Top 10 companies hiring for remote insurance jobs

Many insurance companies are hiring for remote insurance jobs, and it should not be surprising. It should also be safe to say that working insurance jobs are some of the best ways to work remote jobs. Therefore, when people see remote insurance job offers, they do not argue as it is understandable how people can do these duties from home.

But, if you are confused about the role of an insurance officer, allow us to explain it to you. Typically, insurance companies help take the burden from people and ensure that they have lesser financial responsibilities.

Top 10 companies hiring for remote insurance jobs

  • CVS Health
  • Cerebral Care
  • Paraexel
  • Philips
  • Itel CX
  • Randstad
  • Sutherland
  • Conifer Health Solutions
  • NTT Data
  • Soliant Health

So, an individual can decide to register with an insurance company and pay a certain rate amount monthly or yearly. Now, it depends on the plan that the person picks. It could be health insurance, car insurance, and more.

Therefore, in emergency cases, the insurance company covers the bills instead of the burden being on the individual. For example, suppose an individual is registered with an insurance company and gets involved in an accident. Then, it is the responsibility of the insurance company to handle repairs of the car and other damages.

So, we are sure that you can imagine the responsibilities of people working remote insurance jobs. It could be that they dialogue with customers, vet cases, and much more.

If you are looking for remote insurance jobs, we will highlight some companies hiring for remote insurance jobs.

Top skills of remote insurance jobs

But first, here are some skills you need to work remote insurance jobs:

Organization skills

It is important to note that you will be dealing with different clients when working remote insurance jobs. Therefore, you will need organizational skills as each client will have a file.

It would inappropriate for you to mix up information about different clients. For example, imagine putting the details of Mr. X where you should keep Mr. N. Of course, the company would take it that you are not an organized person, and you might even lose the job.

You must understand that there is a need for organization when working remote insurance jobs, and you must never lose any information that you get. All this information will come in handy sometime in the future.

Also, you must be aware of how you arrange the files to locate them when needed easily.

Understandably, the job can get overwhelming. Therefore, you need to keep practicing your organizational skills and improve.

Communication skills

We cannot get tired of emphasizing that communication skills are needed by anyone working a remote job. After all, how do you intend to pass information to clients and colleagues? In addition, when working remote insurance jobs, communication skills come in handy when dealing with clients.

For example, a potential client calls to find out information about your company. Of course, the person will have many questions, and you need to be well informed to answer these questions. While answering the questions, you must be clear and concise. It would be out of place to use technical insurance terms during the explanation process as this individual is not an insurance professional.

The goal of communication is to ensure that both parties understand the information being passed. So, it would be best if you spoke so that the caller understands and is not left confused. It is why people who want to work remote insurance jobs need to be enhancing their communication skills.  

Problem-solving skills

If you are not a problem-solver, we doubt that you can excel at your job if you decide to work remote insurance jobs. In addition, the idea of working in a role exposes you to many client problems, and you will need to find solutions to them.

When working remote insurance jobs, you will get many insurance cases, and you will need to analyze if it is a wise decision to handle such cases. Also, some clients may come with issues, and you will need to help them with solutions. It will be disappointing if a client comes to their insurance broker with issues and cannot find how to tackle them. It would mean that you are not doing an effective job.

Typically, you will take on many job functions when working remote insurance jobs, including being a risk analyst, as you will need to analyze certain situations that surround the client.

Analytical skills

Recall that we earlier mentioned that you will take up many job functions when working remote insurance jobs. It is why you will need analytical skills to succeed in the jobs. Many situations that need analyzing will arise, and you will also need to make decisions.

Sadly, some people do not understand the huge responsibility of being an insurance broker. Some feel that working insurance jobs are the easiest. But, allow us to tell you that there is no easy job.

Analytical skills usually come in handy during the decision-making process. For example, when you are trying to choose the best insurance policy for your client. But, of course, it would not make sense to pick a random policy or gamble when choosing the policy.

You will need to weigh the pros and cons of the situation before deciding, and your analytical skills will be useful.

Persuasive skills

It is one thing to land remote insurance jobs, and it is another thing to ensure that the company keeps going. When working in insurance organizations, the staff also has to help the company acquire clients, which is only possible if they have persuasive skills.

It is best to understand that your insurance company is not the only existing insurance company, and clients are usually exposed to many options. Therefore, you need to be persuasive and give them a reason to choose your company over other insurance companies.

We know that you do not want a situation where your company is stagnant as it has not gotten clients in a long time. So, you will need persuasive skills if you want to work remote insurance jobs.

Sometimes, clients may call under the guise of getting information, but they are sampling options. In such a case, you need to be persuasive and make them know that your company is the best choice.


Getting remote insurance jobs is never a problem as companies are always hiring. So, start applying now.

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