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EMT Basic: Lafayette

We are looking for a trained EMT-B to be part of our team of healthcare professionals attending primarily out-of-hospital emergency medical incidents. The job isn’t simple but it is very rewarding. As an employee dealing with people and patients in all manner of severity and need, you must be committed and focused. To be effective in the job, the ideal candidate must be very competent and knowledgeable as well as self-motivated and compassionate. The common purpose of our entire team is to “MAKE PEOPLE FEEL CARED FOR”, that common purpose and our common mission allow for great flexibility and creativity in delivering those things. We are a person first organization, so we need people first team members.

What You Expect

  • Ambulance Operations: Emergency, Critical Care, Non-Emergency, Stand by, etc.
  • Opportunities to test your skills and knowledge as you contribute to non-traditional diversified deployment programs within our organization’s service lines.
  • Attend to injuries or sudden illnesses by applying a variety of pre-hospital simple and advanced treatments (first aid, CPR, administering injections and oxygen, etc.) or surgical procedures.
  • Attend to the psycho-social-mental needs to those we care for.
  • Long Hours when it means your team needs you to execute their mission.
  • High Standard of Equipment Competency
  • Collaborate with interested parties (police, firefighting unit, doctors, etc.)
  • High Documentation Standards.
  • Adhere to established medical protocols and procedures as well as legal guidelines and health and safety standards, buy in to “Just Culture”.
  • Keep abreast with new treatment and medical procedures through continuous training.
  • High Expectations for delivering unique and unexpected client experiences .
  • To be part of a Family/Team, which do not shy away from challenges or adversity.  

What You Need

  • Compassion
  • Engagement
  • Proven experience as a paramedic
  • In good standing with Paramedic Program or Current Medical Director. 
  • Knowledge of medical procedures, terminology, and medications
  • Ability to stay calm and make the right decisions in adverse conditions
  • Adaptable with a great deal of stamina
  • A great attitude, no ego.
  • Customer Service Skills.
  • Excellent working knowledge of medical equipment and devices
  • Integrity and compassion towards human pain
  • Valid driver’s license
  • ACLS certification is required
  • PALS, PHTLS, and AMLS is preferred but not required
  • High school diploma; Licensed Paramedic is a must
  • Pass Physical Agility Examination


  • United Healthcare Health Benefits: We provide comprehensive  health insurance at three separate levels to suit the needs of you and your family. All of our benefits come with the UHC app which helps you select providers, see your medical records and gives you access to a 24/7 Tele-doc at no cost. We also offer the “Rally” app, a healthy living app that rewards you for your healthy life style.  All of our health plans cover Mental Services at 100%. We take your mental health seriously. *The company covers 70% of benefit cost
  • Internal Wellness Program: Includes FREE SHORT TERM DISABILITY
  • Vision and Dental
  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Disability
  • Supplemental (Aflac, GMS)
  • Paid Maternity Leave 3.5 weeks
  • Paid Paternity Leave 1.5 weeks 
Pay expectations:
Entrance base rate, based on experience:
$13.50/hr to $16.00/hr
Shift Differentials:
Under 12 hour shift: +1.50/hr
12 hour shifts: +$1.00/hr
12 hour Nights: +$2.00/hr
Evolutions and Rank Differential:
Private First Class: +$1.00/hr
Specialist: +$2.00/hr
Lieutenant: +$3.50/hr 
What Being A Phoenix is all about.
“Breaking Barriers, defying tradition bias and making no exceptions when it comes to compassionately providing care to those in need.“
“Providing, at a minimum, the industry standard of care to our communities and customers by creatively and compassionately engaging our staff to be successful, while revolutionizing the deployment practices within the EMS industry “
*These Applications and Postings are only meant to be a representation of the positions and are not a complete representation of all necessary and requested job tasks or requirements. Apply to learn more.
It is the policy of Phoenix Paramedic Solutions, LLC, to provide equality of opportunity to all persons regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, or disability. This policy applies to all aspects of our personnel policies, practices, and operations.
Phoenix Paramedic Solutions complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Persons needing accommodations in the recruitment process should notify Phoenix Paramedic Solutions in advance.
All information contained in or connected with this application will be considered personal and confidential and used only in conjunction with your possible employment by Phoenix Paramedic Solutions, LLC. Please provide complete and accurate information as outlined in this application. Any misrepresentation on this application, whether actual or by omission, may disqualify you for consideration for employment with Phoenix Paramedic Solutions.

To apply, please visit the following URL:https://jobs.lever.co/phoenix-paramedics/524985da-a9da-48c6-a274-ec31236da6d3/apply?lever-source=Job%20postings%20feed→

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