Top 5 Remote Cyber Security Jobs you should apply for right now!

What Remote Cyber Security Jobs?

Cyber security experts are assigned the duty of risk management, evaluating, creating and preserving information security solutions. This job role is well-suit for individuals who want to work-from-home.

But upon working from a remote location, there are some precautions you have to take so as to reduce the risks of a work-from-home cyber security job. Among these practices will be using an antivirus, VPN, and internet security software in your home.

You can also get a gliding webcam cover and employ the use of a centralized storage facility. Make sure members of your family don’t come close to your work devices. As a cyber security professional, other personnel within your industry can refer to you as a security engineer.

Sometimes, you will be handling the security of computer information and networks. Remote cyber security job roles recruit individuals who have a high skill level, advanced training in computers, information security infrastructure, information technology etc.

Your employer will expect that you’ll have been trained in systems administration as well and have an advanced level of education. You are also responsible for maintaining fast information security solutions, crisis management and firewall systems.

Companies that seek the services of remote cyber security specialists lie within industries such as government, business solutions, transportation, gaming, education, communication amongst others. You will find several job titles available if you work as a remote cyber security personnel.

Types of Remote Cyber security Jobs

  • Cyber Security Business Strategy Architect

A remote cyber security business strategy architect will operate as a team leader as well as partner with the company’s product management and cyber intelligence team members from a remote location to build a capability roadmap and assist in driving execution and prioritization.

You can work remotely 100% from any location you choose outside the office.

A remote cyber security role involves working from a setting outside the office whilst collecting PC and equipment. A remote cyber security person is responsible for obtaining system architectures and system requirements specifications for client’s steering and braking products.

You will work with the recruiting company on a full-time basis and can decide to show up in the company’s office after a while but for the first or second month, you will work from a remote environment.

  • Manager – Cyber Security Consulting

A remote Manager – Cyber Security Consulting is hired to work from a fully remote location in as much as he or she is qualified. The company may require that you travel in some cases based on client’s request.

Your role after being successfully recruited for the job also includes security risk management amongst others.

  • Cyber Security Engineer

Companies hiring for the position of Remote Cyber Security Engineer wants the services of someone who is ready to provide excellent security solutions to Inductive Automation. If you are the lucky candidate, you will partner with the Cyber Security Team.

Your partnership with the security team will be to build and oversee a high-quality information security infrastructure including SIEM, network intrusion detection and endpoint protection. The responsibilities you hold as a remote cyber security engineer are numerous.

The Cyber security engineer of any company is responsible for developing remediation and reporting solutions for misconfigurations or loopholes seen in the organization’s website or devices.

This employee also scrutinizes and puts in reliable security technologies and facilities after consulting with the technical team members. You also access compliance with information security policies, carry out security audits, and inspect new market trends and security threats.

  • Remote – Principal Cyber Security Consultant

If you get a job as a remote Principal Cyber Security Consultant, what happens is that in most companies of this nature, their purpose is to help organizations build fast and very effective cyber security programs.

These companies also find a way to instill confidence in client’s eagerness to protect themselves and deal with cyber threats. The successful candidate will work on a full-time basis.

  • Chief Information Security Officer

A Chief Information Security Officer or CFO is at the helm of the cyber security ladder. They are executives that manage the company’s entire security facilities. Even though the job role is quite new, 50-70% of big organizations have a committed CISO.

You can’t get a CISO role after graduating from college because it is an executive position. You need to be in the industry for a while to gain experience and a name for yourself.

Salary of Remote Cyber Security Jobs

A remote cyber security staff makes a national average earning of $84,745 while top earners make $167,500 with the lowest earners realizing $13,500 a year. In some companies, a cyber security engineer working on a full-time job basis can earn $40 per hour.

This will be a hybrid job role where the employee can work onsite or from the convenience of his/her home for a 40 hour minimum every week, Monday to Friday. If you are fortunate enough, you might be employed by an organization that pays more, let’s say $75,000 a year.

Though, the position will also be available to those who are only willing to work full-time.

Companies hiring for Cyber Security Jobs

  • CyberStrike

This is an international, award-winning vendor of cloud-delivered next Gen. endpoint protection, threat intelligence, and security technology. CrowdStrike renders their services to most of the successful blue-chip companies within various industries.

The remote Cyber Security jobs you can get with the company includes Senior Security Researcher, Senior Consultant, Strategic Advisory and Consultant, Compromise Assessment.

  • Robert Half International

Robert Half International is an expert consulting and recruiting establishment. The powerhouse offers unique financial staffing services by paying attention to technology, marketing, accounting, creative, administration, finance and legal.

Remote security engineer jobs you can apply for at Robert Half International are Information Security Engineer, IT Security Analyst and Systems Security Administrator.

  • KForce

This company offers adjustable and immediate-hire recruitment solution in healthcare, technology, financial services, communications and some other industries. KForce is a big establishment that has a network of 60 offices and two staffing centers in the US.

You can apply to work in the company as a Cybersecurity Architect – Engineer, AWS Security Analyst or Security Engineer – Expert.


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