PUMA Intern Interview Questions

PUMA Intern Interview Questions [2022]

We congratulate you on getting the  PUMA intern interview opportunity. We can agree that it’s such a fantastic feat to achieve because it’s pretty competitive. Preparing for an internship interview when you have your final papers could be tedious, especially when you’re unsure of what the questions will look like.

PUMA hiring managers are not hard to impress, but they are demanding. They are generally impressed with candidates who showcase their enthusiasm, skillset, and motivation with a clear perspective on how they can have a positive impact on  PUMA

With the right practice questions, you can dramatically improve your chances of passing your  PUMA intern interview questions.

This article will be your guide with our compilation of possible  PUMA intern interview questions to ensure you ace your interview successfully.

PUMA Intern Interview Questions And Answers.

PUMA Intern Interview Questions

To help you out, highlighted below are some questions to think and practice on before the interview

1. Tell us about yourself?

One of the biggest mistakes candidates make when answering this question is telling their life story or anything that doesn’t correlate with the job description. This is your chance to sell yourself well and show why you are the ideal candidate for this position. Please answer the question by stating your present status and provide previous work experience that will benefit the company before concluding it with how the role aligns with your career goals.

How to Answer

State your

Present status- what you’re studying and where

Past- previous related work experience and how it will be impactful to the company

Future- express your excitement and how the position aligns with your long term career goals.

  1. What do you hope you will learn from this role at  PUMA?

How to Answer

State explicitly what you intend to achieve before the end of your internship. Are you interested in learning technical or software skills? Maybe you wish to learn marketing skills to improve on how to sell. Share what you desire to get out of the experience. An excellent way to prepare for this question is by reviewing the job description and information to get a better idea of what it entails and relate it to your career objectives.

  1. What is your greatest strength?

 A cheat code?. Your greatest strength is included in the job description. As ridiculous as it may sound, but seriously it is right there in the job description. Every internship posting lists several skills they need in an applicant, and you should choose one of the skills as your greatest strength. You can also state other related skills that make you unique and stand out from other applicants. Some most extraordinary strength skills include teamwork, detail-oriented, ability to work under pressure, focused, good communication skills e.t.c

  1. What is your greatest weakness?

When answering this question, you should;


 ‘I do not have any weaknesses’ 

 ‘I can’t think of anyone right now.’

‘I’m a perfectionist.’

We are humans after all, so it’s only normal if we have a weakness. You can state any required skill for the role as your weakness. However, it should not be a dealbreaker if you don’t have it. A safer way is by stating what you are doing to overcome that weakness. 

Example: ” I have stage fright and phobia for public speaking, but I have enrolled for an online course on public speaking to overcome this fear.

  1. What is your favourite university or college course?

Pick a course you’re sure you can relate to the role of internship you are applying to. For example, if it’s a marketing internship role, you can state that you enjoyed the entrepreneurship course.

  1. We take personality fit seriously at  PUMA. How would you describe your personality?

Character and personality differ in some ways. The interviewer wants more information on your integrity vs your character. While you’re answering the question, use buzzwords like energetic, confident, humble, introverted e.t.c

  1. Why is this internship with  PUMA perfect for you at this time in your career?

Explain to the interviewer what you seek to achieve in your career growth and why this particular opportunity fits well with your goals. Ensure you give a convincing and more in-depth response than the usual ‘I am looking for growth’ that many candidates say. Think out of the box and draw insight from the research you did on the company.

  1. At PUMA, we love to employ strong achievers. State an instance you went above and beyond.

The interviewer wants to know how determined and persistent you can be in accomplishing your goals. Explain to the hiring manager you can do more than the bare minimum. Reveal that you react accordingly when you notice your employer’s needs require going beyond your normal day-to-day activities.

  1. Tell me some qualities that make you a strong fit for this role with  PUMA.

Before your interview, it is paramount that you do due diligence on the internship description to have a clear understanding of the attributes they want in their successful candidate. Relate these desired qualities in your answer to depict you are the ideal candidate for the role.

  1. Did you research our company values? What makes you an ideal candidate for  PUMA?

We can stress the importance of researching about the company enough. Before the interview, do due diligence on the company’s mission statement and core values. Explain to the interviewer why you are unique and the right choice for them.

  1. Do you have suitable means of transportation?

Having a reliable transportation system is essential in getting to work promptly. Even if it’s not expected of you to drive to work, you still need a reasonable means of transportation. Explain that you have a reliable transportation system to get to work consistently and promptly.

  1. How will you handle situations that could cause you to be late or miss work?

Adequate planning of your life is a good trait, but sometimes unforeseen contingencies could disrupt your plans. Numerous variables could hinder your ability to get to work on time. Your interviewer wants to see how proactive you can be to handle unexpected circumstances that may arise.

In summary, having a keen interest in  PUMA as a brand is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to pass your interview questions.

When you’re invited for an interview with  PUMA, remember they value their brand dearly, so you may get away with wearing  PUMA brand apparel. So relax and leave your professional outfit at home. Keep it simple and highly motivating.

It’s imperative to note that we do not guarantee specific questions that will be asked in the interview questions. We only provide possible questions based on our discretion and survey. We are not in any way affiliated with the company. We wish you well in your interview process.