NVIDIA intern interview questions



Applying for an Nvidia intern role is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity as Nvidia corporation is one of the biggest technological companies in the world. 

Are you capable of answering the Nvidia intern interview questions? The ability to handle Nvidia intern interview questions is not a child’s play and you need to be at your best. Deliberate effort and time is required for approaching the very complex Nvidia intern interview questions when preparing for the interview, you’ve to definitely develop yourself to solve the challenging Nvidia intern interview questions and do well to ace the intern interview.



Nvidia Corporation is a giant multinational technology company based in Santa Clara, California. Nvidia was founded by Jensen Huang, Chris Malachowsky, and Curtis Priem on April 5th, 1993.

Nvidia is known as a global leader in hardware and software for Artificial intelligence and has a heavy presence in the gaming industry. They’re a software and the fabless company that carries out APIs(application programming interface) for Data science, designs GPUs(graphics processing unit), SoCs(System on a chip units) for the auto market and also for mobile computing. 

To check more about Nvidia solutions and products for better familiarity with what they do, you can visit their website https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/


What does the nvidia intern interview process involve? We’ll cover all that will make your Nvidia intern interview preparations go smoothly and this involves making you aware of the process and what the interview exercise involves.

You need to be aware of the intern program you want to partake in at Nvidia . You should have it in mind that there are various technology fields ranging from Artificial intelligence to cloud computing.

The Nvidia intern interview process involves three rounds.

Round 1: involves a written test with a 1hr duration, Questions involved are fifty(50) and it’s a pen paper-based test. You have four sections to attend to;

  •   15 C/C++ Multiple choice questions ( areas touched are  Pointers, Recursion, Decrement operators, and unary increment)
  • 15 Multiple choice Operating system questions ( areas touched are Critical section, Memory management.)
  • 10 DS/Algo multiple-choice questions
  • 10 Quant Multiple choice questions ( areas touched are Probability, speed and distance, combination, and permutation.)

These questions are all theoretical and conceptual.

Round 2: This round is a technical interview which is to cover 2hrs, touching various areas according to your interest and profile. 

  • 20 minutes Discussion time regards a project you carried out.
  • An hour discussion on your favorite subject area like operating systems.
  •  30 minutes discussion on C/C++/DS/Algo.
  • 10 minutes discussion on Aptitude/Puzzle.

Round 3: This round is mainly a technical interview.


  • What is the most challenging project as a student you have worked on?
  • Tell us of a time when you had to make a big decision for a crucial client/school project, or personal project or a freelancing project you handled?
  •  What do you do to maintain productivity when you’re on a project or an assignment?
  • How do you avoid distractions when you’re on a project?
  • What does it take to  design a shared file system that stores its  files in the cloud?
  • Can you tell the lessons you  learned from one of the most challenging projects you’ve worked on?
  • Can you highlight the Difference between Multiprogramming, Time-Sharing, and Multi-Processing.
  • Can you tell what a Multilevel Queue Scheduling is? and what makes it different from Priority Scheduling.
  • Can you explain What  you understand by what a multithreading is? And do you think it is useful for a uniprocessor?
  • In what direction does Stack grow and write a program to know Stack Direction?
  • What can you say is a Static variable?
  •  Can you write a code to find the middle element of a linked list? 
  • What do you think you understand by what a memory leak really is? and do you know how a memory leak can be avoided? State a detailed example if possible.
  •  Can you tell us, the callback functions you know?
  • Can you write code to create a thread using C and describe in detail the thread life cycle? 
  • Can you tell what a Singleton Class is? and give an example by code.
  • What is a function pointer? Can you Illustrate using an example?
  • What are the virtual functions you know and how are they implemented?
  • Can you explain What abstract classes are and also what Pure Virtual functions are? Why are they used? Give Examples of both abstract classes and pure virtual functions by code.
  • Do you know what DMA is?explain how a DMA works.
  • Can you state the differences between RISC(Reduced Instruction Set upComputer) and CISC(Complex Instruction Set Computer) machines. Give examples of Both RISC and CISC
  • Can you design a proximity server and how do you intend to design one?
  • Can you explain what you’ll do in  designing a chatbot  that provides its users with a diverse range of information?
  • What area of User Graphics do you intend to  consider while developing a game application for desktop?
  • When you’re managing a multiple server how do you go on to  perform API modeling?



NVIDIA has a robust internship program offering splendid benefit packages involving their onsite programs, having discounts for interns in their latest technologies, and also health benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nvidia internship interviews

  • How is the interview process for the Nvidia intern interview structured?

The interns will typically be allowed to complete a phone interview.

  • When will I know if I’m selected for an Nvidia intern interview?

All candidates that are selected to carry on with the recruiting process will be contacted by the recruiting team after the submission of their application within a couple of weeks.

  • The Overall interview process of the Nvidia intern interview will take how long?

The interview process duration depends on the recruiting team which depends on a certain number of factors. Candidates will get feedback within weeks after their first interview is done.

  •  What are the aspects to prepare for to answer Nvidia intern interview questions?

The Nvidia intern interview questions would range from various aspects like Caching, Loading, Dynamic Programming, Network Protocols, Sorting Algorithms, Sharding Techniques,  Graphs, Trees, Concurrency, Servers, Databases, API Modeling, Strings, Arrays, Recursion, and Linked Lists.