A printable tree removal contract template

Printable tree removal contract example

Five printable tree removal contract template download is the focus of this article. However, we would also cover the critical information you need on tree removal contracts.

Removing trees from a landscape is not as easy as it sounds. It is the primary reason many people get a professional organization to do the job. People often don’t know what to look for in a tree removal contract paper. Even some think it is not necessary to have a memorandum of agreement signed before commencing projects. But this doesn’t seem right, the removal of tree contracts goes beyond a handshake agreement or reaching an understanding by formal words. It entails proper documentation of 

  • The exact description of work to be done
  • Payment schedule and conditions
  • Liability coverage and,
  • Insurance


You can as well get your lawyer to read the deed of a contract to ensure there is no fraud. Additionally, it would help to be wary of companies that project themselves as experts, yet they have no physical location or even contract papers. 

In the course of the article, we will be revealing ways to identify professionals and companies that would give you the best service, but do well to read till the end.

Before delving in to see 5 printable tree removal contract templates, let’s know what tree removal is means. 


What is tree removal?

Tree removal, from the name, you should have gotten an inkling of what it means. It is simply the removal of trees. Despite the aesthetic value that trees add to the environment, sometimes they should be cut down. Here are five reasons why tree removal is good;

  • It gives room for environmental diversity
  • Prevent the spread of diseases
  • Provide Raw materials
  • Reduces the chances of falling trees
  • Helps preserve Forest

The price of tree removal ranges averagely from $700- $750, though you can spend as high as $2000 to get the job done. But like we have said earlier, it is essential you hire an expert arborist. The price you pay for tree removal depends on some factors :

The size of the tree; For small trees, trees that are under 30 feet cost $150- $300. While a medium tree between 30- 60 feet costs between $400-$800 for its removal. Those trees ranging from 60 to 80 feet cost $700- $1300, and any above 80 feet cost between $1000 and $2000.

Types of trees: The type of tree you intend to cut down determines the amount you pay. For example, a Palm tree costs $200- $900 for its removal while the cedar costs $ 900- 200.

Condition/ state of the tree; You don’t expect a diseased and a healthy tree to have the same price. A diseased tree would cost less, considering it is weak and effortless to remove.

How fast you want the job done; Here, it depends on the emergency of the situation. For trees scheduled to be removed in weeks would cost less than those you want to remove in haste.

Having known factors why trees are removed as well as the factors affecting their price, let’s now see the five printable tree removal contracts templates.

The majority of the tree printable removal contract is two pages though it could be a page.

The information on the first page ;

  • Job description and workload
  • How the operation would Ppbe carried out
  • Authorization signature.

For the second page, the information at

  • Insurance
  • Ownership
  • Payment conditions

All data could be compressed to a single page, but it appears as structured above if it is a 2-page document.


Here are five templates example to download

A printable tree removal contract template
A printable tree removal contract template












Question to ask tree removal companies

It is good to get a company to do your tree removal, but it is better to know those that are proficient. Here are questions you could ask the company representative;

  • Does Your Company belong to any certified Organization?

Every genuine company is a professional body they belong to. Most times, it is displayed on their website. It shows that you can trust the company.

  • Can I see your proof of insurance?