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PPBL_Non-Tech_Bank-Growth_Marketing & Promotional Campaigns_Senior Associates

Posted December 1, 2023
Job Category: Growth
Workplace type: hybrid
Job Description
·    Check and manage marketing and promotional campaigns based on requirements for new customers and support business
·    Ensure campaign implementation follows organizational guidelines
·    Train new talent for the successful implementation of marketing campaigns
·    Compile regular reports of campaign performance and results
·    Improve new campaigns using data and feedback from existing and previous projects
·    Must have working knowledge of CRM tools like Clever Tap, Webengage or similar tools
Skills and Qualifications
·    Bachelor’s degree
·    Must have 2-3 years of relevant experience in Internet/E-commerce.
·    Strong problem-solving skills
·    Exceptional communication and campaign management skills
·    In-depth knowledge of checking and testing campaigns as per guidelines on Clever Tap/Webengage
·    Ability to manage several marketing campaigns simultaneously
·    A good understanding of current marketing trends

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