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Remote Project Manager

A remote project manager is one of the few jobs that require versatility and expertise. But to understand the whole scope of a Remote Project Manager, you must first understand the roles played by an onsite Project Manager.

A project manager handles all technical contracts and projects for an organization. They are well-organized, enthusiastic, and goal-oriented individuals who are aware of the commonalities within initiatives as well as their strategic role in helping businesses thrive, learn, and adapt.

They build the people skills necessary to foster trust and communication among all of a project’s stakeholders: sponsors, those who will benefit from the project’s outcomes, those in charge of the necessary resources, and project team members.

They thrive in high-pressure situations and are unafraid of change and complexity.

They know when to focus on the “large picture” and the “little but important details.”

Project managers develop the people’s skills smnecessary to foster trust and communication among all of a project’s stakeholders: sponsors, those who will benefit from the project’s outcomes, those in charge of the resources required, and project team members. Having known who the on-site project manager is, let’s now go further to discuss the Remote Project Manager

Who is a Remote Project Manager?

A Remote project manager is not different from an on-site manager. The only difference is their work environment. The onsite Project manager works majorly in the physical location of the organization while the Remote project manager works All functions are performed with the use of digital devices.

Furthermore, a Remote Manager is at liberty to choose the location to use as an office. They are never mandated to be in the organization/ company they are rendering service to except on very rare occasions.

Just as there are different onsite Project managers, so also there are remotely. They are;

  • RemoteTechnical Project Manager

  • Remote Support project Manager

  • Remote Expert Project Manager

  • Remote Adventurous Project Manager

Having to come to terms with that the Remote project manager works virtually. Let’s know what duties are performed by them

Job roles/duties of a Remote project manager

The job role of a Remote Project Manager include; To virtually

  • Driving tasks and arranging meetings.

  • Planning staff and inward assets.

  • Oversees projects and makes the necessary adjustment.

  • Ensures that targets and deadlines are met

  • Oversees and maintain the relationship with customers and partners

  • Planning and approving agreements

  • Directing all approaching and active venture documentation

  • Taking an interest in delicate interaction for example plan, accommodation, and audit

  • Planning hazard moderation plan

  • Directing venture survey and making itemized reports for chief staff

  • Upgrading and further developing cycles and the general methodology were important

  • Getting development openings and starting new tasks

  • Give estimates and plan budgets for projects.

Salaries of a Remote Project Manager

The salary of a Remote project varies. It depends on your location and the organization you are working with. But on average, a Remote Project Manager is paid we’ll. From the data provided by Glassdoor, a remote project manager earns between $5,265-$138,280 in the US.

Requirements to become a Remote Project Manager

The requirement to becoming a Remote project manager include;

  • It is necessary to have a digital device{ preferably a laptop}.

  • Should have a creative and analytical mind.

  • Must be business-oriented

  • Have a degree in Marketing, Business or Computer Science.

  • Inquisitiveness

  • Discipline; Should be able to meet deadlines and targets.

  • Certification in the project. management.

  • Should be a critical thinker.

  • Have excellent bargaining skills.

  • Business and detail-oriented.

  • Must be very proficient with the use of the computer.

  • Good interpersonal skills.

  • Highly resourceful.

Companies that hire a project manager

Companies that hire project managers are plenty. Project Managers are in high demand as 22 million are expected to be completed by 2027.

So, I would be dropping a list of companies that hire as well as their URL.

  • Canonical: Canonical is a software-based company founded by Mark Shuttle Worth. It is operational globally. Its headquarters are in the UK. As of 2020, it had a working population of 505 and generated $138million in revenue.


  • CreateApe: CreteApe is located in Southern California. They specialize in UX designs for websites, print, mobile apps.

  • Verizon: Verizon is an American telecommunication company. Its network as of 2020 stood at $18.35billion.It has a workforce of 132,000. Check the link for the latest vacancy

  • NCR Corporation: NCR Corporation was founded by John .H. Patterson in Dayton, Ohio in 1884. It is a software-based company, it has a Working population of 36,000 globally.

  • Nike: Nike is an American Corporation. Its specialty is fashion. It manufactures footwear, clothes, equipment, and other accessories. It has a working population of 75,400 and revenue of $37.40billion as of 2020.

  • Chilipiper; Chilipiper was founded by Nilcholas Vanderborghe,he is the CEO.Their specialty is software. They provide software solutions to IT companies globally.

Is the Career Path of Remote Project Manager Rewarding?

Yes, it is. It remains one of the best ways to render your service and earn a good source of livelihood. Working as a Remote project manager gives you lifestyle and comfort. Firstly, nobody compels you to work. You fix your schedule by yourself and determine how your work environment would be . Your office location is entirely up to you.

Furthermore, it helps reduce your spending rate. You don’t need to buy clothes for the office or spend money on fares. It gives the opportunity for self-development as you are the boss of yourself. Conclusively, starting off as a Remote Project Manager might not be easy as it requires much time to gain mastery and self-discipline. But in the long run, it’s a career path that relevance is not dying off anytime soon.

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