A printable tree removal contract template

Printable tree removal contract template free sample download

A printable tree removal contract template is a template that depicts the details of tree removal work to be done by a tree service. To remove or trim a tree could be tedious, which is why homeowners hire tree service to complete the work.

As a homeowner who wants to have a tree cut or removed either because the tree indicates harm or hazardous features, You must have an explicit tree removal contract that identifies the work to be carried out, how, when, the conditions/method of payment,  any liability issues, and insurance coverage.

A Printable tree removal contract template is essential to prevent future misunderstandings or conflicts and ensure the work is performed up to standard. Most tree service companies possess their forms, and terms vary widely among companies.

This article will give a detailed explanation of elements that should be present in a printable tree removal contract template. It’s important to note that this is just an example, and the format could vary among various templates. However, the elements of the template should be the same.


Components Of A Printable Tree Removal Contract Template.

A printable Tree Removal Contract template usually is a formal document that outlines but is not limited to, the full description of the work to be done, clarity on how it will be done, insurance policy, and workmanship clause. It is a formal and legal document usually executed by a lawyer. 

Page Sample Of A Tree Removal Contract Template.

Page sample of a tree removal contract outlines the full description of the work to be done. It also explains other options the tree service might be explored in carrying out the assignment. The following items are elements the page one of the tree removal contract consist.

  • Name of the Tree service company
  • Address of the company
  • Date of the assignment
  • Actual work to be carried out.
  • How the work will be done and possible options
  • Fee or Payment for the work
  • Payment method or duration.
  • Authorisation signature supports the agreement that the tree service will perform the work as expected.


The sample below will provide you with a sense of how page one of your tree removal contract should cover 

Let’s assume the name of the tree service company is ABC tree service Inc. The first page will be like;

printable tree removal contract template

ABC Tree Service, Inc.

P.O. Box 456, New Jersey, XX 1-400-500-6000


ABC tree service shall carry out the removal of tree and care of ornamental and shade trees. ABC Tree Service is fully covered by an insurance policy that protects workers, property damage, whole operation insurance and public liability. 


Operation Option One:


Remove tree chunk to the right of the garage.  Eradicate every wood, debris and brush. Cut  trunk as low to the ground as possible


Price -$1885.00.


Removal of the tree stump and Grind stump 3-4 inches below ground




Operation Option Two:


Cut tree branches near neighbour’s fence. Prune limbs to trunk. Buck up larger wood into 16-inch lengths




This is an acceptance of the proposal for the work. An agreement has been reached for prices, conditions and specifications for the work. ABC tree service is under obligation to complete the work as specified, and payment should be completed 25 days upon the completion of work.


Authorised Signature:




Page 2 Of A Tree Removal Contract Template


As we have established before, page one outlines the overview of the work. Page two deals with legal issues like insurance. Page two could be referred to as the terms and conditions page. It is imperative that customers take time to scrutinise the content of this page as this is what protects the customer legally in circumstances where the work is done as expected.


 Below is a sample of page two of a tree removal contract template.



ABC Tree service Inc shall meet all performance dates but won’t be held accountable for any damages or delays from unforeseen contingencies like bad weather. The work crews shall proceed to the job site unannounced unless if stated otherwise 


Workmanship Clause.

All work assignments shall be performed with adequate tools and instruments by personnel with the utmost professionalism to complete the job adequately. ABC Tree Service Inc will take care of every wood, debris and brush incidental to the job unless stated otherwise. 

Insurance Policy.

ABC Tree Service, Inc. is covered by insurance in case of injury to persons or assets, and all workers are protected by the workers’ compensation insurance.

 Ownership Clause

The customer warrants that the property in which the work will be carried out (trees and plant materials) are owned by the customer or permission have been taken from the owner before the commencement of the work. ABC Tree Service, Inc will not take any responsibility for any claims of damages or harms that results from the customer’s inability to seek consent from the owner.

Terms and Conditions For Payment:

All payment accounts are open to receive payment upon receipt of the invoice. An interest charge of 1.2% will grow on account not ultimately paid 25 working days after the invoice.

If the account is collected from outside assistance, the customer will hold responsibility for all expenses attributed to the collection attorney fees and court costs.

Note: This is just an example of how a tree removal contract template is structured and should not in any case be considered an original document 


printable tree removal contract template

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The tree removal contract should be in the form of a contractual agreement and should be executed by a lawyer.Be careful of some tree service companies that use the template for writing bids and getting approval as the tree removal contract template. It’s not a contract that can be agreed upon through handshakes or verbal agreement.

Furthermore, it’s essential that you and your lawyers should consider negotiating the wordings and some conditions in the tree removal contract to get clarity. It is expected of the tree service company to entertain such questions or clarity.


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