Forensic electrical engineer

Forensic electrical engineer job description [2022]

Have you been seeking to know more about a Forensic electrical engineer job description? In this article, we will talk about them, their role, and their salary. By the end of this article, you will know all that you need to know all that needs to be known about forensic engineers.

The forensic engineer job description is encapsulated from crime scene to accident scene and even earthquake sites. Though nobody plans to get in an accident, fail on something, or fall into a catastrophic event, all these unplanned events happen and can happen to anyone


Who are Forensic electrical engineers?

Forensic engineers have been trained to investigate a failure of a model or structure that can lead to damage of life and property or to find a solution to it. Forensic engineers are also involved in findings for criminal cases. In addition, they are engineers investigating the system’s failure and how to correct it.

What Forensic electrical engineer do?

Engineers are known for designing and set-up up a model and Its functionalities. Forensic engineers find the reason for the failure of existing models. A part of a car is not functioning well; they will collect data and assess it to find out what causes it and how to avoid such. Also, in situations like a fire outbreak, a catastrophic event that can lead to loss of properties, they collect reports and analyse them and find the cause behind them and non the least,t they aid thee n the investigation of crime.

An overview of Forensic electrical engineer salary

From statistics obtained from, an average forensic engineer’s salary is $85,525 with incentives up to $4,966 and a share-profit opportunity of $5,500. Furthermore, the lower level 10th percentage of forensic engineers receive less than $56,160. Meanwhile, the top 10th percentage earn greater than $144,810. Making of salary in every working sector has some factors attached to it. In forensic engineering, payment varies depending on the year of experience, the standard of living, education background, the sectors in which you are Working private or public sector and so on.

Roles and duties of Forensic electrical engineer

Structural failure is complex stuff to deal with; forensic engineers have to take a lot of roles to toggle this complexity. They need to be proficient and able to analyse technicality. Their functions and duties include –

  • Observation of a model failure scene 
  • They present evidence of structural failure that was collected at the site that an incident occurs 
  • Forensic engineers use knowledge of science and engineering to detect structural failure.
  • They maintain and repair or total replacement of structures.
  • Forensic engineers write a report to document model failure.
  • I am sharing Timony for legal matters that involve structural failure.
  • They work in construction sites, given analysis and warn against potential danger
  • Forensic engineers are familiar with models and materials of buildings and their properties. 
  • They tell how an accident happened.

Requirements to becoming a Forensic electrical engineer

A bachelor’s degree in engineering is required to work as a forensic engineer, and some firms prefer to hire forensic engineers with a master’s degree or PhD. You can also focus your forensic engineering coursework on a particular subject of study. Forensic engineers work on a variety of challenges and types of cases.

The following are examples of forensic engineers and the difficulties they work to resolve:

Forensic electrical engineers investigate electrical failures that result in legal cases.

Forensic fire engineers investigate destructive fires that cause injury or property damage.

Defects in materials discovered in accidents and crime scenes, are investigated by a forensic materials engineer

Structure flaws that lead to failure, is investigated by a forensic structural engineer

A forensic mechanical engineer investigates HVAC, plumbing, and machinery failures.

A forensic polymer engineer investigates defects in petroleum-based goods such as plastic.

Although students can often choose their optional courses within the study curriculum, most engineering classes incorporate advanced mathematics and science. Electives can assist students in gaining information in specific areas of engineering so that they can determine which sort of engineering to pursue as a career. Strong analytical and reasoning skills, written and verbal communication, precision, and motivation are all essential characteristics for forensic engineers.

Forensic engineers also hold professional Engineering (PE) licenses. Forensic engineering requires a PE license, which is not required for other categories of engineers. Although the process can take several years, it permits engineers to advance to higher-paying professions and specialise in fields such as forensic engineering. Specializing takes around a year to complete and is followed by certification.

A forensic engineer needs to possess the following skills :

  1. Technical Capabilities
  2. Investigative Capabilities
  3. Communication Capabilities
  4. Legal Knowledge (Knowledge of the Law and legal proceedings)
  5. Ability to Present Yourself in Court
  6. Computer Fundamentals

Becoming a forensic engineer is a difficult task in and of itself. It’ll take a long time. It is pretty challenging to succeed as a forensic engineer if your fundamentals are not clear at the undergraduate level. Second, no two cases are alike; one may necessitate one set of abilities and experience, while the other may require an entirely different set of skills and expertise. In addition to inspecting the site, reviewing debris, and determining the cause, forensic engineers must interview everyone involved in the planning and building of the structure to determine whether protocols were followed or not followed. There’s more evidence than that. Litigation experience should be a requirement for forensic engineers. This entails knowing how to deal with prospective evidence, present it in court, and so on.


What are the company that hires a Forensic electrical engineer

You can check vacancy for forensics engineer here;

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Becoming a forensic engineer is not easy as there are many hurdles and challenges on the career path.

However, if you are genuinely passionate about something, it is a thriving career with high demand and excellent income. You’ll also be able to undertake a lot more research in this area .It gives room for improvement.