Development Associate Job description

Development Associate Job description duties, skills and requirements

Have you wondered what a development associate job entails? Worry no more, as this article will serve as an eye-opener.

A development associate job description calls for collaboration with multiple departments within a college, nonprofit organization, or other company to assist with fundraising. Depending on the industry in which they work, they will have a variety of responsibilities, but all are centered on raising funds. 

Who is a Development Associate?

A Development Associate, often known as a fundraiser, supports charity organizations in monitoring fundraising operations and tracking donations. They help create grant programs and contact and cultivate connections with donors and sponsors. Development Associates collaborate closely with development managers and other staff members to find potential donors and track the progress of fundraising campaigns.

Development Associates are primarily found in nonprofit organizations. They were charged with fundraising and documentation of donations. To be a successful Develop associate, you must be good with numbers and write grants. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the job of a Development Associate is expected to rise by 9% by 2024. So, if you are interested in journeying to this career, the best time to start is now. 

What are the duties of a Development Associate?

  • Willing to learn about the company’s strategic goals to achieve stated targets.
  • Market analysis and discovering potential clients are two of the most critical tasks.
  • Maintaining existing client ties while cultivating strong partnerships with new clients.
  • Keeping record  of client information in the CRM database
  • They implement growth initiatives in collaboration with workers from various departments.
  • Creating and maintaining sales strategies, customer services and strategies of the organization, and analyzing sales data to inform or update marketing tactics are all tasks that must be completed.
  • As needed, assist with creating business strategies, ad campaigns, presentations, bibliographies, and other papers.
  • Ability to multitask  at the same time while adhering to deadlines.
  • Find new business partners and prospects.
  • Demonstrate excellent organizational skills, including effectively communicating with all management levels, employees, and clients.

What are the requirements to become a Development Associate?

If you want to work as a Development Associate, one of the very first things you should think about is how much knowledge you’ll need. 76.6 percent of Development Associates have a bachelor’s degree, thus according to our research. In terms of qualifications, we discovered that 14.0% of Development Associates had a master’s degree. Even though most Development Associates have a college diploma, obtaining one with only a high school diploma or GED is impossible.

When looking at how to become a Development Associate, picking the right field of study is crucial. When we looked into the most frequent degrees for Development Associates, we discovered that they mostly earned Bachelors of science or Doctorates. Associate Degrees and High School Diplomas are two more degrees that we frequently see on Development Associate resumes.

You may find that previous work experience will assist you in becoming a Development Associate. Many Development Associate jobs need expertise in a position like an Internship. On the other hand, Many Development Associates have previous work experience as Administrative Assistants or Research Assistants.

What are the skills needed by a Development Associate?

Ability to be inventive.

Creative thinking is needed for the profession, whether it’s spotting new methods to grow existing prospects or discovering wholly new distribution channels.

Analytical abilities

However, this creativity must be based on an analytical mindset for Commercial Development.

You’ll need to present possibilities to stakeholders using market analysis and price history, and you’ll need to know what makes commercial sense to pursue and what could potentially cost more to explore than it could ever bring in.

If new, realistic, reachable, and profitable opportunities are to be offered and developed, a thorough awareness of the larger market is required

Communication abilities

Business growth is not for people who want to work alone.

You’ll need senior management, marketing, finance, and product or service teams to back you up. You may be asked to work with account managers and sales teams who have different priorities and focuses than you.

Beyond your organization, you’ll be expected to persuade people to invest in or partner with you, so your presentation and communication skills will be put to the test constantly.

Negotiation abilities

New business necessitates new terms, and you must ensure that the conditions agreed upon are beneficial to your company.

Communication abilities will get you a hand in the door; however, bargaining skills will keep the door open for future progress.


A sustainable company is made in a single day.

You’ll have to show that you can build and nurture relationships over time while also achieving immediate goals to satisfy objectives and targets.


There seem to be a lot of balls to toss, although not all of them will fall at the same time.

To meet tight deadlines, you must act swiftly while nurturing and developing your team. 

It’ll be a tricky balance, but you’ll have to organize and help other teams’ as well aid in their responsibilities and your own. So, your ability to multitask is what gives you success in the job.

Why do companies hire development associates?

A development associate assists firms in increasing their sales and growth. They perform market analysis, formulate business plans, cultivate client connections, and seek new business prospects. Development associates work in various fields, including marketing and information technology.

What are the salaries of development associates? 

According to estimates, a growth marketer earns $79,969 per year. To back this up, estimates that a Growth marketer earns $79,053 each year.

Companies that hire Development Associate 

Some companies that hire Development Associates includes 

  • Accenture
  • PNC Finance
  • Oracle 
  • Hanover research 
  • Blog
  • Gartner
  • Staples
  • Google 
  • Advantage Solutions 

Other roles performed by Development Associate.

Aside from fundraising and grant writing. The Development Associate can also, in total capacity, serve in these roles;

  • Accounting: They can serve as accountants. The development associates have experience as they handle grants and funds
  • Secretary; The development associate can also work as a secretary, especially in an NGO.