City Clerk Job Description, roles, duties, skills and requirements 2022

You are likely to find City Clerk Job Description on many job websites like indeed. Every profession has its downsides and the fancy side, but the position of City Clerk comes with a lot of demands. It takes a bit of all the administration loopholes and mends them into one. 

A city clerk forms the primary part in the facilitation of hassle-free services to the departments of the mayor, the city administration, the city manager, and the city council.

what is a city clerk job description

The role of a city clerk can be likened to that of the local government to the US Secretary of state. In a few other places, a city clerk is expected to be highly oriented academically. 

The city clerk in a few cities like Chicago is next to a mayor in rank. In Pittsburgh, the city cker is the second in command, just after the government. This is because they serve as a link between residents of the cities and the government.

To fully understand the city clerk job description, we will be highlighting their roles, salary, what they do, skill requirements, and why people hire them.

What Does a City Clerk Do?

What is the job of a city clerk? A city clerk’s job is to see to the effective running of elections, manage city records and coordinate minutes of the council meetings. This includes public comments, agendas, and so on.

Apart from that, a city clerk is to respond to requests from the public for a number of days in a certain way. They ensure that actions were taken by the city council comply with all local, federal, and state laws and regulations while also keeping proper records and ensuring effective execution is achieved.

The city clerk’s office serves as a service department that the general public and government rely on for updated information regarding legislative history operations of the city.

They serve as the negotiating link between the city council and the general public while also providing services related to the municipality.

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City Clerk Job Salary

For every official setting, salary allocation is made on entry levels, experience, and wealth of knowledge

According to payscale official website, an entry-level city clerk with not up to a year of experience is being paid $42,452. This is calculated as an average base salary, with 12 total salaries making up the data. This enumeration includes overtime bones, added tips, and other external bonuses.

Consequently, one with experience ranging between 1-4 years could expect to take home $45,305. This is also calculated as an average base salary, with 118 total salaries making up the data. This enumeration includes overtime bones, added tips, and other external bonuses.

Also, a city clerk with experience ranging between 5-9 years could expect to take home $52,029. This is also calculated as an average base salary, with 53 total salaries making up the data. This enumeration includes overtime bonuses, added tips, and other external bonuses

Invariably, one between 10-19 years experience takes home an average of $50,868 in a total package with tips, external bonus, and overtime pay included, while 20 years and above experienced city clerk earns $60,583. Over 50 salaries formed the basis of this conclusion. 


Essential Roles and Duties of a City Clerk

For essential roles and duties if a city clerk aro outlined below:

  • They are responsible for effectively managing activity and services around the city clerk and the city council.
  • A city clerk is responsible for the timely preparation and minutes recording of all city council activities
  • They maintain the records of the city.
  • They see to the development of the city’s goal and objectives while also ensuring implementation of the goal and objectives.
  • Responsible for the administering of effective procedures and policies
  • They monitor the efficiency of the deliverables as well as proper evaluation of the methods.
  • Help in planning and reviewing of assigned drafts of the work plan by key staffs in the city clerk’s office
  • They help with the proper assignment of projects and programs.
  • They are responsible for the evaluation of products and procedures.
  • Timely meetings with staff for problems resolve
  • Responsible for the identification, training, and evaluation of selected personnel
  • Correction of deficiencies by closely working with employees 
  • Help with timely termination of procedures.
  • Help with development administration of the budget
  • Analyze projected needed funds for supplies, staffing, and other secondary needs.
  • Ensure there are up-to-date resolutions and agreement
  • Certification of city’s official documents
  • Recording of the city’s contracts and legal documents.
  • Supervision of requests for public records.
  • Create awareness about new developments in related fields.

City clerk qualifications

Below are some of the skills required for a city clerk job:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Exceptional time management skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Accounting skills
  • GExcellentunderstanding of government working processes
  • Computer literacy
  • Understanding basic applicable laws
  • Customer relation skills
  • Attentiveness
  • Strong ethics

What Companies hire a City Clerk

For every organization, there are departments and sections. This is done to achieve optimum results as every department is peculiar in achieving a company’s goal.

With the above being said, a city clerk is needed in companies because of their distinct skill set and requirements. A company with excellent output possibly has a good customer relationship. A city clerk is needed here because of their strong customer relations skills. 

Without proper accounting in an organization, there is going to be a loss. A city clerk also checks this box.

Invariably, companies hire city clerks because of their multifunctionality skills. Ultimately, they help save the company’s staffing expenses.

List of Other Roles Related to City Clerk

There are tons of other roles that are related to a city clerk. Although not entirely alike, there are a few interrelated roles with a city clerk. Some of these includes:

  • Office Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Accountant
  • Customer Service Representative (CSR)
  • Operations Manager
  • Staff Accountant
  • Cashier
  • Executive Assistant
  • Sales Associate
  • Assistant city clerk