Growth marketer job description roles, duties, skills and requirements 2022

The Growth marketer job description entails developing strategies ranging from Seo’s to email marketing to boost the company’s brand image so as to increase and maintain clients. 

Moreso, they identify and predict problems that may arise and give profound solutions to them. You will need a Growth marketer :

  • If You are starting up or 
  • You have maintained a status quo in business for a long time
  • Consider bringing in a new idea to your business.

Meanwhile, a growth marketer is someone who conducts continuous, incremental tests along the sales funnel and then evaluates the results to create data-driven strategic modifications that enhance key performance indicators.

So, the Growth marketer is indispensable in an organization. You can call it the life wire behind the growth of any corporation. Knowing who the growth marketer is, let’s delve deeper to see what growth marketers do.

Roles and duties performed by the Growth marketer. 

The roles or duties performed by the growth marketer entail much, and it is usually demanding. You must be optimistic, resilient, and intelligent to be an effective growth marketer. Here are duties performed by the growth marketer :

  • They study the entire structure of the business and identify any problems. They are not restricted to only the marketing department. 
  • Help develop solutions, including a/b testing, to handle these issues;
  • Ensures that company grows significantly 
  • Plans, create, and optimize content as well as campaign ads. 
  • Upgrade and modify traditional marketing strategies.
  • Tilting marketing campaigns based on user data to increase engagement
  • Analyzing the entire impact of the sales funnel and making appropriate modifications

Indeed, any business that wants to experience tremendous growth needs the service of a growth marketer. 

According to, digital advertising is predicted to hit $ 763.6 billion by 2025 and increase to $1,449.0 billion, indicating a 13.7% growth. 

So, the job market is becoming a hutnub because it is indispensable. I would love all marketers to jump on it swiftly. However, prerequisites are needed before you can be acquainted as a growth marketer. So,

Let’s check it out.

Growth marketing specialist job description

The requirements for becoming a growth marketer varies as certificates cannot be the yardstick to measure the competence of a growth marketer. Here are some of the requirements as the list inexhaustible:

Bachelor’s degree in marketing, Business administration, though it might not be compulsory, is a plus to you. Aside from this, there are other technical skills you will need. They include 

  • High Analytical capacity; As a growth marketer, you will be involved in lots of experiments, creating A/B samples, making decisions based on data, finding problems, and proffer solutions. So, analytical skills cannot be joked with. It ought to be sharp. There are courses on Google, Clickminded that can help boost your analytical skills.
  • Strategic and multifaceted thinking: You will need to be a strategic thinker to succeed in this career path. Your ability to think strategically and broadly keeps the company and brings results. Confused to achieve this feat, you can check Growth studies by Growth Hackers.
  • Expertise in a different field: The job of a Growth marketer beyond the scope of the marketing department alone. You must know the sphere of businesses as part of your description is to coordinate all the facets of the company to ensure maximum growth. 

You can create a blog and experiment with your ideas, and learn other things you ought to know. 

So after the requisite skills, what next?

You have to prepare to get the job. How do you go about it?

  • Firstly, prepare a good CV showing your level of education, skills and achievements. 
  • Next, you go to the job search platforms and apply.

There are numerous vacancies on: 


You might be wondering why growth marketers are in demand. And what exactly makes them indispensable to an organization; let’s see the reason:

Why do Companies hire growth marketer 

  • To increase customers base; Do you want your company to increase its client’s base steadily? Then it would be best if you had a Growth marketer. A skilled Growth marketer will use all platforms ranging from Facebook ads, Instagram, Youtube, Google, LinkedIn and sometimes podcasts to increase publicity. They use a compelling strategy to convert leads.
  • Grows Market shares; Increases market shares using the traditional marketing strategy. Most times, retaining customers with the system is even more challenging. But guess what? 

With the Growth marketer, you are assured of continuous innovations that will be clients and revenue-focused. 

  • Ensure continuity: Even if competition rises, if there’s an effective Growth marketer on your team, you are sure of outliving your competitors if care is not taken. The Growth marketer knows what strategy to deploy to keep the company afloat.

There are lots of adverts and job posts by companies seeking marketers. But honestly, I want you to know that what they are finding is explicitly a Growth marketer. So, if I am considering the path of a Marketer, I know where to pitch my tent. At this point, I know you might be pondering on the profitability of this career path. Now, we will see how much they earn. 

Salaries of Growth Marketer 

From the reports provided by, a Growth marketer makes $79,969 annually. To corroborate it, placed the salary of a Growth marketer at $79,053 annually.

Growth marketers are intelligent and versatile individuals who are capable of multitasking. So asides from their primary job descriptions, they also perform others. let’s see a few 

Sides roles performed by the Growth marketer. 

  • Copywriting: The Growth marketer writes compelling words to make potential clients see the need to invest with them. The purpose of doing this is to convert leads to either sales or make them take action. 
  • Content writing; is done to make the public well informed about the organisation. It is often not for profit-making but to pass information or create awareness. 
  • Ads management; Makes ads on either Google, Facebook or even Instagram. It liked copywriting, as its purpose is to get customers and not necessarily pass information. 
  • Graphic design: They design ads with eye-catching colours to draw attention. A good design majorly is the force that drives people to read the information on flyers ads.
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Conclusively, the pandemic has brought a paradigm shift in how we do things and transact business. The traditional way of promoting an organisation might no longer suffice. So, if you are looking for significant growth in your business or corporation, I guess you know what to do by now.