Democrat Gloria Johnson Says Singing ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Is Like ‘Burning the Flag’

On Monday, Gloria Johnson, a Democratic state representative from Tennessee, said the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” should be considered equivalent to “burning the flag.”

The Democrat made these claims in a series of posts on her Twitter account.

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Democrat Johnson: ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ = ‘I think it should be equated with burning the flag, essentially that’s what they do’

“Let’s Go Brandon” comes from NASCAR fans chanting “F*** Joe Biden” during a race and a reporter falsely claiming that the fans were scanning “Let’s Go Brandon” for the race winner, Brandon Brown.

It has since become a popular chant and sporting events and other public institutions.

Apparently Rep. Johnson insulting Biden as anti-American in this way. “As a friend said, I think it should be equated with burning the flag, essentially that’s what they do,” Johnson claimed.

While Johnson was roundly criticized on social media, the Democrat cited her “rights,” claiming she had her constitutional right to defame those who offend the president.

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Democrats Getting Angry At ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Are Only stoking the fire

“Reading is fundamental,” Johnson tweeted. “It’s not a legal opinion, it’s a person’s opinion. And as a few were smart enough to understand, both are protected speech.’

No doubt Rep. Johnson won’t be the last Democrat to be offended by the “Let’s Go Brandon” or “F*** Joe Biden” chants.

And the angrier they get, expect more and more Americans to continue using the already popular chant whenever and wherever they can.

Of course, after five years of Democrats throwing the most vicious insults at President Trump, and even violent calls from celebrities, the nacre will fall on deaf ears.

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