The security chief has promised to deal with Iran on a trip to Bahrain

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – US Secretary of Defense vowed on Saturday to ban Iran from seizing nuclear weapons and tackling “dangerous use” of suicide drones in the Mideast, a promise coming as talks are still on hold over Tehran’s atomic alliance with the country earth. power.

The comments made by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in Bahrain at the annual Manama Dialogue meeting were seen as an attempt to strengthen US alliance in the Gulf Arab as the Biden government tries to revive the nuclear deal, which has prevented Iran from developing uranium in exchange for economic sanctions.

His comments come as Gulf sheikhs see the US-led invasion of Afghanistan, raising concerns about the US commitment to the region as security forces say they want to strengthen the force to deal with perceived challenges from China and Russia.

“The United States is still committed to preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. And we are committed to the nuclear consequences,” Austin told the International Institute for Strategic Studies. “But if Iran does not want to take serious action, then we will see all the necessary steps to keep the United States safe.”

Iran has retained its nuclear program peacefully, although U.S. law enforcement agencies and the International Atomic Energy Agency say Tehran had a nuclear weapons program until 2003. Iran’s work at the United Nations did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Saturday.

Since the time President Donald Trump left the United States for the Iran nuclear deal in 2018, a number of increasingly serious incidents have taken place in the Mideast. This includes the drone attack and the targeting of a submarine, as well as the invasion of Iran and its proxies in Iraq and Syria. The US also assassinated an Iranian army chief in Baghdad in early 2020, where Iran surveyed American troops in Iraq with missile launchers.

Under Biden, U.S. military officials are looking for a major overhaul of troops from the Mideast to other areas, although they still have large populations throughout the region. Austin emphasizes this point in his own words: “Our experiences include what our friends can do for us, what we have said, and what we can do quickly.”

“Our friends and all our enemies know that the United States can use a lot of power at any time and place we want,” Austin said.

Austin’s comments also touched on the ongoing war in Yemen, with Biden’s management suspending his frustration after taking office.

Saudi Arabia has been leading a war campaign since 2015 against Iran-backed Houthi terrorists seizing Yemen’s capital, Sanaa. Houthis have launched drone and ballistic missile missiles at the empire in retaliation for the bombings that killed civilians.

But even though the empire regularly mentions drones and every Houthis shot well with its defenses, Austin set the price “at almost 90%. The U.S. also removed its THAAD air defense batteries and Patriot missile batteries from Prince Sultan Air Base a few months ago.

“We will work with them until 100% is over,” he said.

The Manama Dialogue takes place annually in Bahrain, a small island kingdom off the coast of Saudi Arabia on the 5th Fleet of the US Navy. Bahrain has also participated in a long-running campaign to end tensions. The agents wrote to Austin before embarking on his voyage, urging him to increase the detention of prisoners on the island and to intervene in Bahrain war in Yemen.

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