How to get Microsoft Remote Jobs – Check salaries and openings

How to get Microsoft Remote Jobs

As at June, 2021, Microsoft stated that when their branches open fully in September, staffs will be able to work remotely for half their work interval with no queries as to why. Extra time can be agreed on with the manager.

Microsoft is one of the most profitable company in the world and is a transnational corporation that has plans to motivate any company and everyone on this planet to become better. The company produces, builds and advertises consumer electronics, PC’s and computer software.

They are well renowned for their Microsoft Office Suite, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Windows operating Systems. For employees, they are provided fully remote, hybrid, and optional job positions in a vast array of fields such as legal, computer & IT, HR & Recruiting, research etc.

The company staff of Microsoft find the culture enjoyable as it fosters positive well-being and balance with lots of opportunities to progress in your career, a multi-ethnic workplace, and a wide variety of benefits for the right team members such as discounts, health coverage etc.

Microsoft wants the services of those who have the same customer-driven growth vision they have as well as their dedication to inclusion, diversity and making the World a better place. Their mission includes building more personal computing, creating a smart cloud platform and more.

Over 120,000 employees are recruited worldwide with over 60,000 coming from the US. These workers work mainly in sales & services, marketing, cloud & enterprise, and engineering field with lesser population helping the corporation’s human resources, and finance operations.

Types of Microsoft Remote Jobs

The jobs listed below include jobs the company has recruited for in the past and may probably hire workers for in the years to come. They are all work-from-home jobs.

System Administrator – Remote

Working as a remote system administrator for Microsoft will require you to have previous experience with VDI technologies like Microsoft Remote Desktop or a similar one. You also need experience handling EqualLogic storage arrays or hyperconverged infrastructure.

The successful candidate will work with the corporation on a full-time basis.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Developer – Remote

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Developer is a remote Microsoft personnel that is responsible for description design and build systems to aid technical and business integration needs. You’ll be in charge of development efforts for software extensions, improvements and more.

The position is available for contract remote Microsoft workers.

Remote IT System Admin

If the job you get after applying for a Remote Microsoft Job is a Remote IT system Admin position, your role will be to support and deliver IT services both from a remote location and in-person over your mobile phone.

To take up the job, you need to have a Microsoft Certified Professional Certification and experience with a Microsoft Active Directory. You will be working as a full-time remote staff.

Remote Senior Content Developer

A remote senior content developer working for Microsoft can carry out his or her duties from any place in the World. The personnel executes every task given from a fully-remote location and is recruited as a full-time employee.

You need to have acquire enough experience in this field before the company hires you and part of your duty will be handling instructional designs, and apart from your regular salary, you may likely receive compensations.

Remote Senior Software Program Manager

The Remote Senior Software Program Manager successfully employed by Microsoft will be working from a remote location in Washington. Your role involves handling Program Management tasks. The job role is available on a full-time work basis.

You are required to work from a fully-remote location just like a Remote Senior Content Developer. Remote Senior Software Program Managers can discuss compensation with their employers if they feel they deserve one.

Remote Senior Program Manager

A Remote Senior Program Manager upon recruitment is also assigned to work from a remote location in Washington. He or she may get compensation from time-to-time and gets program management duties.

You need to have previous experience in this career type and the job is suit to those who can work full-time.

Remote Communications Manager

The Remote Communications Manager will be working from home and thus executes innovative methods to communicate with the staff via several channels and create internal briefing documents and articles.

He or she must have at least 3 to 5 years experience in Corporate Communications and should have traveled in the past. The job is set on a hybrid role i.e these category of workers can work onsite or from the convenience of their home.

Microsoft is accepting only US Nationals for the role and you will operate as a full-time employee. You are required to have a BSc. also. and a little travel experience.

Telecommute Executive Global Technology Talent Acquisition Recruiter

The Telecommute Executive Global Technology Talent Acquisition Recruiters working for Microsoft are allowed to work from any country in the World. The successful candidate is likely to get compensation aside his steady pay.

The personnel will carry out tasks from a fully-remote location, must have at least a BSc. and previous experience in the field. The job is available for employees who are willing to work full-time.

Senior Talent & Development Manager

Senior Talent & Development Manager is a remote job position within Microsoft that recruits individuals who will apply management tools to enhance benchmarking, manage the implementation of talented solutions and evaluate business drivers.

The applicant must have a 10+ years minimum years of experience in HR practices and will be working as a hybrid staff i.e from anywhere outside the office or onsite. The job is for people who are ready to work full-time and a little travel experience is required.

Salary of Microsoft Remote Jobs

The national average Microsoft Remote workers earn on a yearly basis is $92,520 while the top earners make $170,500 with the least earners making $22,000.

Job Titles of Microsoft Remote Jobs

Job titles you can take up as a Microsoft Remote personnel are Microsoft Management, Microsoft Dynamic, Microsoft Corporation, Engineer Microsoft, Microsoft Support, Microsoft Specialist, Microsoft Design, Microsoft Consultant and Microsoft Technology.

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