rivian phone interview questions

Rivian Phone Interview Questions and answers

Congratulations on getting a Rivian phone interview. We can agree that it’s such a fantastic feat to achieve because it’s highly competitive.

Rivian Automobile Inc is a leading electric vehicle automaker and automotive technology in America, so we understand if you’re pretty nervous about the interview. Interviews could be nerve-cracking, especially if you’re unsure of how to prepare for them, but with the right preparation guide, your worries will be relieved.

Rivian Phone interviews are so great because you can skip that shower and pass up on the pants, plus they are less nerve cracking. Most importantly, candidates don’t get a reprieve on answering questions correctly. However, it would help if you kept on your toes to nail the phone interview.

Most frequently, Hiring managers to deploy phone interviews as a first step in connecting to candidates. Perhaps, they like what your resume entails and decide to learn a bit more about you before inviting you for a more extended interview. Generally, it’s usually a good sign for candidates. 

We’ll take you through common Rivian phone interview questions and possible ways to ace these questions. This article will give a well-detailed guide on some typical Rivian phone interviews and helpful tips to ace them


Rivian Phone Interview Questions and Answers

rivian phone interview questions

1.Tell us a bit about yourself.

It’s pretty standard for interviewers to start with this question, but it always seems to throw candidates off a bit. Yes, you’ve done a lot of research on the company, but are you prepared to speak about yourself? The interviewer seeks relevant information related to the position you applied to. Answer by stating your education, level of experience and skills that align with the related position. Round off by stating what you seek in the position at the time.


2.Why did you apply for this Role?

This question requires you to express your enthusiasm for the role and the company. Express the passion you have for your profession and relate how this role will enhance your career growth. Ensure you compliment the company and state convincing reasons why you want to work for them.


3.Tell me a significant skill that you are presently working on.


The interviewer usually asks this question to determine if you’re the type dedicated to your professional and career growth. State some skills you desire to develop or work on. You’ll rank high if you can relate it with the talent required for the job.  


  1. Why do you seek  a new position?


If you’re asked this question, Ensure to keep your answer positive. Even If you are quitting your previous position because you don’t like your manager, state it eloquently without demeaning your boss.  If you are sceptical about how to reply, always remember that it’s safer to focus your answer on personal and career growth. You could state you intend to seek exciting opportunities.


  1. How do you feel this position would fit in with your long term career goals?


Before you apply for any new role, it’s best you have your long term career growth at heart. It will help you align this position with your long term career goals and potential ways the company fits in. Perhaps you intend to attain a managerial position in the future, be sure to give answers that reassure the interviewer you intend to grow with them long term.


  1. Your resume shows a few gaps. Can you give reasons?


Answering this question with utmost honesty has no side effects. Whether your gap in employment is due to an illness, staying home to nurture kids or taking care of ailing parents. You could also say you were taking some time off in considering a career change.


  1. What is your long-term career objective?


It’s tedious, costly and time consuming to onboard new employees. Hence, the interviewer wants to be confident that this role aligns with your long-term career objective. Provide open-minded answers about your long term dreams while in the company. State the promotions you aim to achieve and share what you plan to learn in the organisation. The key ingredient to answer this question is to express your plan to work with the company for the long term. 


  1. Share something about yourself that’s not included in your resume.


It’s an open-ended question so candidates are prone to rambling about unnecessary things. A clear, straightforward way to avoid this mistake is by preparing a couple of skills that make you unique and stand out from the park but are not included in your resume.  For instance, you can state some current volunteer role, leadership position,  an exciting hobby,  a career-related dream or foreign languages that you speak. However, ensure your reply is within the career conversation


9.We are moving into a second interview, are you available in the next few days?


This question is a good sign for a candidate.  If the interviewer asks about your schedule over the next few days, there’s a high probability that you are making it to the next round. Try to be flexible with your availability options.  


  1. Are you willing to travel?


There’s no straightforward approach to answer this question. It depends on the choice of candidate but honestly is required.  If the interviewer wants to know if you can travel for this role, enquire what type of travel and how much is required of you. Try to understand the details of travel requirements. However,  keep your answer concise and straightforward 


  1. Are you presently interviewing with another organisation


The interviewer asks this question to infer if their hiring process aligns with your present schedule. The answer you give will let them gauge you and determine if it’s necessary to continue engaging you based on their needs and timing. 


If you are presently interviewing with other companies, “Yes, I am invested in this search, and I have multiple invitations to interview.  I am currently in the second stage of an interview with a company and the final stage with another.


If you are not: “I just began my search journey, so I am only interviewing with your company for now; however, I intend to seek more. 


  1. When would you be available to begin?


Before your interview, Ensure you keep a start date in mind. If you are not working presently, you can offer to start immediately. However, if you’re employed, you shouldn’t say something like, ” I can quit and start immediately”. It’s unprofessional, and no hiring manager will be impressed with such. You may state you need two weeks to communicate with your current boss. 


Finally, If you’re interested in the job, ensure you end the call positively. Show gratitude and affirmative words like ” Thanks for calling. I’m impressed with this information and convinced I can prosper in this role. I hope to hear from you soon.”


It’s imperative to note that we do not guarantee specific questions that will be asked in the interview questions. We only provide possible questions based on our discretion and records. We are not in any way affiliated with the company. We wish you well in your interview process.