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Five best custom graduation stole template design ideas and images

Graduates and some faculty members usually adorn themselves with graduation attire or regalia on graduation day. The graduation attire or regalia comprises other components apart from cap and gown.  Graduation Stole or Sashes is among the main components of graduation attire. Others include a gown, hood, cord, and cap. Graduation Stole also referred to as a graduation Sash, is a piece of fabric that is worn over the shoulder on graduation day.

A popular way a graduate stands out among the crowd or other graduating mates is by choosing a custom Graduation Stole design. Custom Graduation Stole design can be of any color and represent the cultural heritage or sorority the graduate belongs to.


Graduation stole design ideas
Graduation stole design ideas

What Is a Graduation Stole or Sash?

Graduation Stoles are fabrics worn around the neck on graduation day either to showcase extracurricular achievement, success or membership of a group. It usually comes in numerous styles, patterns and designs to represent different departments and affiliations.

Although not generally required, graduates have made it a tradition to display their custom Graduation Stoles for their academic accomplishments, especially for high school graduations. 

Keynote speakers, salutatorians and valedictorians wear Graduation Stoles to indicate their academic standing among their colleagues. Other graduates may wear Graduation Stoles to express their extracurricular memberships like a foreign language, drama, science, debate or speech and other volunteer activities.

Each color present in Graduation Stole represents a specific department or a group. Below is the list of different Graduation Stole colors and departments each represent:

  • Dark Blue: Political Science & Philosophy 
  • Brown:  Architecture & Fine Art
  • Light Blue: Education
  • Orange: Engineering
  • Yellow: Science & Mathematics 
  • Beige: Business
  • Gray: Veterinary Science & Agricultural Science
  • Green:Pharmacy, Medicine & Physical Education
  • Pink: Music
  • Purple: Law
  • White: Humanities studies. This includes English, Art History and Religious Studies

Custom graduation stole templates ideas

How to make A Custom Graduation Stole Design.

Many graduates wear the Graduation Stole as a reflection of their school experience. However, finding the right stole could be complicated; hence graduates resort to making their custom Graduation Stole design.

Perhaps you didn’t participate in a club or any group but want to distinguish yourself by wearing a custom Graduation Stole on graduation day. You can customize your Graduation Stoles or sashes to represent your heritage or culture.  To make a custom Graduation Stole design of your choice, you will need a sewing machine and sewing skills. The steps below will guide you in making your custom Graduation Stole design from start to finish:

Step 1.

Pick a fabric of your choice.

A good percentage of Graduation Stoles are made of either satin, silk or a cotton blend. Each fabric has its gloss effect that will enhance the colour. Your fabric measurement should not be less than 12 inches in wideness and 1 ¼ yard long.

Step 2

Cut a pattern

Draw two thick lines across the pattern of the paper. Each should be around 30 inches long and 10 ½ inches apart. Draw another line to connect them from both ends. Draw a third and final dashed line across the length of the two lengths and between. It should be 4 ¼ inches out from the first line.

Fold the pattern in half across the dotted line. Reach across the fold, pinching it at the end of the pattern. Fold that point in a diagonal matter over to the thick line, crease the fold with a firm grip and unfold the paper. You can then cut the pattern from the paper with the use of the solid lines and crease

Step 3.

Cut the fabric out  from the pattern

For the step, you will fold the length of the material in half, with the sides you want to present facing inward, then pin the pattern paper gently over the length of the fabric. Cut the fabric around the pattern and dispose the pattern paper. 

Step 4.

Sewing The Fabric

The steps below will guide you in sewing the fabric.

  • Pin the edge of the fabric cut earlier from the pattern crease to match the center point of the angle. 
  • Sew a medium stitch from the top of the angle to the center point, using ¼ inch seam allowance. 
  • Rotate the fabric and stitch across the base of the angle and up the other side. 
  • Flatten the seam allowance and trim the seam carefully to close the angle.


Step 5

Add your appliques.

At this stage, you can apply your embroidered design or any iron on transfer. A professional embroidery shop can help in doing this as well.   

After adding appliques to the Graduation Stole, you can complete the whole process to make your custom Graduation Stole by following the steps below

  • Pin the remaining three lengths of the fabric 
  • Stitch two inches each from all ends before the back seam, giving a ½ inch allowance. 
  • Trim the corners carefully while pressing the seam. At this stage, you can turn the stole around and inside out to finish stitching the remaining length of the Graduation Stole together.


Satin is a smooth glossy fabric. This is essential to note so you can  wash it delicately.  If your stole gets dirty prior to the graduation or photoshoots, we recommend you wash with a machine using the delicate cycle.


Suppose you can’t find a stole style that interests you. You can add any other things apart from colours and text. You can create your custom stole design by embroidering logos of clubs, text that describe your academic excellence or peak, family and friends name. 

You can explore as many possibilities as you want. It’s endless. Adding design on the neck of the stole is a thing too, embroider custom logos and pockets.

You can custom your Graduation Stoles to have a pocket. Not many graduation gowns come with pockets, and you might face difficulty trying to keep your pieces of stuff like your phone or wallet.

Get a custom pocket on your Graduation Stole that will be perfect for keeping your wallet and phone.


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