New Zealand to be closed to tourists until April 2022 | Coronavirus Plague News

New Zealanders and internationals will be allowed to enter isolation from February 13.

New Zealand will close its borders for most international travelers for another five months, the government said Wednesday, highlighting the border delays that have existed since the COVID-19 strike in March 2020.

Along with their isolation, the South Pacific has imposed additional sanctions on the OECD countries, reducing the spread of COVID-19 and helping its economy recover faster than most of its counterparts.

But the spread of the highly contagious Delta species earlier this year forced a turnaround, with the city of Auckland now slowly opening up as vaccine prices rose.

Worldwide travelers with adequate vaccines will be allowed to enter the country from April 30, 2022, later and reopened later, COVID-19 Responsible Minister Chris Hipkins told a news conference.

Vaccinated New Zealanders with visas living near Australia can travel to New Zealand from January 16, while New Zealanders with vaccinations and visas from many other countries will be allowed from February 13.

‘Phased approach’

“The slow process of reconnecting with the world is the safest way to ensure that risk is managed with care,” Hipkins said.

“This minimizes any potential risks to the at-risk population and health system in New Zealand.”

Passengers will no longer need to live in government residences, he said, but alternatives will be put in place to include pre-departure tests, proof of complete immunization, and COVID-19 testing upon arrival.

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