Richard Riakporhe wants to be one of the stars of Sky

The Sky publisher is rebuilding its British offerings. Richard Riakporhe wants to be one of the carriers

RICHARD RIAKPORHE is the top Sky Sports bill at Wembley Arena on Saturday (November 20) against Olanrewaju Durodola.

Riakporhe is close to battling 12 fights in his professional career but the limited number of competitions also includes the victories of Sam Hyde, Tommy McCarthy, Chris Billam-Smith and Jack Massey between 2018 and 2019. It is a good record. Riakporhe is back this year with an eight-point win over Krzysztof Twardowski in October and at Durodola he has a foe who wants him out of the world.

Durodola has eight losses in its 44th battle history but most of them have come against the winners in this category. Still, he loves to stop her. Mairis Briedis suspended a Nigerian man, who converted to the US, in 2016. Maxim Vlasov forced Durodola back 10 times in 2018. That year he went 10 times with Krzysztof Włodarczyk and his most recent defeat came against Ilunga Makabu, who is currently at number one of No. .3 in the world, in Kinshasa. The clubs dropped Durodola with the left hook before stopping him in the seventh.

Durodola is awkward at times, the running of his hand is slow. But he has the strength and the will to fight. Thirty-three of his 36 victories have come a long way. His biggest win was going to Russia and beating Dmitry Kudryashov to victory within two rounds, a loss that Kudryashov would pay back two years later when he stopped Durodola himself.

Riakporhe is fast and sharp. Behind his jab he had to steer Durodola, but the 41-year-old could be stubborn enough to run the distance.

“I’m out to prove that I’m the best at 200 pounds in this category. All eyes are on me now. .

Dan Azeez joints Hosea Burton in Britain’s best light-heavyweight war. Azeez has done his job of riding on the home teams. He shot and beat Charlie Duffield, Lawrence Osueke, Andre Sterling and Ricky Summers, taking the Southern Area belt and winning and defending the English title. This, the old school way, did not come from fashion. He does not always have an easy time but has always been learning, knowledgeable and successful. They come with a brilliant 14-0 record. This is the next step for him. But Burton will be the toughest person to beat. He is omniscient. He first won the British title in 2016 and has only been defeated twice over the years, against some good opponents. In a thrilling battle, Frank Buglioni stopped him, stopping Burton’s work, and recently Riĉards Bolotņiks showed him more than 10 trips to Riga.

It’s hard to sing, but with the right tempo and the staff Azeez is able to fight the winning track. “I have worked hard to get well in the house to be promoted to the British rank and only Hosea Burton is here.

Mikael Lawal was about to play a fun game with Steven Ward. But the latter was forced to leave due to injury. Leonardo Damian Bruzzese of Italy has come to replace him. The Italian met 20-6 (7), but has fought once in the last three years. Lawal has to use his physical strength to defeat him and he can do with stopping success to impress. “I needed a job as well as Boxxer [the show’s promoter] you have given it to me now. So my career will continue. “Last month was a success and I want the same thing on November 20,” said Lawal.

Albanian legend Florian Markku goes on to play eight games with 11-2 Frenchman, as well as former boxer Marku, Jorick Luisetto. “Jorick Luisetto, I have a message for you,” Markku said. “You should be afraid; see November 20 [kind of] I am a fighter. You will see bombs coming into your head, you will see another beast. You have met many enemies in your life, but there is no one like me.

Germaine Brown, who has vowed not to win at super-middleweight, is about to run out of cards.

Brothers Hassan and Adam Azim were excellent boxers, they were technically advanced and have been on display. “It will be a great time to go to the SSE Arena and start my professional career,” said Hassan just before that, his first pro fight. “It’s something I’ve been longing for and I can’t wait to get in the ring and do business.”

Adam Azim is just one battle in his pro career. He says, “Fighting Sky Sports with my brother making his first pro and dreams come true. It will be a great night and we have so many of our fans coming to see us, then it will be a special night.”

Wealthy Scottish Nick Campbell is also battling Danny Whitaker.

For non-boxing boxers, Caroline Dubois, a Tokyo boxing champion and probably Britain’s best and most successful boxer of all time, would be a great time. However he had to stop the show due to illness.

Verdict Riakporhe is a big event but Dan Azeez against Hosea Burton should steal the show.

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