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Top companies hiring for remote real estate jobs

So Timothy is trying to buy a new house, and he reaches out to his friend James, a real estate agent. What interests us about James is that he works real estate jobs. He believes that remote work is possible for all jobs, and he has been successful in securing real estate jobs.

James explains that the same job function he could have done in a physical office is the same thing he does from home, and he always ensures to execute his job efficiently. So, he has no worries about working remotely.

We were delighted to interact with James as he was a ray of sunlight. James explained that if any real estate agent is looking for remote real estate jobs, there are many opportunities. Typically, they can check job search websites to see openings and opportunities.

But in this article, we will highlight some top companies hiring for remote real estate jobs. The goal is to ease your stress level, as the job search process is never easy.

Also, this article lets people know that it is possible to work remote real estate jobs, and the opportunities are almost endless.

In further talks with James, he also tells us some skills have helped him work remote real estate jobs.

Soft skills for remote real estate jobs.

In no particular order, they are:


Can people vouch for you? Or are you a person who says something and people always have to verify? To work remote real estate jobs, you must have integrity, which makes clients keep patronizing your services and even refer you to others.

It is best to note that reputation matters when working remote real estate jobs. If people think you are dubious, the news will spread, and no one would want to be associated with you. And it would adversely affect your company. Most times, you will even lose the job.

But, once clients perceive that you are honest, it helps to build your portfolio as they will always want to do business with you. You must understand that the real estate industry is highly competitive and getting clients is never easy. But, integrity always goes a long way. It is never to doubt the power of referrals.

Efficient Communication Skills

Communication skills are a skill that everyone must have irrespective of their job description. So, you will need it even when you are working remote real estate jobs.

When working remote real estate jobs, you will always communicate with your clients. And, it would be helpful if you understand the communication pattern of your different clients. It helps you to avoid clashes. It is important to note that people always have different communication patterns. So, communicate with people in their preferred way.

For example, some clients may prefer talking on the phone, while others prefer emails. Therefore, you have to work with what your client wants and not what you desire. Also, your communication skills will help you pass information to these clients in the easiest way. It will defeat the purpose of communication if your client cannot understand the information you always pass.

It is always important to note that clients are not the only ones in the communication circle. You will also need to communicate with colleagues, suppliers, and other experts. Thus, you cannot run away from communicating, and you will harness your communication skills.

Negotiation Skills

You cannot work remote real estate jobs without engaging in negotiations. If you do not have negotiation skills, you cannot get the best deals for your company.

Typically, all humans are looking for what will be in their best interest. Therefore, there will always be a need for negotiation. But, again, you should know that clients will be happy to secure deals for lesser amounts. We are not saying that you have to be rigid about prices. However, you must ensure that it does not adversely affect your company while flexible.

Knowing how to negotiate might not come naturally to you, but you need to learn it. Else, people would always rip you off. And, if the company sees that people are always taking advantage of you, they will assume that you are not fit for the job.

We also want you to know that it isn’t every deal that you must accept. Sometimes, you have to walk away from some deals.

Industry Knowledge

It is inappropriate to apply for remote real estate jobs if you do not have adequate knowledge of the industry. You need to understand that you cannot do guess jobs when working remote real estate jobs. Since you are not in a physical office, you cannot always ask your colleagues questions. So when you are relating with clients, you depend on your knowledge of the industry. Therefore, you need to have vast knowledge.

You cannot help clients out if you are not knowledgeable about the industry. And, clients usually have many questions. So, it would be out of place to think you will not answer questions when dealing with clients.

In addition, you can only get new customers for your company when you have adequate knowledge of the industry. Marketing is usually easier when you have a vast knowledge of the industry.

Inter-personal skills

You have to be a people person to succeed in remote real estate jobs. The idea here is that you have to be lovable. When working remote real estate jobs, the goal is to ensure that you endear your clients to the extent that they will not want to work with any other person.

It can only be possible when you go the extra mile and build personal relationships with your clients. For example, you always call them or send emails to check on them. You shouldn’t wait until work matters arise before you relate with them.

When you engage in such actions, the client feels loved. Also, they begin to believe that you care about them, not just their money. The goal is for the client to feel that you genuinely want to solve their problems.

Such actions might seem little, but it promotes repeat patronage and referrals.

Companies Hiring for remote real estate jobs

Some of the top companies hiring for remote real estate jobs are:

  • Altus Group
  • Lululemon
  • Roofstock
  • Keller Williams integrity
  • Florida Home services


Do not hesitate to apply for remote real estate jobs, as you will enjoy the experience.

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