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Top 10 companies hiring for journalism remote jobs

Journalism remote jobs are among the commonest jobs you can find when you check any job search website. What matters is that you are well-skilled at being a journalist, and you can apply for these jobs.

However, we see that some people feel that anyone can apply for journalism remote jobs. If you have such a mindset, you would be making a mistake. Allow us to tell you that being a journalist entails many factors, including passioan. If you are not courageous, you cannot be a journalist.

Now, you may be wondering about the job function of a journalist. We can say that journalism entails passing credible information to people on the surface level. Yes, the keyword is credible as you must ensure not to pass false information. A journalist is supposed to sieve information before passing it to the public.

As a journalist, you may be in charge of editing the news, composing the news, or even interviewing people. There are many broad journalism sectors, and it takes an expert to excel at it.

If you seek journalism remote jobs, you will see many available options. Thus, a person in Africa can be working for a media organization in Australia, all thanks to Journalism remote jobs.

In the United States of America, various Journalism remote jobs are available. But first, here are some skills you need to excel at Journalism remote jobs:

journalism remote jobs

Research skill

It would not be wrong for us to say that the work of a journalist borders on passing information. But, what is the source of your news? Are you working on facts or assumptions? It would be wrong to present things based on assumption as a journalist. So instead, a journalist is supposed to have credible source news.

Irrespective of the fact that you are working journalism remote jobs, it should not affect your ability to research. And, once you get Intel on any news, you must verify and ensure that you pass correct information.

It is best to keep in mind that you could get into trouble with the authorities and even the government if you pass false information. Therefore, the goal should be that your information should be verifiable. It is the way to establish you as a credible journalist. Now, people can vouch for your work at any time, and your work will open better doors for you.

Excellent written and communication skills

It would be wrong to describe yourself as a journalist or someone who works journalism remote jobs if you do not have excellent written and communication skills. Of course, bad grammar irritates many people, and no one would want to read any publication written in bad grammar.

If you successfully secure journalism remote jobs, but you cannot articulate yourself, you stand at risk of losing the job. After all, how do you expect people to understand the information you communicate?

It also applies to when you cannot make points that people can understand when you are talking. Now, imagine if you need to make a video publication. Yes, you would be making it from the comfort of your home, but are you passing any point? Again, once you lack excellent communication skills, you will not be making sense when you are talking.

Therefore, you must have excellent written and communication skills for journalism remote jobs.

Be secretive

Some people say that Journalists have to be secretive, and we agree with them. And, sometimes, you may get information where you have to protect your source. So, if you are not secretive, you put your source in danger and portray yourself as a bad journalist.

For example, you are working on a crime story. But, of course, you know that it would be hard to get information from people. And, anyone who opens up wants the assurance of protection. It is why you need to be secretive. The goal is to portray yourself as a trustworthy journalist, and you must never break the trust that people have in you.

Asides from putting the lives of others at risk, you can also put yourself in danger if you are not secretive. We are sure that we do not need to overemphasize the need to be secretive as someone working journalism remote jobs.


When you relate with journalists, you will get to know and understand that there are times when they get frustrated and feel like giving up. Sometimes, journalists usually work on targets. For example, their companies will give them a number of news stories that they must cover in a month or a specific time.

But what happens when it seems like a particular story is a hard nut to crack? Yes, it might seem like the easy way to give up or consider switching to another career path. But, it is best always to remember why you decided to become a journalist in the first place. This reminder will serve as the fuel that keeps you going.

If you are not persistent when working journalism remote jobs, you may never get to crack some stories. Imagine if you give up and someone else takes the glory for such stories. If you do not want such to happen, you need to be persistent.

Pay attention to details.

We always keep repeating that anyone who wishes to work journalism remote jobs needs to be attentive. Else, you will miss some important parts that need to be in a story.

For example, suppose you are working on a criminal case and people are scared to speak up. You will have to work with any available information in such a case. Sometimes, people start talking, but they will purposely leave out some things. But, if you are attentive, you will be able to pick up some unsaid things.

Some people often say that journalists have superpowers. However, this happens when a journalist is attentive and pays attention to details.

Companies Hiring

Here are the top 10 companies hiring for journalism remote jobs:

  • Penske Media

  • American Oversight

  • Oracle

  • American faith

  • Haj media

  • Bionews Services

  • Courier Newsroom

  • Dotdash

  • The Los Angeles Times

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer


Journalism remote jobs are not hard to get, especially with the help of job search websites. Also, you can start by applying to any of the above companies.

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