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As a candidate who is interested in a Business Intelligence Engineer Amazon job role, the application you tender will be reviewed for every location the company recruits for in the US including Nashville, TN; Detroit, MI; Greater Bay Area, CA; Minneapolis, MN.

The company also hires for DC Metro Area, Denver, Seattle/Bellevue, WA; San Diego, CA; Madison, WI; Greater Denver Area, CO; Austin, TX; Denver, CO; Portland, OR, Greater Los Angeles Area, CA; Phoenix, AZ and DC Metro Area.

Can you translate information to practical insights? Or get excited when you get to troubleshoot products and features at Amazon (the most consumer-centered company in the World? Do you feel driven to develop models, mine data or use visualization and statistical techniques?

Amazon recruits the finest minds in tech to make new developments for their customers. The brand has a major focus on their customers which is why they are one of the most beloved brands in the World, and costumer satisfaction resides in the company’s DNA.

If you’d like to be part of this ambiguous and fast-paced environment and devote yourself to one of the biggest online websites, or enjoy assisting leaders in making data-driven decisions, be prepared as you’ll apply new-age technology to tackle difficult issues.

By doing this, you are able to evaluate the results of your work head on. The issues you tackle as a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon is huge and affects a multitude of sellers, customers and products across the globe.

To take up this job at Amazon, you need to be a particular kind of person i.e you need to be an individual who gets enthralled with the plan of building new features, products, and services from the ground while being ambiguous and work in a company with weekly ship cycles.


As a Business Intelligence Engineer Amazon working in the United States, you earn $101,014 a year or $52 an hour. The highest earners make $152,080 while those at the lowest levels in their career earn $25,513 a year.

The average annual salary of a Business Intelligence Engineer Amazon as at the 8th of December, 2021 is $107,784 per year, which when computed with a calculator equals $8,982 a month or $2,073 a week.

Most Business Intelligence Engineers Amazon make pay that range from $71,537 to $124,565. At this job, you may find more opportunities for increased salary and career progress according to your years of experience, skill level and location, and the average pay range is $53,028.

The market for this position is most active in Texas, Dallas and the sorrounding environs. A business Intelligence Director working with Amazon earns $129,509 every year and $62.26 an hour. Senior Business Intelligence Architects at Amazon make $115,230 a year and a hourly pay of $55.40.

While a Business Intelligence Lead and Director Competitive Intelligence earns $121,385 a year and $58.36 an hour.


The qualifications required for a Business Intelligence Engineer Amazon are former technical internship (if necessary), superb written or verbal communication skills, ability to enhance code quality and optimize a BI process (for example, cost, reliability, and speed).

Data presentation skills, experience with JAVA, python or R, good analytical skills, knowledge of how to manage ambiguity within a fast-paced workplace, experience with data pipeline design and data modeling, and usage of fundamental statistical methods for complex business issues.

Job Roles of What is the salary of a business intelligence engineer in Amazon?

Your roles as a Business Intelligence Engineer Amazon are the duties you manage while working for the company. They include:

Building and multiplying data structures with one or as any many schema definition languages you find appropriate (XSD, DDL, SDL, RDF), apply one or any industry analytics visualization tool (such as Tableau, MicroStrategy, Excel, PowerBI, QuickSight).

When necessary, you can also apply statistical methods (for example, Chi-squared or t-test) to provide practical insights for stakeholders. You also troubleshoot analyses, data, and code, offer solutions, identify root causes and take ownership in the next stage of their resolution.

Create small or medium scale business intelligence strategies – these could be reports, analyses, data sets, queries, dashboards or part of bigger solutions to give response to business questions with information.

Apply adequately defined requirements to develop a strategy that allows for efficient, data-powered business decisions, innovate, build, refine BI solutions to make sure they reach the team’s goals and demands of the business.

Write testable, consistent, sustainable and safe code with little issues and automate physical processes when you can and also produce end product according to schedule.

Openings for business intelligence engineers in Amazon?

Currently, there are several job openings for those interested in working as an Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer. First is Data Engineer II – Business Data Technologies. While holding the position of Data Engineer II, you are responsible for:

the main components that power Amazon’s customer experience and website and serve numerous orders a day and pageviews from customers. If you’re successfully recruited for this position, you will be working at Seattle, USA.

Data Engineer, IN Data Engineering and Analytics

You have to be a BI engineer or rock start data before you can work at this job. You will be expected to create for pan Amazon India organizations. Amazon is the main body behind hustle @ Amazon WW as we speak, and upon successful recruitment, you’d be working in Bengaluru.

Data Engineering Manager

The summary of this job involves using statistics, economics, machine learning, and behavioral science to spot process enhancements and mechanisms proactively. If you prefer working as a Data Engineering Manager, Amazon will expect you to work in Seattle, USA.

After the company hires you, you’d be one of their People eXperience and Technology Central Science Team.

Business Intelligence Engineer II

As a Business Intelligence Engineer II, you’ll be part of Amazon’s Employee Resource Center team and create an impact on every Amazonian. The Employee Resource Center team offers HR assistance to Amazon staff that shows up as constant, quick and accurate responses.

You’d be working at Amazon’s office in Arlington, USA.

The company ensures that their entire workforce remains dedicated to making Amazon an engaging and diverse environment.

Question: What is the salary of a business intelligence engineer in Amazon?

A business intelligence engineer in amazon earns as much as $104,002 per year according to glassdoor.

What does a business intelligence engineer do?

The job of a business intelligence engineer is to research and go through company data and interpret the data in order to support the statistics of the business. The business intelligent engineer examines the company stores and measures how the operations affect profitability in the company.

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