Difference between application letter and cover letters

What can a cover letter explain that a resume cannot?

  Application letter and cover letter are both kinds of formal letter. An application letter is written to secure employment in an organisation. The language is strictly formal and it establishes and applicant’s interest in a particular job or position in an organisation. It is used to emphasize one’s most relevant qualifications and experiences and … Read more

Parts of a formal letter format ireland standard

 formal letter format ireland is regarded as a form of letter written for official purposes. The language is strictly formal because it is mostly addressed to someone you do not know. It gives no room for intimate greetings, slangs and abbreviations. It includes two addresses, salutation, title, introduction, body and conclusion. However, titles and some … Read more

How to write a persuasive business letter example

persuasive business letter

Despite the global acceptance of email as the quickest and most convenient way of relaying daily business messages, the most preferred form to convey valuable information remains the printed persuasive business letter. A well-crafted letter can be a powerful communication tool, especially when presented on attractive letterhead. To make sure you are composing the most … Read more

What can a cover letter explain that a resume cannot?

What can a cover letter explain that a resume cannot?

For a while now, you might have been seeing or hearing about Cover letters and resumes, but you don’t know how to write it. Many people ask this question: What can a cover letter explain that a resume cannot?  It is really important that you learn how to write a cover letter because it boosts … Read more

How to design a Custom graduation stole

The best custom graduation stole template designs are subject to debate as different persons use different yardsticks to select the best. However, after thorough research, we compiled the five best custom graduation stole template designs. So, you must read to the end. The joy we feel at the graduation ceremony is immeasurable. It’s a day … Read more

veterinary dental discharge instructions sheet template

veterinary discharge sample

The elements of a veterinary discharge instructions template are the focus of this article. Your discharge instructions either validate or prove your ignorance in the medical profession. So, under no circumstance should you take it for granted.  You should note that your treatment routines, care, and discharge instructions are essential aspects of clinical procedures. As … Read more