Bus Monitor Job Description roles, duties, skills and requirements 2022

The bus monitor job description is are set of duties required for anyone employed to take the role of a school bus monitor. School buses are considered the country’s most precious transportation system. As such, school buses safety is paramount to the nation.

Adult supervision is needed for students inside the school bus so their behaviours can be monitored and managed to ensure the safe transportation of passengers.

Furthermore, to ensure the bus driver’s full attention is on the driving, we need another person to manage students’ activities in the bus, assist students on and off the bus and provide discipline when needed.

A bus monitor is responsible for supervising children and collaborating with the bus driver to monitor children’s behaviour. This article will explain the bus monitor job description, salary, skills requirement and their importance in full detail. 

What Does A School Bus Monitor Do?

A Bus Monitor is responsible for the supervision of children on the school bus. The vital work duties of a bus monitor are monitoring children’s attitudes and assisting disabled children on and off the bus.

They are responsible for ensuring all children are transported securely to their parents or guardians. Hence, it is paramount to develop good relationships with the children, their parents and the school administrators.

Furthermore, They collaborate with the bus driver to ensure safe transportation of all students, ensure all passengers are well-restrained while on the bus and effect disciplinary actions when needed.

However, in some cases, bus monitors help in transferring children to their parents or guardians. Bus monitors should have good communication skills to ensure students follow their safety guidelines. 

Some schools or institutions might combine their role with bus drivers sometimes, but it’s most advisable to have different personnel for each role.

Because it’s a job that involves children, Many employers ensure bus monitors undergo a background check and receive basic first aid training before employment.

Good communication skills, knowledge of school bus guidelines, and public safety are required skills of a bus monitor. An added advantage is having experience working with children and in a moving bus.

Bus monitor duties for a sample job posting can be seen below

What Is A Bus Monitor Salary?

Bus monitor makes around $13.74 an hour, which sums up to an average of $28,587 annually in the united states. Bus monitors salary range from $22,000 to $36000 annually.

However, a top-earning bus monitor can earn as much as $14,000 more than the lowest-earning bus monitor.

According to the bureau of labour Statistic, Bus monitor Jobs have been estimated to encounter an increase of about 5% between 2018-2028. Furthermore, it is projected that by 2028, 32800 bus monitor jobs opportunity will be available.


Roles And Duties Of A Bus Monitor

The School Bus Monitor plays a significant role in ensuring the safe and secure transportation of students. Roles and Responsibilities of a bus monitor  include but are not limited to

  • Helping  the bus driver to maintain proper conduct and discipline on the school bus
  • Collaborating with the bus drivers as instructed in a team approach to ensure a pleasant, efficient, and safe trip for students.
  • Ensuring students learn safe riding and crossing skills.
  • Assist and monitor students during transportation.
  • Collaborating with the bus driver in documenting student records and information
  • Helping little or any children who can’t cross roads independently.
  • Ensuring there’s proper and structured setting in order to restrain improper student attitude.
  • Administering primary first aid treatment to injured students
  • Acknowledging the right and appropriate behaviour of students.
  •  Recording inappropriate student attitudes or injuries that happen on the bus.
  • Assisting school personnel, parents or guardians with safe loading and unloading of children.
  • Understanding how bus equipment like two-way radio, reflectors or other emergency equipment operate.
  • Operating the disabled safety equipment like wheelchair and restraint systems.
  • Reporting to duties promptly and consistently.
  • Attending training seminars and in-service meetings as assigned. 
  • Reporting to supervisory personnel of the school.
  • Other related duties as assigned


School bus monitor job description

Among many other things, a bus monitor should have good communications skills and the ability to perform as a leader so students will feel safe. A bus monitor job description usually requires a high school diploma or equivalent and some physical and knowledge skills. 

Highlighted below are the skills required of a bus monitor job description.

Knowledge Of

  • Simple record-keeping method
  • Health and safety guidelines
  • Safe practices in bus transportation.

Ability To

  • Relate and communicate with children
  • Understand students with special needs
  • Keep adequate records and documentation
  • Communication properly in written and oral form
  • Interact efficiently with students or children.
  • Establish and sustain effective or cooperative working relationships with people.
  • Help students load, unload and maintain reasonable seating arrangements.
  • Maintain routine records
  • Respect health and safety measures.
  • Work in a flexible schedule.

Physical Demands of School bus monitor

  • Must be able to stand or sit for a long time
  • Carry students as at when required
  • Ability to use the hand as a simple gesture or fine manipulations.

Education And Qualification of school bus monitor

  • High school diploma or its equivalent.

Why Do Schools Hire A Bus Monitor?

Bus monitors are tasked with tremendous responsibility that ranges beyond just keeping children’s problems and behaviours at bay to ensure driver’s undivided attention on the road.

The function of a bus monitor is considered vital and irreplaceable by many schools and parents. They play a significant safety role like managing the emergency evacuation of the bus, monitoring children’s attitude and ensuring they stay clear of backpacks and books.

Parents, especially the ones whose children are disabled, expect schools will include their children in any safety measures. They expect their children to be able to get on and off the school bus without stress or incident.

A bus monitor is particularly trained to help with the entry and exit process and ensure that student safety is the priority on the way to and from the bus stop point.

Duties Related To A Bus Monitor Job Description.

The bus monitor job description is a unique one. As such, it should not be combined with any other duties or roles. However, there are other roles related to a bus monitor job description. Some of the roles include.;

  • Bus Assistant
  • Bus Inspector
  • School Bus Aide
  • Bus Driver Aide


A School bus monitor job is prioritised to ensure students’ safety during transportation. Even though the main point of the profession is to ensure student safety, it also includes having a good relationship with guardians and students.

A School bus monitor plays a vital role in helping children learn proper vehicle safety lessons, such as wearing a seatbelt and staying seated during transportation.

The profession requires flexible hours of work. It often involves working in the morning when the bus carries students from home and afternoon when they are returned.