How to design a Custom graduation stole

The best custom graduation stole template designs are subject to debate as different persons use different yardsticks to select the best. However, after thorough research, we compiled the five best custom graduation stole template designs. So, you must read to the end. The joy we feel at the graduation ceremony is immeasurable. It’s a day many look forward to and even many times dream of.

Meanwhile, graduation stole are girdles worn around the neck. It shows academic success, honors, and membership. It’s worn mainly by graduating college and university students. It was first used in the 12th century by Catholic and Anglican priests. The stole helped to identify any Priest that had just been promoted. In times past, graduation stole was only for honorary purposes, but these days, it has been modernized to signify anything that has meaning to you. The stole has its etymology from the Greek word Stola, meaning garment. It became widespread when English scholars wore them  to distinguish them in society. Before delving into other aspects of this article, let’s see the 5best-stole designs.


Custom Stoles:

Stock Imprinted Stoles:

Child Sashes:

Plain Stoles:

Kente Stoles:


You must have heard of different color stole designs. Now, we are going to see what these colors signify

  • Yellow: For degrees in English, History, Agriculture, Humanities, and Literature.
  • Red: It is used in fields like journalism, Engineering, and Technology
  • White: Used marking success in Libra arts. However, it is worn to celebrate the humanitarian help received.
  • Blue: Mostly worn by those who had a degree in Public health and Nursing
  • Green: Worn by those in Physical science and Pharmacy
  • Drab: For those in accounting, marketing, business administration.
  • Lilac: It is used by those in Dentistry


Having known the 5 best-stolen designs, I hope you made an excellent choice when you want to get one. Just to let you know that stole and sashes are the same and can be used interchangeably. The stole is majorly from satin; hence, when doing laundry, ensure you do the delicate washing. It would be best if you did your laundry with a washing machine using the delicate cycle. Most colleges and universities do not make it mandatory for Graduands to put on a stole, but many students feel their dress for the occasion is not complete if they don’t wear it.


The best part of it is ,you can customize your stole to pass a different message, and guess what! It is pretty easy to do. I will show you how to go about it in the course of this article, but you have to stick with me to the end. The stole is not frequently used as it is mainly for official functions. So, here are 4 ways to keep it till when needed.

  • Get a frame: Framing your stole is not only professional, but it helps beautify your house. But you must ensure that you use an acid-resistant material.
  • Background box: This is also a perfect place to store your stole. But before putting your graduation stole in the shadow box, ensure its dried
  • Keep it a box: If you don’t want to spend money purchasing the Shadowbox or a frame, you can make use of the box. However, the box must be dried, well ventilated, and neat.
  • You can also hang it: It will prevent creases from forming on it. Just look for anywhere that is cool. Your wardrobe is a good option but looks ideal anywhere to hang it if you don’t have one.


Having said this, do you know you can customize your graduation stole. Confused about it?. Here is how to do it;


  • Firstly, select your color: You have to pick a color that matches your profession as the idea is to make graduation stole for your use and not for mere a show-off.
  • Next, go and purchase the fabric t. Please decide to use satin as it is durable and has a shiny appearance when ironed. Asides from this, it is also very affordable and can be easily gotten.
  • Choose a design: Here, you get pattern paper and draw the design you want. Since you are doing it yourself, ensure you research and develop a unique design that will stun your peers when they see it.
  • Cut fabric to size:. You will cut materials according to the pattern design. This is an important step, and if you make a mistake here, it will affect the output. So, if you are not sure you can cut adequately, you can look for a professional to help you out.
  • Sew your stole: Ensure your seams are neat and adequately done as they will reflect after the whole process. Again, if you are not experienced, you could give a professional tailor to help you out.
  • Add Embroidery: This will add beauty, and professionals can help you if you find it difficult. Ensure your embroidery designs are beautiful to steal a glance on your graduation day.


  • Finish your stole: Do the finishes, ensure edges are not rough, and seams are not loose—iron it to prevent creasing and appear sharp.

If you don’t want to go through the hurdle of making one, you can purchase or get a specially designed one for you. You should also note that stole and scarves are not the same though they are similar. The stole is longer and can be used for multifaceted purposes. Please get your stole a month before your graduation, and if you want to place an order, you can as well do it quickly. When it arrives, take it from the box and iron it properly. On graduation day, bring out your stole and rock it, ensuring that it lies parallel on your neck. If you are worried that the wind might blow it off your neck, you can use a pin to hold it down. But in any way, enjoy your graduation.