The promise of a US climate is facing tests in the Senate and international concern

WASHINGTON (AP) – After addressing the climate crisis at UN talks in Scotland, Biden’s management is now testing whether the divided United States can move on from climate change: pushing for more money to create a new era of clean power across lower borders. Senate.

The The home provided $ 2 trillion for quality and climate change On Friday, a combined $ 555 billion for clean-up power, although the bill is about to be changed by the Senate. Coming out of the current season will have a lasting impact on America and its neighbors around the world, helping to determine if the United States will play its part in keeping the climate decline at a much lower rate than at present.

“The problem is that if you have these hurricanes that come frequently, as soon as you have to contend with one, you are facing the next,” said Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, who fought five government-sanctioned disasters. in its six years it leads the world’s leading oil producers in the Texas ’Gulf Coast.

Turner spoke next UN Conference in Glasgow, where he was one of the many mayors seeking funds for the season. After years of catastrophic floods and tropical cyclones, Houston residents have frozen to death this year.

“And for our high-risk areas … where people are already on the margins, it just goes a little further,” Turner said.

In the Senate, Sen. low-cost reductions demand. Joe Manchin of the Democratic State of West Virginia and the state’s strict rules seem to be pushing for a major change in the bill. This could lead to new conflicts between party leaders and administrators who could take weeks to resolve.

If the Biden package passes, its commitment to promoting clean energy sources and technologies means that the US will only miss, by 5%, Biden’s goal of reducing oil exports by the end of this decade – precisely and with difficulty, reducing oil prices. Carbon dioxide emitted by the US by 2030 compared to 2005 levels.

This is according to researchers at Princeton University and elsewhere, climate scientist and energy analyst Zeke Hausfeather reported.

But if Biden’s bill fails in Congress, the United States will probably be embarrassed by its promises to reduce emissions and more, by 20%, academic demonstrations.

Market forces that make renewable energy prices cheaper could help lift the United States more securely, Hausfeather said.

But with a broken promise, it would be difficult for the US to “convince countries like China and India to keep their promises in the future … if we can not keep our promises,” said Hausfeather, Director at the Breakthrough Institute Research Center.

The United States is the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, natural gas and oil, which is changing the atmosphere and global warming. China, which relies on coal-fired power plants, is currently the largest producer of electricity, and US No.

In Glasgow, Bangladesh climate meteorologist Quamrul Chowdhury has fought a war, as he has been doing for many years, for the United States and other major pollutants to be made more quickly, a major cuts needed for its countries and other low-lying countries.

After decades of U.S. climate policies opposed to the forthcoming political parties, Chowdhury was keen for Congress to ratify the treaty.

“In your house rules, if they are written, it will help,” Chowdhury said. At seasonal meetings, leaders “promise, promise, but never fulfill. Promises are made, but broken. “

The sharpest climate change in the US at most had the Trump administration. It pulled the US out of the Paris climate deal, reduced coastal offshore operations, and encouraged the exploration and extraction of oil and gas. It put an end to Obama’s administration, which aimed to strengthen clean energy and weaken coal.

Many of the Republican lawmakers in Congress are now moving forward to talk about a mid-term era, between Trump and Biden, whose popularity has cast doubt on the continuation of democracy in Washington.

In the Conservative caucus established by the Republican Rep. John Curtis of Utah, a Republican, says he knows how to move voters to fossil fuels and opposes a climate plan that continues to use gas in particular.

They emphasize trees, as well as the technology of carbon painting that has not yet been developed in size, to capture the air of climate change.

“We know we need to reduce smoke. Now let’s talk about that in more detail, “said Curtis, along with other US lawmakers in Glasgow.” So, that’s a new place, I think, for us. “

As long as the next Republican regime, like Trump, strongly opposes efforts to reduce oil consumption, another U.S. startup on a climate test could bring the country back to achieving Biden’s goal of reducing air pollution, Featherhaus said.

But “I think the biggest consequence … could be due to the lack of international leadership on this issue, and I make the (right) assumption that US commitments should not be relied upon,” he said in an email.

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