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Best Remote Call Center Jobs – Requirements, Salaries and Entry Level Vacancies

Remote call center jobs are gaining fast recognition and is widely used in businesses and corporations globally. If you are looking for a career path that has a low–entry barrier, is lucrative, and allows growth and development then sit tight for a remote call job.

Though Omnichannel, is widely used still, a majority of people still prefer to resolve their complaints via a call assistant.

Telecommuting jobs popularly known as Remote jobs started in the 1970s and today, it has metamorphosed Into a bigger and an important arm of the labor market. This was due to technological advancement and the Pandemic. Remote job accounts for about 16% of the labor market globally, this figure is expected to triple by the end of 2030.

There are different types of remote jobs and examples include; Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers, Content Writers, Call assistants, Virtual assistants, Web designers amongst many. But for the sake of this article, we would be looking at a Remote call job.

So, if you are enthusiastic about finding more about The Remote call job, do well to read till the end.


Who is a remote call agent?

A remote call agent is a person who is charged with handling incoming and outgoing calls for an organization. In addition, they might also handle customers’ complaints, account inquiries, and support issues virtually.

Meanwhile, the difference between a physical call agent and the Remote call agent is the work environment. One works in the physical location of the company or organization while the other decides where the office location would be. They are not mandated to appear in the organization’s location except on a very special condition.

Call agents that are in charge of both incoming and outgoing calls are referred to as Blended Agents. The call agent is also called; Call Attendants, Customer service Representatives, Call associates, Call assistants, Account Executives, Telephone/Service Representatives.

Having known who a Remote Call Agent is. Let’s find out more about their job roles and responsibilities.

Job Roles of a Remote Call Agent

The Job role or work description of a Remote Call Agent include;

  • Communicating with customers via phone calls.
  • They are to handle the problems and challenges of customers with discretion.
  • They are in charge of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Ensure clients and customers get a professional and memorable experience.
  • They are to organize a proper record of customers.
  • They must follow a prepared script when communicating with customers.

Recall, the work environment for a remote call agent is done outside the Organization or Company’s physical location.


How to become a Remote Call Agent

After knowing the duties of a Remote Call Agent and you are still interested, here are the requirements to becoming one.

  • You must be educated.
  • Have a digital device { a smartphone, Laptop, headset, and earpiece.
  • Must be computer literate.
  • Must have an in-depth knowledge of the organization/company’s operation and activities.
  • Must be organized and flexible
  • Must be patient and detail-oriented.
  • Must have self-control, and be able to handle situations and challenges professionally even under duress.
  • A Remote Call Agent must be empathetic.
  • Should be Apt and proactive
  • Should possess impeccable communication skills with excellent use of grammar.
  • Should be able to multi-task.

Salaries of Remote call agent

The salaries of Remote call agent varies. It depends largely on the organization you are rendering service, your location. According to the data provided by Zip Recruiter, a remote call agent in the US. earns up to $354,480 annually.

If you are confused about how the figure was gotten,here is the breakdown; a remote call agent earns $17.06 /hr. and which makes it $682 monthly and $35,480/yearly. Furthermore, through Zip Recruiters, we learned that some Private Organizations pay as high as $65,000 and low as $18500 yearly. On average, the Remote call agent earns between   $31,000-$37000.You could increase your pay by upskilling.

Zip Recruiters revealed that remote jobs are in their infant stage in Africa. This has made career paths like Remote call Jobs docile. Africa’s largest and fastest-growing city ,Lagos pays remote call agent as low as # 40,000 {$97.30} and as high as #134,000{$325.97}.

Now we have know that The Remote job has good pay,let’s see companies /organizations that need their services.


Companies that Hire Remote Call Agent

Remote call center jobs

Companies that hire remote call agents are surprisingly plenty. For those, who are enthusiastic about working as a remote call agent, I would be giving a list of a few, and to ease your burden, I would drop their URL as well.

  1. Kelly service; Kelly service is a multi-faceted American business company. It was founded by William Russell Kelly. The Company has a workforce of 8100, with a net worth of $15billion. The latest vacancy for call services agents are ;

2.Adecco; Adecco is a Zurich-based company located in Switzerland. It was founded in 1996.It has about 5,200 offices in about 60 countries. Adecco has a workforce of over 34,000. It generates €19.56 billion annually. The Recent job opening for a Remote Call Job is a Call Center specialist ,Call Center Representative.

2.Aerotek: Aerotek is a leading global staffing and recruiting firm that renders services to the majority of companies in the world. The Latest job opening for a call agent is

  • Call center agents
  • Call Center Representative
  • Case investigation and contact tracing.

3.K- force: k – force provides professional staffing service. It was founded in 1962. It has over 60 offices its head office is in Tampa, Florida. The Recent job opening for Remote jobs are Call Center Agents

  • Call Center Specialist.

4.Concentric: Concentrix was established in 1983. It is operational globally. Its head office is located in Fremont California. It has a working population of 250000 and as of 2020, it generated $5.3 billion as revenue. The latest job opening on Remote Call Jobs are: Sales and Service Representatives, Call Center Representative


As technology advances so would globalisation. So ,Remote call job in a few years ,asides from being a lucrative career path, it would also be very competitive.



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