Pokémon Gengar Chair, Figuarts Mando Luke

Super7's Ultimates TMNT Party Wagon, Pokémon Company's Gengar Company Chairman, and Bandai's SH Figuarts Mandalorian Luke Skywalker

Picture: Super7, Pokémon Company, Bandai

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, a weekly io9 excuse for jumping on a Gengar-shaped chair and reading a recent toy and business news. You don’t have a Gengarmchair, are you? Good news: this is your week! Especially if you want to too Mandalorian toys, expensive toys, and much more. Look!

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Picture: Bandai

Images of SH The Mandalorian Luke Skywalker and Moff Gideon

Take a lookd as part of Tamashii Nation’s 2021 oon the internet andair, The Mandalorianpresence in Star Wars Figuarts line gains great power in not just one form, but two numbers that are not in beskar weapons! Rejoice, even one of them still has a few weapons like that which seems to be 90% of Bandai’s favorite.custom selection of Star Wars recent statistics. The course of action is, of course, Moff Gideon, who will come with the Darksaber as well as a firearm and a physical cape. Connecting with him is Luke Skywalker as he looks like this summer season, wearing a white and matching dress. a well-known, modified dress representing the image of Luke The Mandalorian, and, of course, its a flashlight, complete with a page that shows it is moving. There are no details about add-ons, prices, or pop-ups provided in the statistics, but expect it to come down sometime in 2022.[[[[The Fwoosh]

Image entitled All This Weekly Games I Just Want To Be In A Gengarmchair

Lego Black Panther, Wolverine, and Iron Man Mech Armor

It is not the first of the Lego Wolverine minifigure, but this time around the Marvel hero is being developed by a robotic machine that incorporates the giant Adamantium claws we have seen. Pictures of 141 Wolverine Mech Armor The set includes 124 piece Black Panther Mech Tools set and 130-piece Iron Man Mech Armor set; all three will be available for $ 10 each starting January 1 next year.

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Super7 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimates! Party Wagon

Cowabunga! Or we could say, of the guardian, because Super7 has finally released its Ultimates! -scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ride very well with matching scales Party Wagon from. For more than 20 years inches long and foot wide, the car can hold six Ultimatesstatistics!! The doors open, the front glass opens, the ceiling opens, and there is a side door that exits as a “Footprint”. All larger tires are made of real rubber, and in addition to bombs and armor, the Party Wagon even has a winch with a real metal chain. This helps explain why this item is $ 450. Pcontrol is also are available now, but shipping is does not occur until fall of 2022.

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Star Wars Life Day Plush Chewbacca

There was a time when Lucasfilm used all his energy to bury not only himself Star Wars Holiday Special, but depicting a TV show though he was present. You will not find it on any of the promotional games (though copies are easy to find online), but Disney has decided that this specialty is not all bad, and is taking part in her Life Day celebration and official holiday – November 17th. new Life Day business. Forget it all as a special holiday was, but this $ 23 Life Day plush Chewbacca it is characterized by a proud face that must be transformed into a meme.

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Picture of Lego Iron Man

It has now been two years since Iron Man was assassinated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (destructive note: do not read what you have read if you have not seen it. Avengers: Endgame),, but you would never know that this person is gone after being given a Disney push that seems like an eternity for Iron Man. We still find countless statistics, video game formats, and now a nine nine buildable Lego model that arrives on January 1 for $ 40. The 381 piece creates an image with a lot of text, but its best shape is an arc reactor on Stark’s chest that glows thanks to the built-in Lego Light LED brick. behind Iron Man.

DinoGlows: Flexible, Light-in-Dark Dinosaur Plushies!

Everything we know about dinosaurs comes from ancient antiquities, and fun as the hope of one day to interact with real life. Jurassic Park perhaps, seeing the tall dinosaur bones in the museum is still a thrill for young and old alike. Womple Studios can come with a very good reminder of the museum shop and its DinoGlows: A dinosaur-type toy that turns inwards to reflect as-anatomically-correct-as-plush-doll-can be a gloss of the bones of the same dino. It’s another smart way enter training in game time, and the type of triceratops can be called via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign with a $ 35 pledge, while shipping is expected to be early April 2022. Currently the campaign is just a few thousand dollars for its $ 12,000 target, but if it goes beyond that, the stegosaurus dinoGlow will be priced at $ 18,000. , and T.rex for $ 24,000.

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Pokemon Life-Size Plush Lucario

If you like Pokemon just as you hate an unoccupied living space, you can add a the life of Lucario in your pocket virus group. Standing around four feet, Lucario seems to be combining the possibilities that only look like his arms are wrapping around his shoulders. It can stand on its own with the help of a Pokémon tail in support, and time preferences will be available until December 16, ~ $ 400 will not reach until the end of May 2022, and in Japan unless you find a way to ship to your country.

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Pokémon Gengar Sofa

We are beginning to doubt that the Pokémon Company could focus on Ikea because following the chairs from Ditto and Snorlax, tired trainers can now fall into this. Small sofa consisting of polystyrene beads and urethane foam. In a way, it swallows you like a backpack, but I think you are. as in Japan is willing to spend $ 230, or you can get someone ready to export to Japan, which will probably cost you more than $ 230.

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