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Top 10 companies looking for remote social work jobs

Is it possible to get remote social work jobs? Yes, you can get remote social work jobs if that is what you desire.

Interestingly, we see that many qualified social workers are beginning to fancy the idea of working remotely, so they are usually looking for remote social work jobs. And, we always tell them that they can get such jobs.

The work of a social worker is to connect people with the essential services that they need. So, it would be possible for them to carry out these duties remotely. What matters is that they are committed to their jobs.

People get to call these social workers, hoping that they can connect them with what they need. Passion is what drives social workers to do their work. Typically, a social worker wants to help people with their needs. So, they are usually eager to help and they do not take the task as stressful.

However, passion is not enough for social workers looking for remote social work jobs. In addition, they will need some skills if they want to excel excellently at their jobs. We always tell people to strive to be outstanding in whatever they do. Therefore, we will help to highlight some of the necessary skills you will need for remote social work jobs.

Top skills in remote social work jobs

remote social work jobs

These skills are:

Active listening skills

When working remote social works jobs, you need active listening skills to excel at the job. The idea here is that you will be getting many calls from clients. And, if you do not have active listening skills, you will miss some necessary information.

Unfortunately, we see that some people engage in passive listening when working remote social work jobs, and it is detrimental. When you do this, you will not know the right follow up questions to ask, and you can’t help the client.

Now, it would seem like you are not passionate about the job, and you might even lose it. It is always best to have maximum concentration while on calls when working remote social work jobs. it is the only way you can get all information and help your clients with what they need. And, you will always feel a sense of satisfaction when you help them.

Communication skills

WWe have already established that you will be receiving calls from many clients when working remote social work jobs. However, we want to tell you that you are not limited to only your clients. After all, you will also be reaching out to people who can help to solve their needs.

For example, a client might reach out wanting to connect with a mental health therapist. It is the job of the remote social worker to look for the mental health therapist and connect with them. Then, the remote social worker connects both the client and the therapist. Now, you can see that there is a high flow of communication. Therefore, you must have excellent communication skills.

It is also important to note that communication skills are not limited to verbal communication alone. For a person to have excellent communication skills, they need to strive in both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Organizational skills

Now that you have an overview of what it entails to work remote social works jobs, you can agree that the job can get overwhelming, and we even see that people sometimes quit. But what keeps them going is when they have organizational skills.

Understandably, they will have to deal with record of many clients. In addition, they will have records of the various people that can help the clients like mental health therapists, and more. Asides from having the contact and information, people who work remote social work jobs also have to deal with keeping billing records and more.

It is not the easiest of jobs, but it can be easy when you have organizational skills. Now, you do not be confused about the location of certain thing. Everyone will agree that it is easier to manage a job when everything is arranged and organized. So, every remote social worker needs organizational skills.


You cannot work remote social work jobs if you are not empathetic. Your clients needs to feel that you are genuinely concerned about finding a solution for them, and it cannot happen if you sound cold over the phone.

Now, you may wonder how the client will know that you are not being empathetic. But, they can always tell, especially through the tone of your voice. Once a client senses anything less than empathy, they might not want to continue with that call. And, your reviews will drop.

For example, imagine a client being disinterested in talking with you people you do not sound empathetic. Now, the client goes around telling people that your organization has a social worker who lacks empathy, and it begins to adversely affect your organization. In such a case, you are sure that they might give you a query or even lay you off.

To avoid such from happening, you must be empathetic when conversing with clients.


Also, you cannot be a remote social worker if you are not patient. Of course, it is not easy to always deal with people, especially clients who have serious issues. Even having steady conversations with people can be stressful. So, you can imagine the stress that comes with handling clients.

However, you must not let the stress get to you, or you will crumble under the job. So, you must have patience if you are looking for remote social work jobs.

There are many online courses that can help people in exercising patience, so we advise that you utilize them. Understandably, you might lose patience sometimes, but it should not be constant. Once you feel like you are about to lose your patience, it would be best to remember the reason why you ventured into the job. Such thoughts will help you keep enduring and stay patient.

Top 10 companies hiring for remote social work jobs


Being a remote social worker takes a lot of strength and we respect those working remote social work jobs. So, start with any of the companies above if you are looking for remote social work jobs.


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