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Best Remote Data Analyst Jobs in USA, Salary, Vacancy

The Remote data analyst has been buzzing lately. This career path seems rewarding. Since it is good to daydream about your future career, it is equally vital to learn the ropes of your chosen career path.

If you are considering the path of a Remote Data analyst, I got you covered as this article would unearth the necessary information and all that entails in this profession.

Data science would be an indispensable profession in the shortest time. As crucial as a Doctor is to patients, so would Data science be to firms and corporations. Data analysts are in high demand as data science is one of the fastest-growing professions globally.

Meanwhile, remote work is on the rise, and by 2028, it is expected to constitute 73% of the Labor Market globally. Virtually all companies in the world require the service of a Data analyst. The health sectors, food companies, pharmaceutical companies all need a data analyst to help them collate data to make informed decisions.

Having known the importance of a Data analyst, let’s dive in to know who they are and their job roles.

Who is a Remote Data analyst?

A Remote data analyst collects and evaluates data for a firm or group of companies to improve their business, political, marketing and business dealing.

They are highly skilled individuals who arrange and sort various mathematical computations to determine how data samples benefit the company

The striking difference between the Remote Data Analyst and the in-house data analyst is their work environment. The Remote Data analyst works virtually while the in-house analyst works in the company’s physical location.

If, at this point, you are still enthusiastic about becoming a Remote Data analyst, let’s now see their job roles and responsibilities.

Job roles / Responsibilities of a Remote data analyst

The Job roles of the Remote data analyst include :

• Extracting data from primary and secondary sources using automated tools.

• Create and manage database and data systems and rearrange data into a usable format.

• Analyze data to determine its quality and meaning.

• Filter data by evaluating reports and performances.

• Create management reports which reflect trends, patterns, and predictions based on pertinent data.

• Helps organizations to understand data research and ensures that the company makes sound data-driven decisions.

Requirements to becoming a Remote data analyst

The requirements to become a data analyst can be categorized broadly into there. They are;

Technical skills of a Remote data analyst

It is expected that a Data analyst should be knowledgeable in the following areas;


• SQL ( Structure Query Language)

• Programming language ( Javascript, Python, Oracle.

• Microsoft Excel

• Database design

• Data warehousing

• Mathematics

• Statistics

• Data virtualization

• Data cleaning and preparation.

Soft skill of a Remote data analyst

A Remote data analyst should be:

• Excellent Communicator

• A deep and critical thinker


For entry-level jobs, a bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines might be required; mathematics, computer science, economics, business, information technology administration, Finance. A Master’s degree might be an added advantage.

Salaries of a Remote Data analyst

The salaries of Remote data analyst varies. It is not strange for many to know how much a Data analyst earns, considering that data science was rated number one career in 2016.

Here is the average salary earned by a data analyst per annum.

According to Glassdoor, a Remote data analyst earns $ 69,517.Glassdoor collated these Figures after 22,927 persons submitted their salaries. put the average salary at $ 62,504.

In developing countries like Nigeria a data analyst earns between # 1,000,000{$2428.30} to #1,300,000{$ 3170.96}.Different factors affect the amount that remote data analysts could earn. They are ;

• Experience

• Location

• organization you work

Since we have known the requirements to become a data analyst and the amount earned per annum, let’s see what to do to get the job of a Remote data analyst.

• First and Foremost, it is necessary to have a portfolio. It helps organize your previous work, and it also helps the perusal of your samples by clients quickly.

• It is also vital to create an account on LinkedIn after making a portfolio. LinkedIn gives you access to clients and professionals in your field.

• Additionally, you should build an excellent CV. It is your selling point as it shows your skills and capabilities.

• Lastly, you have to search and apply for jobs. It isn’t very sensible to be skillful and not put it to practice. Your chance of getting a job is based on your application.

To ease your burden, I would be giving a list of companies currently hiring.

Companies that hire Remote Data analyst

Companies that hire Remote data analysts are many, and there are many vacancies. But as I mentioned earlier, I would give a URL that contains a comprehensive list of companies that are hiring.,6_IS11047_KO7,26.htm

Is the Route to becoming a Remote Data analyst?

This question is asked by many who intend to be data analysts. But, there is no clear-cut answer to this. It all depends are motivated you are. Some courses might be challenging, so you would have to develop a thick skin and know it. If you are experienced, getting jobs would be pretty easy, but it might not be easy for entry-level. So, do well to acclimate yourself with the earlier tips on how to secure a job as a Data analyst.

Final thought

Data Analyst is indeed a rewarding career path. World Economic Forum identified seven careers with high growth, and the growth rate for Data Analyst growth was 41%. Statistics from glass door show that Remote Data analyst jobs increased by 61%.

As Remote jobs increase, so will the demand for Data analysts increase. If you want a career that would be relevant for a long time, then stick with Data analyst. And to get the best experience from it, ensure you do it remotely.

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