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DevOps/Platform Engineer

Since 2016, Virtuo is your car, but in your pocket (not parked on city streets). From Paris to many other European capitals, we’re bringing all the freedom of driving without the burdens of owning a car for you, our cities & the planet. Our vision is a future with no personal cars.
Key Facts
πŸ“² +2,500,000 downloads β”‚ πŸ‘€ +150,000 users β”‚ πŸš™ +4,000 cars β”‚ πŸ’ͺ +150 Virtuosos
πŸ† Rewards: Best apps on the app store 2016&18, BPI France, and 2021 FrenchTech Top 120.
πŸ“ We are in France, the U.K, Spain, Italy, and Portugal.
πŸ‘€Β The opportunity
At Virtuo, our technical playground is huge:
Mobile applications (client or β€œpartner”), B2C website (content, reservation, account management), BtoB portal, Back-office(s), 3rd party APIs etc.
All of this must be supported by a robust infrastructure and robust automation processes. Quality is the key to the premium service that we offer.
As part of the DevOps/Platform team you will essentially have two main responsibilities: conceive and maintain an infrastructure that will stay for the next 10 years and work closely with the developers to increase the overall efficiency of the engineering team.
🎯 Your missions
As a small and young team, our scope is still very wide. Among all the missions we have, you will be able to:
Manage the infrastructure that powers Virtuo
– Leverage our cloud providers (GCP and AWS) to maintain the foundation of our tech platform
– Handle and manage the data-stores used by our software stack (MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Redis, …)
Support and Improve the developer experience
– Design, build and maintain a platform that will help the dev teams to test and deploy faster and in a safer way (based on Kubernetes and the CNCF softwares, backed by GitOps practices).
– Monitor and operate the platform components
– Support the tech teams regarding the services provided
Provide expertise and guidance
– Accompany teams and make recommendations regarding our technical expertise to ensure the security and reliability of Virtuo services.
– Pair with each-others to find the proper and pragmatic solution.
– Suggest and apply best practices (technical, organizational, …)
– Spread the ownership and reliability mindset
⚑ What’s cool about this job
– Participate in our mission to create a future with no personal cars, and create a positive impact on our lives, our cities, and the planet. We are the first mobility startup to join the ACT initiative.
– Being able to work in an innovative environment where everything is yet to build (or rebuild) and in a scale-up where your decisions of initiatives will have a direct impact!
– Work in a highly motivated and engaged team that has a will to improve their processes and ways of doing every day.
🌟 You are the ideal candidate if
– You have 6+ years of experience in web and cloud technologies.
– Openness to giving and receiving feedback, willingness to help, and hungry to learn
– You already worked with :
Linux and Containers technologies
Kubernetes and micro-services principles
Cloud Provider: GCP, AWS, or Azure
– An experience in a startup ecosystem with an SRE mindset
– Confirmed development skills (JavaScript or TypeScript preferred)
– You have a good English level
– Being/having been a full-stack software engineer willing to transition to an infrastructure/DevOps job would be awesome!
πŸš™Β Learn more about us:
Want to know more about us? Check our Candidate Kit
Diversity & Inclusion:
We believe that equality and diversity make us a better company and community. We currently have around 20 nationalities at Virtuo and we respect and value employees from every background. We are committed to making an impact on society and this is at the foundation of everything we do at Virtuo β€” from our product’s features to how we build our workforce. We take many initiatives to improve diversity and inclusion and we are proud we signed the PACTE by FrenchTech, an engagement to bring more parity in the start-up ecosystem.

To apply, please visit the following URL:https://jobs.lever.co/govirtuo/64469a54-3d19-4303-bce3-ccd580e2dfb5/apply?lever-source=Job%20postings%20feed→

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