12 interview Genentech interview questions

12 interview Genentech interview questions

Getting the Genentech interview questions is a prerequisite if you want a job at Genentech Corporation.

Just to let you know, Genentech is a biotechnology company out to solve some of the biggest problems in the medical field.

Robert A. Swanson, a venture financier, and Herbert Boyer, a biochemist, launched the company in 1976. In the realm of recombinant DNA technology, Boyer is regarded as a pioneer.  In 1977, Boyer collaborated with Arthur Riggs and Keiichi Itakura of the Beckman Research Institute to produce the hormone somatostatin, which made them the first to successfully express a human gene in bacteria.

So, you know that you will be competing with the best minds. 

But there’s no need to fear because I will be giving you what will set you ahead of all your contemporaries.

I know your heart will be racing, thinking of what it will be. It’s nothing other than the Genentech interview questions.

So, if you are the best, stick with me through this article. 


12 interview Genentech interview questions


What are your impressions of our firm?

Having a good knowledge of the company cannot be over-emphasized. Nothing is unappealing than a prospect who does not know the firm they claim to want to work for—research and know much about Genentech, its culture, and its objectives. You’ll also want to discover how the business fits into its market and its main competitors.


Why do you wish to work for us?

This question is intended to determine whether you have sufficient knowledge of the company and the general market. The easiest method to respond to this question is to research the company and highlight its advantages.

The first part of Genentech interview questions(About you)

How would you describe yourself?

You could use adjectives like Hardworking, determined, perseverant, bright, skilled, courteous, friendly, collaborative, and eager to describe yourself.


What is your proudest accomplishment outside of Genentech?

This is an excellent time for you to talk about how you’ve helped others, excelled in a competitive extracurricular activity (such as sports or clubs), or mentored others.


How would you describe your work ethic?

When you’re talking about this, give specific instances of what you offer to the table. Determination to complete job obligations, optimism, and a desire to be as productive as possible at work are all positive attributes. This is one of the common Genentech interview questions.


How do you set your work priorities?

It all depends on the circumstances of which you were asked these Genentech interview questions. I like to categorize specific chores as A, B, or C. A is for things that demand immediate attention, and C is for tasks that aren’t urgent but must be completed later. I prefer to concentrate my efforts at Genentech on tasks that must be completed fast. While juggling additional jobs in addition to our top priorities


How will your strength be beneficial to Genentech?

One of my best assets, along with the fact that I am a hard worker. I’m concerned about getting the job done. Working with my teammates is something that gives me joy. Being patient allows me to avoid making hasty decisions. Patience allows me to remain cool when working under duress. Being a hard worker guarantees that everyone in the team is working toward the same goals.

What value is confident that you can add to the organization?

It is unacceptable for a candidate to begin to disparage other candidates. It’s solid evidence of a defeatist mentality. Also, if they can’t give a good answer, it could indicate that they don’t have a deep understanding of the abilities required for the work and where they fit in.

The candidate can list specific skills, abilities, or understandings relevant to the position that other candidates are unlikely to possess or are in short supply.

What is your Genentech experience?

When asked this as part of the Genentech interview questions, the employer wants to know that you can not only do the work but also make a difference and contribute significantly.

This is your chance to shine and sell yourself to the interviewer without question. Prepare your response based on your educational background, work experience, and previous accomplishments. This is your chance to explain why you believe your skills and experience are a good match for the job and its criteria.

Companies you worked for with dates Positions held Key projects and tasks Achievements Coursework & continued education Expertise Tools you utilized (software, hardware) Knowledge.

How do you respond when a crisis necessitates a speedy solution?

When solving complex problems, decisions don’t always come immediately. It takes time, practice, and confidence to determine what kinds of decisions provide the best results.

Emergency scenarios, such as knowing where the fire extinguisher is and grabbing it quickly enough to put out a tiny grease fire in the business kitchen, are examples of problems that require you to move swiftly. Other rapid decisions include being asked to take on a new responsibility and being given only five minutes to decide if you are willing to take it on.

Going with your gut is a talent, and the more you learn to trust your instincts, the easier these kinds of judgments become. Demonstrate that you know what you’re doing.

Last part of Genentech interview questions

What is your expected salary?

You can use your present salary to bargain. But in all these make sure you are truthful and honest. Transparency is key when discussing such a subject.

What role does this position play in your long-term career plans?

How to Respond, you have to search yourself and check if the position is a good fit for you? Is it a step forward in your career or a stalemate that you’re settling for until something better comes along? Assure the interviewer that this role will be challenging for you, but you are up to the task. Be a step up in responsibility, and fit in with your long-term career objectives.


A final thought on Genentech interview questions

All applicants should note that Genentech makes drug tests compulsory for all applicants. The company thrives to ensure that they have a drug-free environment. Hence, all employees must abide by company regulations regarding the abuse of alcohol and the possession, sale, and use of illegal substances.