Best Remote Executive Assistant job in USA

Best Remote Executive Assistant job in USA, Salary,Vacancy

The Remote Executive Assistant job is widely spread because every Organization needs executive assistants for smooth and effective operations.

The Executive Assistant plays a significant role in the Organization’s daily activities. They plan schedules, organize meetings, and stand in for the Executive they represent on some occasions.

Furthermore, The Executive Assistant should not be confused with the Administrative Assistant. Though they are similar, they are not the same. The Executive Assistant renders services just to the Executives while the Administrative Assistant renders to other staff.

Due to the pandemic and the rise in technological advancement, there has been a paradigm shift in how Executive Assistants perform their services. The majority now do it remotely, a few still use the hybrid which combines both remote and the traditional method and a very small percentage operate with the traditional method.

If it is your dream to work as an Assistant to Executives, or you want knowledge on Executive Assistant. Then, this article is for you. Do well to read to the end.

Who is a Remote Executive Assistant?

A Remote Executive Assistant, like the in-house Executive Assistant, is charged with organizing schedules and communicating with Senior Executives at a Corporation. They help privatize emails and phone calls and manage documents in readiness for meetings. They perform all these virtually.

The only difference between the Remote Executive Assistant and the In-house Executive Assistant is their work environment. The in-house Executive Assistant is mandated to appear in the Organization’s physical location while the Remote Executive Assistant performs service from anywhere suitable.

Having known who The Remote Executive Assistant is, let’s see more about their job roles and responsibility.

Job roles /Responsibilities of Remote Executive Assistant

The job roles of the Remote Executive Assistant are the same as the in–house Executive Assistant. You compare the Remote Executive to the Virtual Assistant. Their job roles include;

  • To send mail and correspondence

  • They prepare reports, financial statements, letters, memos, and other official documents

  • They receive calls and make calls on behalf of the Executives

  • Schedules meeting and plan the program

  • Record and reads the minutes of the meeting

  • Receives visitors and make the decision who get to see the Executives

  • Plan trip for Executive

  • Trains staffs

  • Keep stocks of documents

  • Open and sort documents

  • Does bookkeeping functions

  • Performs market research

  • Manages the filing and the database system of the Organization

If, after knowing the job roles and responsibilities of a Remote Executive Assistant and you are still enthusiastic about it, let’s quickly see the requirements to becoming one.

Requirements to becoming a Remote Executive Assistant

The requirements to becoming a Remote Executive Assistant are

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree in the following discipline; You might add business administration, database management, organization strategy, accounting, bookkeeping, information management, and a master’s degree is an added advantage

  • Must be detail-oriented

  • Should be to multi-task

  • A critical thinker

  • Have a digital device

  • Must be a computer literate

  • Know Microsoft Word and Excel

  • They should be an excellent speaker.

  • Must be able to work under pressure

  • Should know to how to manage time

  • Excellent communication skills

Salaries of Remote Executive Assistant

The salaries of a Remote Executive Assistant vary. It is not strange for many to want to know how much a Remote Executive Assistant earns, considering that Executive Assistant is a rewarding career path.

Here is the average salary earned by a data analyst per annum.

According to Glassdoor, a Remote data analyst earns $ 62,898.Glassdoor collated these Figures after 30,000 persons submitted their salaries. put the average salary at $ 69,295-$88,841 per annum. Indeed put figures at $53,556. In Nigeria, a Remote Executive Assistant earns #145,000 monthly. On average they earn #1,000,000-#2,000,000.

Your earning could be affected by three factors, and they are;

• Experience

• Location

• organization you work

Since we have known the requirements to become an Executive Assistant and the amount earned per annum, let’s see what to do to get the job of an Executive Assistant.

• First and Foremost, it is necessary to have a portfolio. It helps organize your previous work, and it also helps the perusal of your samples by clients quickly.

• It is also vital to create an account on LinkedIn after making a portfolio. LinkedIn gives you access to clients and professionals in your field.

• Additionally, you should build an excellent CV. It is your selling point as it shows your skills and capabilities.

• Lastly, you have to search and apply for jobs. It isn’t very sensible to be skillful and not put it to practice. Your chance of getting a job is based on your application.

To ease your burden, I would be giving a list of companies currently hiring.

Companies that hire Executive Assistant

Companies that hire Executive Remote Assistants are many, and there are many vacancies. But as I mentioned earlier, I would give a URL that contains a comprehensive

Is Remote Executive Assistant a rewarding career?

Yes, is the honest answer. The career path gives you comfort and a lifestyle. You choose your working time and your office location. Nobody coerces you to work, and there is nobody to order you around. It gives room for self -development, and growth.

Above all, it’s lucrative as the salary earned is good.

Final thought

Conclusively, the career path of the Remote Executive Assistant is the new normal. Anyone who wishes to become an Executive Assistant should ensure that it is done remotely to be gainfully employed. The pandemic has wreaked much havoc.

So, it is advisable to seek a career that ate remote into safe and still is relevant. Choosing the path of a Remote Executive Assistant is a step in the right direction. For all who are keen Executives with admins and CEO, Remote Executive Assistant is a fine option to start with.

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