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LPN remote jobs are not the commonest to hear about, especially because of the nature of the job and the stereotype that surrounds it. Typically, one would feel that a Licensed Practical Nurse should not work from home, as they are essential duty staff.

However, the new tide of the world has shown us almost any job role can work remotely, and an LPN is not left out of the equation. Sarah is a testimony to working LPN remote jobs as that is what she has been doing for a while.

Sarah works for a health care institution, and her job functions usually differ. Sometimes, she has to take care of administrative duties. Other times, Sarah gets calls from patients or their families, answering inquiries and giving the best advice. She loves that she can do all these from the comfort of her home.

Initially, Sarah used to work from the office but had to switch to remote work due to some personal challenges. Yes, she got advice from people advising that she switches career paths if she desired to work from home. However, Sarah loved being an LPN, and it had been her childhood dream. So, it was disheartening to think that she had to change her career path. But, she got to find out that there are numerous LPN remote jobs, and she wasted no time in applying.

Soon, Sarah got a job after applying for different LPN remote jobs. First, however, here are some skills she highlights that one would need to succeed.

Skills for LPN remote jobs:


Sarah says that you cannot successfully work in any LPN remote jobs if you are not patient. She compares it to the work of a customer service representative, saying that you would need to interact with different people, and it requires patience.

For example, suppose a frantic family member calls for medical advice. Of course, it is common knowledge that it is usually hard getting people to listen and comply when they are frantic. Therefore, you would need to be extra patient to ensure that they get and heed your instructions.

The first step would be to assure such a person and ensure calm. Then, persuade them to follow your instructions. As someone working LPN remote jobs, Sarah notes that you would sometimes get hostile patients who feel that you are not efficient because you are attending to them online. Thus, you will always need to be extra patient.

Communication Skill

Communication skill always comes to play, irrespective of the working method. Whether working from home or in a physical location, it would always come in handy if you have efficient communication skills.

So, you are working LPN remote jobs. Therefore, you will always pass information to your patients, colleagues, or boss. Also, due to the nature of your job, you know that it would be disastrous to pass wrong information.

For example, suppose your patient does not get your instruction correctly and goes to do something else. Yes, they would be putting their health at risk, and you would also be affected. Thus, you must have effective communication skills.

You need to know how to pass information and ensure that the receiver understands what you are saying. After all, you cannot call it communication if the other party does not understand the information. Both parties must always have mutual understanding at the end of the call, mail, or chat.

An eye for details

When working LPN remote jobs, you can also be assigned administrative duties. Therefore, you need to have an eye for details. One mistake could cost your life and may even land you in trouble.

Now, suppose you have to sort the records for people who took HIV tests. Of course, you need to be cautious to ensure that you do not mix up the results. So, imagine if you put positive for someone negative. In such a case, the person can even sue you for mental trauma when everything has been rectified.

One cannot joke around with their duties while working LPN remote jobs, so you always need to be careful and have an eye for details. If there is anything that you do not understand, you should ask questions than assume. Unfortunately, we see that some people assume, and it is always a costly mistake.


The last thing anyone wants is to be assigned a nurse who lacks empathy or is emotionally detached. Thus, it is important to understand that your patients will want to connect with you emotionally as it lessens their burden. Therefore, you must have empathy when working LPN remote jobs.

Some people feel being empathetic is not important, especially when they are working remotely. They do not realize that someone can deduce if you are empathetic or not from your tone. It could be from the sound of your voice on tone or even from your chat.

We know that you do not want a situation where your patients are always complaining or want a change of healthcare practitioner. So, you must be empathetic when you are dealing with your patients. The aim is to make them feel secure and see you as a safe space.

Be Secretive

The health details of your patient should never be the core of what you want to talk about with anyone. Unfortunately, we see some people say that they are bored when working LPN remote jobs. Then, they start talking about their patients with those around them. That is wrong ethics, and it may even land you in trouble with the authorities.

Confidentiality is important when you are working with any patient. Once patients feel like you always give out their information, they would want someone else to attend to them as they do not feel safe anymore.

It could also cost your job if your employees find out that you share confidential information. You can discuss a movie or anything if you ever feel bored while working LPN remote jobs. But, never talk about your patients as you would be breaking the code of conduct. And, it shows that you are unfit to work LPN remote jobs.

Companies Hiring:

Now that you know the necessary and needed skills, here are some companies hiring for LPN remote jobs:

  • Cook’s children healthcare system

  • UnitedHealth group

  • University of Miami

  • Pro Med

  • First Transit

  • Humana

  • Exeter hospital

  • Maximus

  • Cigna

  • Geisinger


Are you looking for LPN remote jobs? Then, start applying to any of these companies now!

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