential to obtain all the above-listed requirements to become a lawyer as no judge would let you join court sessions without vetting your credentials.

Salaries for remote attorney jobs

The salary of remote attorney differ from country to country and states to state. According to the data provided by Zip Recruiters, a remote attorney earns $88,681 in the US yearly. This is the breakdown; they make $42.64 /hr, which sums up to $1705/wk and $7390/monthly.

The remote attorney is still in its infancy in Africa. In Lagos, Nigeria, a remote attorney earns up to $88,681 yearly.

Companies that hire Remote attorney

Companies that hire a remote attorney are much, but we would list a few with its Url.

PSCU; it’s an acronym for Payment System For Credit Unit.

• Amlaw100 Global Law Firm in NYC.

Final thought

The remote attorney system has come to stay. So it is eminent everyone who wants a career in law should consider this option.

From the data provided, it’s clear that the demand for a remote attorney would triple in the shortest time. So, make hay while the sun shines.

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