How to get a breast reduction covered by insurance



Writing a letter for the insurance company to pay for breast reduction is not as difficult as many make it seems. Saggy boobs or huge breasts usually make women lose confidence in themselves. Generally, women want a gorgeous body that would make men transfixed whenever they see them. However, with busty boobs, you can’t achieve that physique. Hence, a need for breast reduction. Most women will like to try this procedure, but the cost is their biggest scarce. So in this article, we will see how to get your insurance to pay for your breast reduction process.

How to write a letter for the insurance company to pay for breast reduction in 5 steps

Five steps in getting an insurance company to pay for the surgical process

  • Try getting a letter from a surgeon: It isn’t easy to get insurance to pay for cosmetic surgery. So your best shot at it is surgery for health purposes. It is where your surgeon comes in. Your surgeon will have to state why the surgery is needed to support the letter with test results to validate claims.
  • If you have ever visited a Chiropractor, it would be good if you include the surgery. It will be wheelstand proof that you are not opting for cosmetic surgery. It is known that extra weight in the breast causes a lot of stress to the neck and back regions.
  • As a result of the pains that companies excess fat in the breast, women visit a massage therapist. So, you can snap pictures of your session, and if there is a receipt, you can add to it. Doing this all helps make your case more robust when it gets to the insurance company.
  • Get a plastic surgeon to give the details of the procedure. The insurance company often wants to know the exact weight to be removed from the breast. They require a minimum of 500g to be removed to approve the surgery.
  • Lastly, get pictures of those that had done the procedure successfully. Get their photographs before and after the surgery. Possibly, get a life statement on videos stating the positive effect of the surgery on them.

The insurance does not kick against breast reduction. However, you must prove to them that it is worth the risk. Having known how to convince insurance, let’s see what breast reduction entails.

What is a breast reduction procedure?

The breast reduction procedure removes excess fats around the breast region. Breast reduction could also remove asides from fats, excess skin and tissues. Often, those with large breasts suffer from pains in their back and neck. This is the main reason why many opt for the procedure. Women are mostly the victims of this condition. However, a small fraction of men is also victims. It is called gynecomastia, a condition where a male’s breast grows more prominent than usual.

Besides effectively putting an end  to pains in the neck and chest regions, there are also other medical benefits to the procedure. Let’s see a few;


  • Better posture: Large breasts strains the body. It is almost impossible to maintain a good posture with it. Most times, due to the excess weight, it makes victims bend and even has rounded shoulders. But breast reduction takes all it away.
  • Prevents Irritation: Women with large boobs often suffer skin irritation like chafing and rashes. In some cases, they were chafing leads to swelling and bleeding. However, breast reduction put an end to it.
  • Improves Sleep; Those with large boobs find it very difficult to sleep as they can’t find a comfortable position effortlessly. Some are compelled to use bras because of the discomfort. So, with the procedure, you get to sleep like a baby.
  • Purchases bras accessible: You will agree with me that shopping for bras for plus-sized breasts is a struggle. The breast reduction procedure helps to take the stress.

Every good thing has its share of negativity. Let’s now see the side effect of breast reduction. Here are a few;

  • It might result in infection if not correctly done
  • Swelling on the breast regions
  • It might severely damage the nerves, tissues, and blood vessels surrounding the neck and breast.
  • It brings extra cost as it requires you to visit surgeons often.
  • In some cases, it leads to excessive bleeding and blood clots.
  • Numbness in the nipples and around breast regions.


Though, the risk calls for concern. However, it is not a death sentence. You can visit your doctor for treatment and prescription. So, if you are still interested at this point, let’s see how to write a letter for the insurance company.

How to write a letter for the insurance company

How to write letters for the insurance company is the major challenge of most women. However, I will simplify writing. It would be best if you took note of this :

Formality: The Insurance company is not your friend, so you must write in a formal tone, showing your sophistication and ensuring that proper words so they won’t discard your letter. 


Contact information: In the top left corner, you must write your name and address as well as your zip code followed by the date. 


Insurance address: Here, you mention the insurance company’s or agent you speak to via phone or email and state the address.

Here are five steps to guide you

  • First and Foremost, get in touch with your agent: It will help you know what exactly to put in writing. Though insurance companies share almost the same policies, it will be better to know the specificities of the company you are dealing with. So a call to your agent will be of immense help. 
  • Provide your details: At the beginning of your statement, you should provide your name, location, policy number. 

And state the reason you are writing. 

  • Discuss your problems: Tell them the difficulties and challenges you go through because of your big boobs, clearly stating why surgery is essential. 
  • Supporting evidence: You will have to attach proof from your surgeon, doctors, and chiropractor to your letter. 
  • Signature: You sign and date it. This helps to give credence to your information. Then send it to your agent via mail or visit.