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Phoenix Community Paramedicine: MRT (Recovery)+Clinic

Phoenix Paramedic Solutions is looking for a high-quality candidate for our ever-diversifying CP/MIH programs. Candidate should be an EMT-B, Paramedic or RN. As an employee you will be expected to care for the employees of our clients. This position incorporates a variety of job tasks. We currently have the ONLY CP/MIH stand-alone clinic in Indiana, imbedded in the regional homeless shelter and are currently developing a robust response system for the 988 deployments. Candidates must be committed and focused with an unwavering passion for helping those most vulnerable in our community. To be effective in the job, the ideal candidate must be very competent and knowledgeable as well as self-motivated and compassionate. This work is both scheduled and on demand, the expectation is for you to be a part of a team that stays until the customer is satisfied and the employee is taken care of. The common purpose of our entire team is to “MAKE PEOPLE FEEL CARED FOR”, that common purpose and our common mission allow for great flexibility and creativity in delivering those things. We are a person first organization, so we need people first team members.
16-20 hours a week in the Clinic, MRT Team or OCC Health Mobile Response Program
16-20 hours a week on an ambulance.

Required to begin training:

  • HSMT are required to have and maintain one of the following certification’s: State EMT-B certification, State EMT-A certification, State Paramedic certification, or License as a Nurse.  Depending on your states requirements a National Registry certification may be an acceptable substitute. 
  • AHA CPR Certification
  • State Drivers License
  • Ability to pass vehicle insurance check

Training Required On Job:

  • Company HSMT Certification
  • Drug screen Chain of Custody Company Certification.
  • Portable Breath Testing Company Certification
  • BBP Training (Annual) 
  • OSHA 30-hour general Industry
  • DOT Drug screen collector
  • AHA Instructor: CPR, First Aid, BBP (BLS)
  • CIT
  • QPR
  • Disney Training

What to EXPECT:

  • Perform all essential functions of your State EMS Certification
  • Perform Drug testing with both 5 panel and 12 panel testing
  • Perform PBT (portable breath testing)
  • Conservative Treatment of occupational injuries
  • Understand and perform care escalation as needed. 
  • Reporting of findings during treatment to appropriate facility staff in a timely manner
  • Documentation of all calls you are assigned during a shift in a timely manner
  • Knowledge of and performance of all Blood Borne Pathogen standards
  • Understand and recognize the difference between work related and non-work-related injuries
  • Cover On-call shifts on a regular weekly basis.  
  • Respond as part of the MRT team for Tippecanoe, Jasper and White Counties
  • Work in the Clinic inside of LTHC
  • Traditional Ambulance Transports.

Con-Ed Req.

  • Maintain EMT-B or other Certification or License- Varying hours depending on Certification/License (34 Hrs. Minimum CEU plus 6 Hrs. Audit and Review Bi-annually)
  • 2 Hrs. a month on OHSA Standards-24 hrs. a year (Includes writing a report of understanding of the article read)
  • Maintain Current CPR Certification (2 Hrs. bi-annually)
  • BBP Yearly (1 Hr. Annually)
  • Various Meetings discussing updates to services offered
  • Total Bi-annual Hours: 91 hours Bi-annually!
Depending on certification level, development and career pathway and candidate experience
We are currently looking for a Full Time Candidate and a Part Time Candidate.
What Being A Phoenix is all about.
“Breaking Barriers, defying tradition bias and making no exceptions when it comes to compassionately providing care to those in need.“
“Providing, at a minimum, the industry standard of care to our communities and customers by creatively and compassionately engaging our staff to be successful, while revolutionizing the deployment practices within the EMS industry “
*These Applications and Postings are only meant to be a representation of the positions and are not a complete representation of all necessary and requested job tasks or requirements. Apply to learn more.
It is the policy of Phoenix Paramedic Solutions, LLC, to provide equality of opportunity to all persons regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, or disability. This policy applies to all aspects of our personnel policies, practices, and operations.
Phoenix Paramedic Solutions complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Persons needing accommodations in the recruitment process should notify Phoenix Paramedic Solutions in advance.
All information contained in or connected with this application will be considered personal and confidential and used only in conjunction with your possible employment by Phoenix Paramedic Solutions, LLC. Please provide complete and accurate information as outlined in this application. Any misrepresentation on this application, whether actual or by omission, may disqualify you for consideration for employment with Phoenix Paramedic Solutions.

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