Client Operations Manager

The Client Operations Manager will report directly to the Company’s Director of Operations or an equivalent position. The role of the Operations Manager is crucial in ensuring operational excellence through effective managerial tasks. Acting as a buffer between upper management and supervisors/staff, the Operations Manager engages in similar activities as direct reports, setting an example, providing support, and facilitating training. The key responsibilities of an Operations Manager encompass:
Execution of Monthly Action Plans:
    – Set monthly targets and establish processes and strategies for respective departments.
    – Document discussions, goals, and leaders’ commitments in Podio.
Performance Analysis:
    – Monitor and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the success of client operations.
    – Utilize data and feedback to make informed decisions and enhance client satisfaction.
Cross-functional Collaboration:
    – Collaborate with other departments to align client operations with overall business objectives.
    – Ensure a coordinated approach to meeting owner’s and resident needs.
Continuous Improvement:
    – Identify opportunities for process improvement and implement changes to enhance efficiency.
    – Stay informed about industry trends and best practices.
Team Leadership:
    – Conduct team leader performance reviews and assess needs.
    – Hold operational leads and specialists accountable for meeting expectations.
    – Drive coaching compliance and enforce house rules, ensuring participation in employee engagement activities.
    – Address operational issues and concerns promptly, including timely responses in Slack/email messages and escalations.
    – Supervise operations team leads to ensure operational excellence and excellent customer service.
Education and Training:
    – Educate operations team leads on best practices, company policies, and service excellence standards.
    – Develop and maintain operational guidelines for employees following GURU Processes and Guidelines (Team/Company).
HR and Recruitment Collaboration:
    – Work with HR and Recruitment in interviewing, training, performance evaluation, promotion, and termination activities.
    – Determine staffing requirements and work assignments for the team in terms of manpower, productivity, and efficiency.
Coordination with the Director:
    – Coordinate with the Director on various operational matters.
    – Evaluate current operational processes and recommend improvements.
    – Work with management to identify ways to improve processes and produce better results.
Process Revamp and Eng/Dev Sync-Ups:
    – Monitor performance and report on progress.
    – Adhere to department policies and procedures.
 – Ability to multitask and handle multiple responsibilities simultaneously.
 – Strong written and verbal communication skills.
 – Good attention to detail and organizational skills.
 – 5+ years in a senior leadership role in the appropriate field.
 – Superior knowledge of multiple operational functions and principles.
About Poplar Homes
Poplar Homes is a national technology-enabled property management company that empowers property owners and residents throughout their lifetime real estate journey. With remote staffing and a proprietary full-stack platform, Poplar offers zero-fuss leasing, managing, and maintenance services to over 15,000 doors across 17 states and 25 major markets. For renters entering the market, Poplar rebalances the power dynamic and makes it easy to get approved, view available properties, and rent a home online. For property owners, Poplar Homes makes maintaining a rental home as easy as managing a stock portfolio online. Poplar’s coast-to-coast expansion brings national tools to local teams, empowering investors to manage and monetize residential rental property across disparate locations while increasing efficiencies by 5x and saving thousands in operating costs.”

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