Grant Manager Job Description, roles, duties, skills and requirements 2022

Grant Manager job description involves a set of requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills that hiring managers often look for.

Have you ever come across some jobs, and you begin to wonder what they mean or what the occupant of that role does? A Grant Manager falls into that bracket.

In this article, I will be highlighting the Grant Manager job description, their roles, skill requirements, salary range, why companies hire them, and a list of other roles they play. Now, let’s, deep dive!

What Does a Grant Manager Do?

There are several things a professional Grant Manager does, and some of these will be highlighted below.

Grant Managers are primarily found in nonprofit organizations (NGOs). Other times, you can find an academic setting. This is because of the nature of the job, which is centered around getting grant funding for nonprofit projects and academic works.

Just as the name sounds, a grant manager works closely with inbound organization staff to determine how and when funds generated will be utilized.

This role requires adept writing skills. This is because grant applications require clear decisions. As a grant manager, your understanding of financial accounting and auditing skills should be exceptional.

As we have highlighted earlier, a grant manager works closely with the inbound staff, and as such, delivery of proposals are mostly done through mail or email. They work at regular business hours although, they might be except for extended working hours.

Now that we know what a grant manager does, how much do they earn? This and more will be highlighted in subsequent paragraphs.

What is a Grant manager job salary?

Basically, for every job, salary allocation is made based on entry levels, experience, and wealth of knowledge.

According to payscale official website, an entry-level Grant Manager with not up to a year of experience is being paid $45,730. This is calculated as an average base salary, with 29 total salaries making up the data. This enumeration includes overtime bones, added tips, and other external bonuses.

Consequently, one with experience ranging between 1-4 years could expect to take home$54,549. This is also calculated as an average base salary, with 472 total salaries making up the data. This enumeration includes overtime bones, added tips, and other external bonuses.

Also, a grant manager with experience ranging between 5-9 years could expect to take home $62,154. This is also calculated as an average base salary, with 352 total salaries making up the data. This enumeration includes overtime bones, added tips, and other external bonuses

Invariably, one between 10-19 years experience takes home an average of $65,762 in a total package with tips, external bonus, and overtime pay included, while 20 years and above experienced grant manager earns $65,581. Over 269 salaries formed the basis of this conclusion.

The Essential Roles and Duties of a Grant Manager in 2022

As Grant Manager, the under-listen roles and cutie are required of you:

  • A Grant Manager helps to ascertain the reason and needs behind funding, after which writing and development of programs follows
  • They make insightful and informative research as regards areas where there are possibilities of funding
  • They help in identifying key support Organizations.
  • A Grant Manager also helps in strategy development aimed at improving the processes of grant administration.
  • They help with the monitoring and proper preparation of financial data.
  • Grant Manager helps with analyzing prepared Financial data.
  • They help with the supervision of the grant process and general administration through the use of dedicated software.
  • They also help in keeping key staff abreast of upcoming deadlines as well as deliverables to ensure an efficient work completion process
  • They are responsible for verifying all invoices, keeping a proper record of accounts, and ensuring successful grant process completion.
  • Follow up on all paperwork and other grant-related documents.
  • Keep records of all expenses and receivables.
  • Help in the training if recruit on the grant management team

Apart from the few grant manager job descriptions already mentioned, they also evaluate all grant applications and ensure effective use of all policies in place.

Also, they handle the coordination of the grant team and see to the successful execution of all programs.

Skill Requirements of a Grant Manager

As a grant manager, listed below are some of the required skills and requirements you must possess to be eligible for a job offer:

  • A Degree in business Administration or its equivalent
  • Excellent communication Skills
  • Project Management Skills
  • Exceptional Auditing Skills
  • Computer Literacy
  • Great Writing Skills
  • Descriptive Prowess
  • Great Organization Skills
  • Excellent Accounting and Budgeting Skills
  • Understanding of Donation Processes
  • Strategic Thinking Skills
  • Methodical Thinking Skills

Why Do Companies Hire a Grant Manager?

The role of a grant manager can not be overemphasized. This is because their roles are exclusive. Some of which include efficient management of all grant funds ( physical effort and financial effort), drafting clear descriptive and persuasive write-up and proposal, supervision of the buffering aspect of grants, managing the fund-raising aspect of grants, updating staff and critical figures about progress reports, optimize administration process involved with grant and project management aspect of the grant.

List of Other Roles Related to Grant Manager

Although the role of a grant manager is exclusive, there are other roles related to the profession, some of which will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

  • Grants Director

They have a similar job description with a grant manager.

  • Grants Finance Officer

They are responsible for providing administrative support and provision of financial management services to able figures in charge of a research project. This includes the development and management aspect of the project.

  • Grant Management Specialist

They are responsible for awarding funds to organizations, supplying answers to technical questions, and seeing to the set agreement to facilitate proper service delivery to the public.