Top Questions to ask coaches in an interview

Are you looking to interview a new coach for your team? Yes, the old coach was getting old, and his resignation was inevitable. However, the team was not prepared to leave, so there was no backup replacement. 

The team has stayed for over a month now without a coach. However, people agree that such a case is detrimental, and it is time to find a coach. After all, a big tournament is approaching, and the team cannot afford to lose its reputation. But, that would be the case if you do not have a coach. 

So, you have been selected as one of the panelists on the interview panel, and the panel has received applications from some of the best coaches from far and wide. At first, you thought the process would be easy, but you now see that it would be tasking and challenging. And, you keep wondering how one would pick from the numerous excellent talents. 

In addition, you do not even know questions to ask coaches in an interview, and it has been giving you sleepless nights since the interview day is only a few days away. So, yes, interview invites have also been sent out. 

Not to worry, this article will highlight the top 5 questions to ask coaches in an interview.

Questions to ask coaches in an interview


Here are some of the best questions to ask coaches in an interview:

What are some of your core values?

There are many values a coach should have, and you need to look out for these values in any coach you are interviewing. It would be best to have a list of these values before the interview day to use them as a guide when the coaches are answering the questions. 

These values have to align with leading a team, and they need to have a positive impact on the team. Does the coach hold on to integrity? Or is the coach someone that would easily comprise? It is important to know the type of person you are hiring, so this question is one of the top questions to ask coaches in an interview. 

The coach’s values will either make or mar your team, and you need to work in the best interest of the team. After all, people say that reputation is better than riches, and you need the team to have a respectable reputation. 

What plans do you have for the players?

We have this as one of the top questions to ask coaches in an interview because you can use it to test the innovativeness of the coach. In addition, this question lets you know their thoughts on improving the team. 

Of course, the team would have certain weaknesses, and the coach should have strategies that lead to improvement. It could even be that the intending coach has been watching the team for years. So, the coach should have suggestions on how to take the team to the next level. 

Any team aims always to grow and not remain stagnant. And, if a coach does not have ideas of making growth feasible, then such a person is not fit to be a coach. 

It would come in handy to be attentive as the coaches are answering as you would use the answers to hold the picked coach accountable in the future. 

How do you plan to use the team to impact their community?

Of course, the coach would be in charge of the team and bring up ideas on how to help the team. However, it is also common knowledge that the team contributes meaningfully to its host community. 

For example, a country’s national team should have strategies to impact and develop their country. It must not be a big or large event. However, it should be significant enough that people would always remember. 

So, the coach must come up with such strategies. And, it is one of the best questions to ask coaches in an interview. This question lets you determine strategic and fast thinkers applicants as you do not need to tell a coach to help the host community before he develops strategies. 

This question also lets you separate the good from the best, helping you choose the best candidate for the role. 

How do you handle criticism?

This question is also amongst the best questions to ask coaches in an interview, as feedback is always inevitable. Typically, coaches will always receive feedback from fans, team members, and random people. But, how do they handle the criticism they receive?

Is the applicant someone who sees criticism as an attack, or will they have an open mind towards it? It is always best to pick someone who doesn’t have any issues with criticisms as such a person is open to growth, and it will positively impact the team. After all, the best ideas could even come from criticism. 

Why do you want to coach this team?

So, we can all agree that there are numerous teams worldwide. However, why are these coaches applying to coach your team? It is one of the top questions to ask coaches in an interview, as their answers would let you know their goals and aspirations. 

Are they picking your team because they are desperate to coach a team, or is there something that attracted them to your team? Are you not curious to know why these many applicants applied for the role? 

Asking them this question could let you know what people think about the team and what could be done to better the team. 



As a member of the interview panel for coaches, you need to ask questions that showcase your intellect. It is why we have compiled these top 5 questions to ask coaches in an interview so that you will not have difficulties or challenges. 

With these questions, you are sure to employ the best candidate, and you won’t have any regrets. Start using these questions now to get the best coach(es)


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