Top 5 Forever 21 Interview questions and answer samples

Abbey has always been a fashionista from a young age. You would often see people complimenting her clothes pairing or asking for fashion tips and advice. As she grew older, she knew that she had to find a place in the fashion world. 

Of course, she has tried her hands on other career paths, but they were not fulfilling. So, she began targeting applying to work in fashion stores. Abbey wanted to help people choose the best fashion options as it was one of those things that made her happy. So, she knew that working in a fashion store would be one of her best bets. And, what better place to work than at Forever 21?

Fortunately, Abbey was lucky to get an interview invite, and she aced the interview. Therefore, she successfully secured a place for herself in the fashion store. 

However, we see that people are always curious to know what Forever 21 interview questions to expect if they ever get an interview invite. Abbey has been nice enough to share some of these Forever 21 interview questions. 

According to Abbey, these are some of the top Forever 21 interview questions she saw as she researched while preparing for her interview process. And these questions also came out while she was interviewed. 

Top Forever 21 Interview Questions

So, here are the top Forever 21 interview questions:

What do you know about Forever 21?

It is normal for the interview panel to ask you about their brand. Naturally, they expect you to have researched the brand before applying for the job. However, they do not want to assume, leading to errors. So, this question allows you to tell them what you know about the brand. And there is no template for answering such a question.

We often see that people may sometimes be wrong with their answers. However, that is why the panel is asking you the question. If your answer is wrong, they will correct the perception. This question aims to correct the wrong perceptions people have about their brand. 

The interview panel will grade you by the effort they see you have put into researching the brand and answering the question. Thus, it would be wrong to go for a Forever 21 interview without knowing anything about the brand. 

Why should we hire you?

Forever 21 Interview Questions
Forever 21 Interview Questions

It is another top question we see that the interviewers ask concerning Forever 21 questions. Sadly, applicants get confused about this question, and they do not know how to answer it correctly. 

We see that some people freeze when asked this question, and it throws them off balance. The goal of this question is to showcase your skill. Understandably, you are not the only applicant for the job. So, you need to impressively tell the interview panel why you would be a better fit than others for the job. 

It would be best to highlight some of your best skills and how you would use them in delivering services for the Forever 21 brand. In addition, it would be best to strive to impress the interview panel as it is what could make or mar their decision to hire you. 

It is one of those Forever 21 interview questions many brands also ask in their interview process. 

Why do you want to work at Forever 21?

Yes, you are looking for a job, and you choose to apply to Forever 21. However, why did you pick this brand out of the numerous available options? 

It comes as one of the almost inevitable Forever 21 interview questions. So, you have to be well-prepared before answering this question. This question aims to test your intellect and hear your thoughts. Therefore, you have to be deliberate when you are answering the question. 

The interview panel is aware that they are better brands with more juicy offers. So, why are you choosing Forever 21? Is it because they were the first advert opening you saw, or are you deciding to settle for less? 

Abbey impressed the panel by talking about her fashion gift from a young age and how she had always been patronizing Forever 21 but wished there was someone on their team to serve as a bridge between customers and fashion. So, she desires to be that person for the brand. 

How do you deal with a rude customer?

It is common knowledge that you will be dealing with customers when you work with Forever 21. Also, most of these customers can be rude and frustrating. So, one of the commonest Forever 21 questions is asking the applicants how they will deal with rude customers.

Of course, the customer is king and always right. And, how you deal with customers will affect the brand, irrespective of the customers’ attitude. Therefore, you need to have a strategy to appease the customer and rectify whatever issue they have. 

Your answer should leave the interview panel smiling when you are done talking. 

Tell us the time you went out of your way to help a customer

Again, allow us to tell you that it is inevitable not to deal with customers when working with Forever 21. Therefore, one of the top Forever 21 interview questions centers on knowing the extent you can go to help a customer.

Sometimes, a customer might have many issues not even within your jurisdiction. However, will you wave the customer off, or will you find a solution for the person? The interview panel desires to know how you have gone out of your way before to help a customer. Your answer will let them know if you are a perfect fit for their brand. 

Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

What do I need to bring for Forever 21 interview?

You do not need much when going for a Forever 21 interview. However, your dress style will play a long role as you need to dress stylishly. After all, it is a fashion brand, so you need to be fashionable. Dressing to fit the brand shows them that you are perfect for the job. 

What skills do you need to work at Forever 21? 

Some of the skills you will need to work at Forever 21 are:

  • Knowledge of fashion 
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Time management skills, etc.

Does Forever 21 hire someone with no experience?

Yes, Forever 21 can hire you even if you have no prior experience. 


Knowing how to answer Forever 21 interview questions will help you land your dream job working at Forever 21 like Abbey. 

Start practicing these questions now to pass your interview!


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