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Top 5 companies hiring for net developer remote jobs

Everyone wondered how Frances could always get whatever she wanted, especially as they do not see her leave the house for a typical 9-5 job. But, of course, Frances enjoyed her baby girl lifestyle, all thanks to her remote jobs.

Suppose you are wondering what she does for a living. Frances is a net developer, and she is not tied to a specific company. Due to the nature of her job, she enjoys working from home, and she is affiliated with many clients. What matters is that she gets the job done in due time.

You need to understand that it is 2021, and many companies are adapting to the remote lifestyle. So, net developer remote jobs are not as scarce as they used to be in previous years. Frances even outsources some of the net developer remote jobs she gets when she has a tight schedule.

Some people often ask Frances for tips on securing net developer remote jobs and even further ask for recommendations. According to Frances, you have first to have the necessary skills to succeed on the job before you can think of securing net developer remote jobs.

So, some of the needed skills to get a net developer remote job are:

  1. Knowledge of coding and programming: It should be common knowledge that you would need to know coding and programming if you are considering securing a job as a net developer. After all, these are the responsibilities that come with the job. As a net developer, you are in charge of using net languages to produce certain codes, depending on what the company or organization needs. Here, you get to design products, ensuring that the user enjoys the experience that comes with your design. So, you will need to know how to program and code before you can venture into this field. Typically, we see that people go to institutions to learn coding and programming. However, we also see that some people are self-taught using YouTube or other channels. Your learning method depends on your preference. But what matters is that you get the knowledge if you want to secure net developer remote jobs.

  2. Communication Skill: If you target net developer remote jobs, you know that you will rarely meet the client physically. Therefore, the chances of being successful on the job will depend on your communication skill. Now, you get to relate with your client through calls, chats, or emails. Understandably, there will be moments when you do not understand certain instructions or when the client proves to be difficult. But if you have efficient communication skills, you can diffuse such a situation. Communication skill usually comes in handy for many job roles, and it is no different for a remote net developer. So, if you are thinking of targeting net developer remote jobs, you need to start harnessing your communication skill. For those who have been wondering how Frances keeps securing different clients, it is because of her efficient communication skill. Hence, it helps her get the client and helps her to keep the client as a retainer is important.

  3. Time Management skill: Of course, everyone gets 24 hours daily, and a net developer is not an exception. So, it is not surprising when people feel that Frances has superpowers as she can usually complete her tasks for the day. Typically, she works with nothing less than four clients monthly, but she can always meet up deadlines. It is not because she uses magic but because she effectively manages her time. For those targeting net developer remote jobs, you need to note that companies always want to work with people who can keep up with deadlines. Understandably, it is easy to lose track of time or get carried away when you are working remotely. However, you can overcome such a challenge if you have time management skills. Sadly, once you start giving excuses and cannot meet deadlines, the company will view you as negligent, and they may not want to continue working with you.

So, suppose you are already a net developer, and you need tips on how to improve so that you can secure higher positions. Some tips are:

  • Get a certification: Although getting a certificate is not always a benchmark to determine skills, we would advise you to get a certificate. Typically, companies will always prefer a person with a certificate more. If you decide to go to a college or university, you can get a degree in anything computer or technology related. Also, you can get online short-courses certifications. It brings higher respect and opens you up for better positions. So, getting certificates should be a part of your continuous plan when you work as a net developer, even when looking for net developer remote jobs.

  • Practice regularly: Of course, you always hear when people say that practice makes perfect, and we agree with such a school of thought. If you do not practice regularly, you will forget some important aspects of being a net developer. It may eventually affect your input when you have successfully secured a net developer job. Even if you are in the process of applying for net developer remote jobs, ensure that you keep practicing. So, you are not left in the dark when it entails the latest trends that relate to being a net developer. Also, you become more passionate about the role when you keep practicing.

  • Be friendly with job search websites: The best way to get net developer remote jobs openings is by being familiar with job search websites like Indeed and LinkedIn. Once you fill in all your details and filter your search preference, you get notifications about job openings. Also, people can see your feed, which helps you link up with recruiters. Some people say that job searching is stressful, but we do not agree with such a school of thought. We have seen that job search websites are helpful, so we are always recommending them.

Top companies hiring for net developer remote jobs

So, if you are looking for net developer remote jobs, here are some of the best companies to target:

  • Piper Companies

  • Inetum

  • SDH Systems

  • Intone Networks

  • Qcentrio


Getting net developer remote jobs is one of the easiest jobs to secure, as many companies hire. You can try any companies we have highlighted above or utilize job search websites.

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